What Happens in This Office Stays in This Office

Disclaimer: I don't own Trauma Team or the characters!

Summary: CR-S01 and Dr. Cunningham find themselves in an awkward predicament when they are forced to stay in Dr. Cunningham's office because of stupid emergence lock down that makes them incapable to move from the room.

Warning: If you don't agree with yaoi or just in sexual themes in general just push the back arrow on the top left part of the computer screen with your mouse. We all know how do to that. ;) There's a scene from the game, but it doesn't reveal anything important.

Line Break

"That was great!" Maria shouted when CR-S01 was done sowing up the patient. CR-S01 kept his head low, trying to pretend that he was concentrating on taking off his gloves.

"It was nothing special. I was only doing my job." He said flinching back a little when the rubber glove snapped off his left wrist. Why did complements even matter when it came to saving a life?

"Common," the first response doctor slapped the other on the back; her arm was resting on his shoulders now, "try to take a compliment for once. It'll make you feel better."

CR-S01 uncomfortable pushed himself away from the woman and threw his gloves in a nearby trash can. He straightened himself a little before saying, "I need someone to escort me back to my room."

"Sure." Maria said gladly, "I can do that, but I have to give Gabriel some documents first, so you'll have to follow me to his office." She reached over to grab CR-S01's arm, be he maneuvered from her without thought or hesitation and replied:

"I will follow you; you don't need to force me." He told her. His red eyes gave out the usual hallow blankness gaze. They were unfilled as if they were emptied out by his brain, because it lacked the memories of his mysterious past.

"Oh okay fine." She waved it off, but she gave out a bitter expression before she snatched the documents and half stomped out of the room. CR-S01 followed her of course. He wasn't the one who wanted to get in trouble, because he simply wanted to save future patient lives in the hospital.

Maria Torres, CR-S01 thought. She was an interesting human. She was hot tempered, which made her intimidating at first. She did push him into a wall before when she found out that he was involved with the biochemical attack on Cumberland University that had killed several people. He couldn't blame her. Who wouldn't have attacked him if they found out that he was involved in such a monstrous attack on innocent human beings?

But the doctors at this hospital were considerably nice to him. Especially Dr. Freebird and Dr. Tachibana. Hank was the first doctor he met. He was so nice to him and tried welcoming with open arms, but of course CR-S01 thought it was unnecessary to be friends with the doctor, since he was only at the hospital when he was called for a surgery.

Dr. Tachibana…Tomoe was a nice girl. She always went on with doing things with "honor". She was always kind to him, and she was the one who had brought him food for him to eat when he was depressed by the whole incident with Maria and the Cumberland University.

"How can you blank out like that and walk perfectly without running into me or anyone else?" CR-S01 had stopped walking for the reason that Maria was now standing in his way. Maria had her hands on her hips bent forward a bit, staring at CR-S01 with a smirk on her face. "We're here by the way." She turned around and knocked on the door roughly. "Hey you bastard are you in here?" Maria yelled out.

There was thump on the other side of the door and then a grumble. Movement was heard and the door swung open, barely missing Maria's face when the door zoomed past her nose. Gabriel stood there with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. His eyes laid half closed and his hair was messier than usual.

"Hey dumb ass here's the documents you needed for your patient." She pushed the documents forcefully into his unsteady hands. "Have you been sleeping on the job?" She asked when she got a better look at Gabriel. "You dumb ass! You need to go home and get some decent sleep."

"I'm fine." He grumbled at her, and then he turned his attention to CR-S01. "Yeah kid what's up?" CR-S01 didn't answer him. His empty gaze did not betray any emotion. It was still difficult for him to put the right words together. Although it was just a simple question of what happened so far in his day, but he just wasn't used to coming up with what he thought was the right answer to say. "Common kid I don't bite, remember?"

"He's only here because I was the only one who would take him back to his room after the amazing surgery he just performed." Maria explained to the diagnostic doctor.

"That's not true." CR-S01 corrected, "You were the first one to volunteer."

"Anyway," she waved it off. "Gabe I swear I'm going to tell the director that you're sleeping on the job, so start getting some descent rest at home!"

"Hey," Gabriel said with his hands up defensively. "I wasn't sleeping," he informed, "I was only taking a small nap, so I wouldn't fall asleep on my boring patient. Do you really think I want RONI waking me up with some annoying fact that I'm supposal ninety percent human?"

"Wait, what?"

"Maria! The director needs you to assist in a surgery." A female voice called from across the hall. The first response doctor turned around to see that it was Tomoe who was calling for her.

"Why right now?" Maria asked when Tomoe was close enough to her so she didn't have to yell it out.

"Sorry to inconvenience you, Maria." The Japanese doctor bowed slightly to the other female doctor.

"It's not you're fault." Maria said. "I just need to bring the kid back to his room."

"Oh," Tomoe brought her hand up to her face so that her finger tips were sitting on top of her lips. "Well I think Dr. Cunningham could take him back to his room, right? Because it seems that he isn't busy." (I think this is very uncharacteristic of Tomoe to say something like this, but oh well…)

"Yeah, this dumb ass said he was taking a 'small nap'. I highly doubt that though." Maria gave Dr. Cunningham a death glare before taking Tomoe's wrist. "We have no time to waste." She declared. "Gabe take the kid back into his room, will yeah?"

"Bye." Tomoe waved to the male doctors before she was forced away by Maria.

"Dammit," the older male hissed, "I'm tired and I'm on break right now."

"You could call down a nurse and they could escort me back to my room if you're too tired." CR-S01 offered.

"No I can do it, but could you help me with something first?" Gabriel turned to go back to his office, but CR-S01 stayed in the door way. "Common kid, you're not going to get in trouble if you're supervised by the most trusted doctor in the whole entire hospital."

"Alright, if you say so." CR-S01 walked in. He had to say that Dr. Cunningham's office was not as organized as he thought it would have. It was a pretty good size room, but everything was put together in one large clump of furniture. A coffee table and a couch sat on the right side of the room. A book case was behind the couch. A fridge and another book case sat on the wall where the door was. RONI sat on the other side of the door way. Next to the robot was a clear desk with a computer on it. There were some small books on one side of the computer and a lamp placed on the other side. Behind the desk were two bulletin boards that had sheets of paper pined to them. The coffee table, CR-S01 had realized, had a bag full of potato chips, a tissue box, a cup of coffee, a extremely filled up ash tray, and a couple of files that were probably information about Dr. Cunningham's current patient.

"What do you need help with?" CR-S01 finally asked when Gabriel had sat down lazily on his couch. Gabriel pulled out a lighter to light a new cigarette that he had just put into his mouth.

"My friend sent me something, but I'm not sure what it is-"

"Dr. Cunningham you know I could analyze it for you." RONI's bright screen turned so it was facing Gabriel. "Why do you keep denying my help?"

"Anyway," Gabriel grumbled at the robot. "Kid can't you try seeing what it is?" He got up and opened one of his desk drawers and retrieved two clear vials. One had blue liquid in it and the other had red liquid.

"These do not look familiar to me." CR-S01 reported. "But I have to say the red liquid looks like blood."

Gabriel snickered. "I already smelled it kid. It's not blood."

"I only said it the appearance of the red liquid looks like blood. What does it smell like then?" He reached for the red vial and opened the cap. He consciously took a tiny sniff. "It doesn't smell like anything."

Gabriel opened the other cap and smelled the blue liquid. "This one doesn't smell like anything ether."

"Through this analysis Dr. Cunningham the liquid in the vials could be one of these three things. There both just water with food coloring in them, some sort of unknown non gastric materials or just simply colored that way to hide a date rape drug."

"Date rape drug? Why would my friend send me a date rape drug?" Gabriel demanded.

"I didn't say it was a date rape drug. I said it could be a date rape drug. Can I analyze them now, Dr. Cunningham?

"Whatever. Do what you want." He took the red vial away from CR-S01 and gave it to RONI to analyze.

"Thank you Doctor."

"Whatever," he said again and sat on the couch.

"Can you escort me back to my room?" CR-S01 asked. He had moved to the door; waiting there as if he was a puppy waiting to let out by its master.

"Don't you want to see the results?" Gabriel asked while sticking his cigarette into the ashtray.

"Hmm I guess."

"'I guess'? Common kid, you have to be interested in something else than just performing surgery."

"I'm only here because I have to save lives… It's my way to redeem myself from all the wrongs I have done…"

"Kid," Gabriel sighed, "You don't have any memories about the Cumberland University incident, and yet you feel guilty about it."

"But I killed innocent lives…-"

"You don't even know if you did it or not and you probably didn't, so stop trying to redeem yourself when you probably were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

CR-S01 shifted his eyes so he was staring at the ground. "You have such high hopes on me. Why do you think I didn't do it?"

"Why would someone who lost their memory say they did something even though there was a chance that they didn't even commit the crime in the first place? Also, adding that the person feels completely guilty over a thing that shouldn't be the emotion that they should be feeling." The diagnostic doctor explained.

"Then what should I be feeling?" CR-S01 eyes shifted back to Gabriel.

"You should have been afraid that you were going to put into jail for the rest of your life from a crime that you probably didn't even commit. Anger, because the cops and the judge were willing to put a man with no memories in jail for two hundred and fifty years. You should be feeling sadness, because you no longer get to walk around and live a normal life. That is what you should be feeling."

"But I deserve it… I did it because who else could have done it?"

"You're too damn stubborn, kid." The older doctor breathed out a drag of smoke. "Hey RONI are you done analyzing?"

"Yes doctor, but the liquid in the vials are not recognizable in my data base. The compound must be rarely new, although there is one particle that I did pick up. It's not fully there, probably due to that it was mixed with another unknown substances. The particles I found were of those of benzodiazepines, a drug that is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. That was found in the blue liquid. In the red liquid I found traces of a compound called MDM-"

"Hey Dr. Cunningham are you in there?" There was a frantic knock on the door.

"Yeah, yeah, come in." The older male grumbled. Emma came in with a chart in one hand.

"We need RONI for a second." Emma said, using her head to point at the robot next to the door.

Why now? Was what Gabriel was going to yell out, but CR-S01 had began to ask if the nurse could take him back to his room. "Hold on a second." Gabriel said, "Yes you can take RONI but make sure to bring her back right away."

"Technically I'm not a female since I don't-"

"RONI I know that! Just give me back those vials before you leave." He took the vials from RONI and sat them on his computer desk.

"I can still take CR-S01 to his room if you're too busy to do so yourself, Dr. Cunningham." The nurse informed.

"There's no need. The kid and I are spending some time together. Just call it our 'manly bonding'." Gabriel explained to the nurse. Emma giggled a bit before she left with RONI.

"'Manly bonding?' Is that the reason why you keep making me wait to be escorted back to my room?"

"Sure, but the true reason is that you need to relax a little bit."

"But I am relaxed…."

"If you were relaxed you wouldn't worrying about going back to your room, so just sit down for a while." Gabriel pushed CR-S01 towards the couch, following him from behind so CR-S01 would try to turn around to go stand by the door again. Once they were both sitting down on the couch Gabriel asked:

"See this isn't so bad, right? It's nice and relaxing."

"Can you take me back to my room now?"

"God kid can't you ever relax? Fine… I'll take you back to your room!"

"Thank you."

They both sat up at the same time the intercom turned on. With a rough beep a female voice announced, "Everyone stay in the room you're currently in. We are having an emergency lock down. I repeat we are in an emergency lock down. Please, everyone stay in the room you're currently in."

"Today isn't your day kid." Gabriel chuckled, he walked over to his desk and toke the two vials, grabbing a piece of paper as well from a drawer. "Since the likely hood that we're going to be stuck in here for a good few hours lets have a little experiment."

"RONI never got done explaining what was in the red liquid. It could be toxic."

"Why would a friend of mine send me two unknown liquids and write a letter to me saying it was drinkable? Not to mention this is the same friend that introduced Lisa to me." Gabriel sat the red vial on the coffee table. "Plus in the letter he was starting to write what was in the vials, but he stopped and wrote, 'you're a doctor, so you can figure it out.'"

"Who's Lisa?"

Gabriel put the note on the coffee table as well and sighed. He scratched his head with his free hand and answered, "Lisa's my wife…"


The intercom turned back on, "I repeat we are having an emergency lock down. Please lock any unlocked doors. I repeat, please lock any unlocked doors." The older male walked over to the door and locked it and turned around and leaned against it.

"We already know that the blue vial has benzodiazepines in it. Might as well just drink it now…" He popped the lid and drank about a third of it before recapping it. "Tastes pretty good." He commented.


"Okay let's test out the other one out."

"You haven't waited long enough to see the true effect of the drug you just took. What if it's not safe for you to drink both the blue and red liquid together?"

"Again, why would my friend-"

"Remember he wrote that since you're a doctor you would figure what was in each of the vials. A mix between the vials could be deadly, and we are in no position of saving you if something were to happen."

"I get your point kid, but I highly doubt it." Gabriel shrugged. He reached over to grab the red vial but CR-S01 snatched it before he had the chance to get it. "Common kid, give me back that vial."

"You're being unreasonable!" CR-S01 snapped. "There's no way I'm letting you drink this."

"Don't get so worked up kid. You're starting to sound like Maria when she overreacts."

"I'm not overreacting… I'm just worried about your safety… Just sit down for a while until we can see the full effects of the blue liquid."

"Hmm since you put it that way…" He walked around the coffee table and sat the blue vial down before pushing CR-S01 over slightly so he could sit down on the couch. "Hey kid, are my eyes pulsating?"

"You smoke Dr. Cunningham. Of course your eyes are pulsating." CR-S01 said sitting down next to Gabriel.

"That is true… Hmm, hey kid can you do me a favor?"

"What do you need?" CR-S01 started to play with the cap of the red vial. "You can't drink it yet if you were going to ask for the vial back."

"No that's not what I was going to ask. I want to see the effects of the other vial and since you won't let me drink it, you might as well drink it."

"We don't know what's in the red vial. Why should you risk that?"

"You don't care what happens to you do you? When you said 'you' you meant that you didn't want me to get into a situation were you could be dying and needed medical attention right away. Since we're in an emergency lock down there would be no way, unless we just ignore the lock down completely, to get out of this room to get help. Am I correct?"


"Kid, I'm a diagnostic doctor. It's my job to read in between the lines of the words people say."


"Nothings happening…"




"Okay kid, hand over the red vial." Gabriel turned to face CR-S01; his right arm was sitting on the backrest of the couch now with his left hand out waiting for the vial to be placed in it.

"You know you probably had to drink the whole blue vial. The vial isn't wide or long enough to be a two thing deal." CR-S01 turned so his back was now hitting the arm rest of the couch. It was a love seat after all.

"That sounds reasonable kid. Okay, I'll drink the rest of the blue vial and you can start drinking the red vial."

"But what if something goes wrong?" CR-S01 said in a distressful manner.

"Don't worry kid if something does happen we both can die together."

"Dr. Cunningham, w-wait a minute! What about your wife?"

"What about her?" Gabriel already had the blue vial in his hands. "She'll probably be happy that I died. She wouldn't have to deal with a husband who's never home."


"Just drink up," Gabriel opened the vial with a pop, "Bottoms up!" CR-S01 sighed looking at the red vial, he opened it and took no time to drink the whole vial fully.

"God kid you inhaled it with no problem."

"Dr. Cunningham…do you feel faint…also?"

"No… Hey kid! Whoa!"


"Hey kid wake up! Kid! Kid-!"

Line Break

Is this what death feels like? No… It can't be…Death isn't warm… Death's cold… This heat… It's everywhere…It's the kind that can drive you out of your mind… It's almost sinful… Pain… Why do I feel pain…? It hurts… Someone take it away, please! W-wait… Is that light…?

Grass… It's everywhere… Where am I…? There are flowers around me… I can't move… My body won't move…It smells so nice… I can feel my eyes wonder but I can't move… There's something moving above me… What could that be…? Elegant wigs are fluttering…Oh…! It's a butterfly… Monarch butterflies… They're everywhere now… So beautiful… I want to cry… But I can't… My eyes feel heavy…My arms are moving so they are lying on my chest… Fingers clasped together now… My eyes are closing so slowly… But I want to see more…! Damn it…! I can feel my lips moving… But what am I saying…?

"The beginning…"

I'm uncomfortable … What is this…? I hear a chuckle…? No… Maybe… Wait…! I feel like moaning… What's happening…? What I'm feeling right now is sin… I'm no longer uncomfortable… Some sort of pleasure is arising in my chest… I have to wake up… Wake up damn it…!

Line Break

CR-S01's eyes opened lowly. He could feel his whole body flushing with warmth. He moaned a little when he felt something move within him. Where is this coming from? He gasped a little when he felt it move out of him. Why can't my body locate where this is coming from? Wait where's Dr. Cunningham? CR-S01 tried to move but his body wouldn't respond. The only part of the body he could control was his eyes. I can see the ceiling just fine. He thought. That means I'm defiantly not standing or sitting because I'm not straining my neck to look up. I'm lying down somewhere… I'm not on the ground because I feel quiet comfortable right now. I must be on the couch! He concluded.

The feeling in his right arm comes back. He moved it slightly as he ran into something. Did he run into his body? He couldn't tell; the rest of his body was still numb with warmth. What ever it was it was smooth against his finger tips. It's skin…! My skin…! He thought. His fingers ran lower, going over a slight curve when he did so. I just past my hips…That means…!-

"So kid you're final awake?"

"Dr. Cunningham…I umm…why am I naked?"

"Because you were sweating and I wanted to take the opportunity to stretch you out before you gained conscience. You were out cold for about a half hour."


"Yeah, do you remember what RONI was starting to say before she was interrupted?"

"Um… She started to say MDM, but then she stopped…"

"I think she was trying to say MDMA."

"Ecstasy…? Wait Dr. Cunningham I can't see you." CR-S01 tried to move his head but it didn't even budge from its spot. He heard Gabriel chuckle. That chuckle sounded familiar…

"It seems that you can't control your neck yet, but you can move your right arm. Am I right?"

"…Yes." CR-S01 tried to move his left arm seeing as if his right arm could then the left should be able also, but it didn't move an inch from where it was laying. "I think I heard you chuckle when I was asleep…" He closed his eyes and then lazily opened them. Gabriel was over him. His arms were on ether side of CR-S01's head. "Dr. Cunningham you're flushed…"

"Kid, you are too." He leaned in to give the other male a quick peck on the lips, but it ended up lingering longer than Gabriel had intended. "Yeah I was chuckling at you, but only because you were making cute faces when I was caressing your thighs." He said it as if he was mocking CR-S01.

"Why did you kiss me?" He pursed his lips. At least he was starting to get the feeling of his face back.

"Did you not understand the part when I said I was 'stretching' you?"

"I lost my memory and all I remember is how to perform surgeries, so how would I know what you are trying to get at." CR-S01 explained while lifting his right hand to his face. He brushed his check and said, "I can feel most of my face."

"How about this, what do people usually do when they kiss?"

"A kiss could cause a couple to engage into more kissing, more in depth of course, and then that would create an elevate heart rate would cause an increase of blood flow around their bodies. Body heat would be created causing…" He paused to start at Gabriel. "We're going to have sex?"

"No, of course not," Gabriel said sarcastically. "I mean if I'm half naked and you're naked and I just 'stretched' you out so that you won't bleed to death when you take it up the ass. It doesn't mean we're going to have sex. Not at all."

"Dr. Cunningham I don't want to have sex with you! We're not homosexuals!" CR-S01 tried pushing the other male away with his right arm, but Gabriel just pinned it down with ease. "Dr. Cunningha-" Gabriel took the opportunity to slide his tongue in the younger boy's mouth. The younger boy gasps as he felt the warm muscle flick against his teeth and smooth out his own tongue. Just bite his tongue! The words screamed intoCR-S01's head.

Gabriel moved back, there faces were still very close to each other, "Kid if you're not going to try to fight me then at least try kissing me back." He moved back to meet CR-S01's lips and slipped his tongue in with his eyes closed shut. The kid froze when he felt Gabriel's lips start to move.

What am I supposed to do? He moaned into the others mouth when Gabriel's tongue flicked his up. He shivered at the sensation as he let his arm relax. The other males grip loosened as well, traveling his hand up his arm to intertwine their fingers together. CR-S01 started to move his lips in sync with Gabriel's. He felt the other male groan happily into his mouth as he moved back to whisper:

"Breathe out of your nose so you don't pass out."

Gabriel slipped his tongue back into the other male's mouth again, this time CR-S01 began to battle with Gabriel for dominants. He felt the other male jolt back with shock, but he kept on dueling him back. CR-S01 slid his hand away from Gabriel and made his way up the other's arm. He let his fingers ghost their way up past his shoulder to his neck where he pushed Gabriel towards him more when he opened his mouth wider. Eagerly, Gabriel leaned forward as well opening his mouth wider so his tongue could explore further in CR-S01's overheated mouth.

They battled in a heated kiss for another few seconds before Gabriel moved back, breathing heavily with a grunt, he growled huskily before burying his face into the junction where CR-S01's shoulder met the neck.

"Dr. Cunningham…?" CR-S01 was breathless from their make out session. "Are you…okay?"

"I don't know how much longer I can hold out." Gabriel breathed out. "I want to wait after you can feel your body."

"Dr. Cunningham, if you think you're going to loose your self control then you should start soon." CR-S01 explained. He slid his hand down Gabriel's neck and stopped at his shoulder. CR-S01 pushed at the other male's shoulder slightly. "Do what ever you need to do to make yourself feel better."

"Alright," he breathed onto CR-S01's skin. He lifted himself up giving CR-S01 a quick peck on the lips before pushing himself away from the kid's view. He spread out CR-S01's legs before he unzipped his pants to free his erect member. "Did you feel that?" He asked.

"I could, but I don't know where the warmth came from." CR-S01 felt the couch shift a little. He still couldn't move his neck so he couldn't see what the other male was doing. Gabriel let's out a faint hiss, which made the kid startled, because how could he know what was going on?

"If it becomes uncomfortable for you just say so and I'll stop." That was the only warning the older male gave before he started to push his erect member into CR-S01's stretched anus. Gabriel moved forward, moving his arms so they were positioned on ether side of CR-S01's hips. The kid could see Gabriel again. Watching as the other male started to groan in pleasure with his mouth sagged open, with his eyes half open. "You're so tight kid." He groaned.

CR-S01 closed his eyes with his mouth sagging open as well; the surge of pleasure adding on to the face Gabriel had made abruptly made him feel "turned on". He began to feel a little dizzy and light headed as well. "Dr. Cunningham…ah…!"

"That was fast. Did I hit your prostate or something?" Gabriel asked with a chuckle. "Whoa, hold on a second kid! Stop squeezing me like that."

"Dr. Cunningham I don't know what I'm doing…I still can't move my body." The kid chocked out a moan.

"Kid," Gabriel started with a warning tone, "stop calling me 'Dr. Cunningham'. When you're having sex with someone you should at least call them by their first name." His voice became gentler as he said, "Don't worry kid, you'll get the feeling back soon. You shouldn't be long…"

"Dr. Cunningh- Gabriel…I…What about your couch? Am I going to stain it?" CR-S01 strained to say.

Gabriel began to stroke the other male's check, "I put a cover and a blanket over the couch."

"Oh…ah wait…don't move so much… Ah…!" CR-S01's hand latched on to Gabriel's arm. The older male rolled his hips in a slow tantalizing motion, jerking forward ever so often when he slid his member out far enough. CR-S01 gasped trying to hold back his moans of pleasure. The office walls were thick, but it didn't mean he was going to be that loud.

"Don't hold back." Gabriel pressed, "No one's going to hear you." He pulled all away out and trusted back in with a low grunt. CR-S01 breathed out as if someone had just punched him in the stomach. "Did that hurt?" He asked.

"No… I just…" CR-S01 chocked out another moan before coming again. A shiver of electricity poured down his entire body, from the tip of his head to the tip of his toes, he jerked forward crying out in an unusual cry of pleasure. His breathing became heavy as he regained his unconscious body.

"Whoa kid, are you okay?" Gabriel pulled out and toke both of CR-S01's arms so he could get him into a sitting position. "That drug is not responding well with you, is it?"

"I can feel my body…" CR-S01 plainly stated. He raised his head so his scarlet orbs could stare into amber ones. The kid moved Gabriel's arms so they were around his waist; he raised his arms so they were around Gabriel's neck. "Let's continue." He leaned in to give Gabriel a firm kiss on the lips before pulling his body backwards so his was laying back down.

The older male snaked his arms from behind CR-S01 back and pushed himself away as far as he could, since CR-S01's arms were wrapped securely around his neck. "That was out of the blue." Gabriel couldn't help but raise a fascinated eyebrow. "Is the drug starting to wear off?" He tried to pull back when he felt teeth start to bite at his neck, but the kid's arms kept him in check.

"No I believe those were the side effects from drinking the drug too fast." CR-S01 breathed sexually down Gabriel's neck. "Just relax, 'if it becomes uncomfortable for you just say so and I'll stop'."

Gabriel swore his heart was going to pound threw his chest cavity (CR-S01's actions were making him feel edgy), but he couldn't help but abruptly feel an uncontrollable urge to start pounding into the kid. Spinning around so the kid was on top of him he forcefully unwrapped the kid's arms around his neck and pushed him back.

"Gabriel...?" CR-S01 blinked a couple of times as he stared down at the older male below him. With his elbows Gabriel pushed himself up so he was in more of a sitting position then lying on his back.

"Since you started to act so bold kid, why don't we try something?" He clutched the kid's cream colored thighs so he wouldn't move from his spot. "Move up a little so I can position myself." Gabriel waited for the other male to move but CR-S01 just sat there looking unsure. The younger male opened his mouth but no words came out. His crimson eyes fell as he started to fuddle with the rim of Gabriel's pants.

"Why do you still have these on?" The kid asked in a soft voice.

"Hey kid, what happened to your confidence?" Gabriel took CR-S01's chin and raised it. "Are you feeling embarrassed being on top of me? We can switch our positions."

"No, no! It's fine but I just…" His eyes flicked from looking at something in the distance back to staring into Gabriel's eyes. "What happens when this is over? What will happen to us?"

"Geez kid, I'm about to forcefully push you down on my penis if this keeps up." He pulled CR-S01 forward so their faces were inches away from each other. "You know the saying, 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'?" CR-S01 nods and replies:

"I get the meaning of it."

"Well, we'll just say 'what happens in this office stays in this office'. You're alright with that idea?" CR-S01 nods again before leaning forward to give Gabriel a peck on the cheek. "Hey stop being a tease, kid." He grabbed the back of CR-S01's neck to keep him from leaning back. "At least give me a decent kiss before we start." The kid blushed before leaning in to give a firm kiss on the lips.

"Better?" CR-S01 asked pulling back. The hand on the nape of his neck slid down and went back to his thigh; the kid leaned back where he was before. His face was still flushed from the drug, and he could say the same for Gabriel. The drug was still in them for this long… I wonder how long it's been… CR-S01 though, but he was interrupted by the other male's hands squeezing his thighs to grab his undivided attention.

"Like I said before, I'm going to forcefully push you down on my penis if this keeps up." The older male grunted at the very thought of actually doing that to the kid. He didn't want to be pushy with the kid ether. "Move up a little and I'll tell you to move back down when I'm ready for you too." The kid moved up with out hesitation this time watching Gabriel move his hands to take hold of something that was out of his viewing range. Of course he knew that the only thing that was under him was a very erect organ that was about to be pushed into him for the sake of having realistic sex.

The kid gasped a little when something touched the perked ring of his anus. The feeling of dread washed over him suddenly. He knew it would fit in him. It was in him before, but that was when he couldn't really feel anything. What if the physiological part started to kick in?

"If you're ready you can start lowering yourself, kid." The older male pulled CR-S01 down on his member slightly, trying to make it easier on the kid so he wouldn't hurt himself in the process. The kid gasped again, his body was trying to reject the other males' member from pushing into him. (Of course gravity was not on his side.) With a low groan of bliss, CR-S01 threw his head back with his mouth wide open, panting heavily. "Did you think this was going to hurt?" Gabriel sighed with a chuckle. "I already had your body get used to me in you."

The kid unsteadily pushed himself as far as his body would let him on Gabriel's member. After a few seconds his breathing became steady, moving his head forward, so he was looking at Gabriel. He felt his whole body flush more. "You-you're too big…" Gabriel's response was a typical chuckle.

"Use your knees to extend yourself up again and then push back down."

"Wait…what?" CR-S01 already felt flustered already, but he didn't know that he could be even more flustered within a few seconds of time. I can't do that… It's too embarrassing!

"Do you want me to help you?" Gabriel already had his hands on the kid's hips. Not wanting to admit to his embarrassment he only nodded, using his knees to push himself up from Gabriel's member, he almost shrieked when he was pulled back down by the other males' strong grip on his hips. Idiomatically, CR-S01 let his knees push himself up again as Gabriel pulled him back down ever so gently. There wasn't much of a rhythm. The kid would either push himself up hurriedly or leisurely and Gabriel would pull CR-S01 down at different speeds and intensity.

CR-S01's knees became weaker every time he pushed himself up, he was about to lift himself up one last time, but Gabriel's hands kept him in place. He had honestly not understood why Gabriel had done that. He wanted to ask, but an unexpected warmth shot into his insides. With a gasp his vision turned white, his head shot back with a cry of ecstasy as he tried grabbing onto something for the fear of losing himself.

Still lost in a world of white, he felt his body being shifted around until something soft rubbed against his back. The white became spots like before he blinked a couple of times seeing that Gabriel was over him now. The older male was breathing deeply; his face was still flushed from the drug.

"Spread your legs out more." He leaned forward to kiss the kid's slender neck. "The drugs haven't worn out yet." CR-S01 felt himself drifting; he didn't know if he could go another round without passing out in mid stream of round two.

"I don't think I can last another round." CR-S01 said truthfully to the diagnostics doctor. "The drug is still in my system, but I still have limits for what my body is capable of handling."

"Fine, then we'll take a break." Gabriel sat back, letting CR-S01 sit up in a slight sitting position. "Kid, do you want a hand job or a blow job?" CR-S01 stared at Gabriel dazed. He wasn't sure what the other male was asking of him.

"What are you asking me?"

"Ha hahaha haha!" The older male cried out with laughter. "This is priceless! I'm sorry kid, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone so confused in my life!" CR-S01 blushed heavily as Gabriel kept laughing hysterically. He seriously wanted to slap the other male silly, yet he really just wanted to know what he meant in the first place.

"Stop laughing at me," CR-S01 flicked Gabriel's forehead with his middle finger, "Can you at least tell me what a 'hand job,' or a what 'blow job,' is first, please?"

"Hmm I guess since you asked so nicely, Kid. A hand job is like masturbating, but someone else does it for you and…"


"I don't have to tell you what a blow job is. Remember? You said it yourself."


"Then next time don't use 'or' when you want to know what both of them mean." The older doctor explained clearing his voice. "Which one is it going to be?"

"How do you expect me to choose one if I don't know what one of them is?" CR-S01 demanded with a hiss. He turned his head to the right so he was looking at the coffee table. "Which one…feels better?" He said silently to himself. Gabriel leaned forward and asked:

"Talk louder kid, I didn't quiet hear you." CR-S01 could hear the mocking tone in Gabriel's voice.

"You heard me," CR-S01 stated, "Why should I have to repeat myself?"

"I only heard 'which one,' can you say the last part?"

The kid sighed, "I said which one feels better?" He turned his head back to face Gabriel.

Gabriel smirked, "Well I guess both of them feels good, but I would have to say a blow job feels much better than a hand job." He explained, still smirking, "Which one is it going to be?"

"I don't know… I don't want to choose…"

Gabriel sighed, "Well if you can't choose then we'll let destiny choose for us. Pick a number from one through six. Odds will be either a hand job or a blow job and evens will be either a hand job or a blow job. I'm not going to tell you what odd and even number stands for, so choose a number."

"Um… Three?"

"Is three what you want to pick?"


"Okay then," Gabriel took hold of CR-S01's knees and pushed them apart. He leaned forward and licked the already leaking slit of the kid's member. CR-S01 gasped at the sensation and jerked up a little, but Gabriel put one of his hands on the kid's hips so he wouldn't move as much. He began his way down the shaft with a trail of saliva, pausing to blow on it, causing the shaft to twitch, and a low moan escaped from CR-S01 lips.

"Gabriel stop, this is dirty…Ahh!" CR-S01 had one of his hands clasped over his mouth; the other was pulling at Gabriel's hair. He couldn't help but moan as Gabriel started to lightly suck the head of his still hardening member. He grunted and let his hand that was over his mouth move so it was resting on Gabriel's shoulder, trying to push him away from his shaft. The hand that was on his hips quickly pinned his hand down to the couch. "Ha ahh…Gabriel…don't…do this!"

Gabriel's mouth slid down, sucking at different places that would send out sparks from behind CR-S01's crimson eyes. With Gabriel's free hand he took the kid's hand away from pulling on his hair and pinned it to his other side. He ignored the kid's plea to stop and continued down until he felt the head touching the back of his throat. Not wanting to set off his gage reflex he started to swallow the kid's member. With much success, he had most of CR-S01 member down his esophagus.

He looked up to see how the kid was holding up. The kid looked like he was actually enjoying himself, even with all the pleas telling him to stop. Looks like he's ready to come. He kept his eyes on the kid's face, not wanting to miss the expression he was going to make when he came. Better wrap this up. Gabriel stopped swallowing and began to hum. It didn't take long for the kid to come into his mouth. The orgasm ripped threw the kid with so much force that he looked more like he was in pain then being in pleasure.

"Kid, are you okay?" Gabriel asked after he had swallowed the kid dry. CR-S01 nodded, trying to regain his full conscience, he shack his head violently back and forth.

"So good…" The kid lifted his head back, exposing his neck as he did so; he lets out a long sigh before moving his hands away from Gabriel's grip.

"Are you ready now?" The older male started to nip at the younger males exposed neck.

"…Yeah…" He felt his lower half being hauled up; his head, shoulders and part of his upper back were still touching the couch, while his legs were draped over Gabriel's broad shoulders. With a nod of approval Gabriel lowly pressed his member inside the kid's tight heat. Within seconds he started to move in and out; pushing back in harder each time causing a delicious groan to slip out of the kid's mouth. Gabriel tried his best not to pummel the poor kid into the couch, but the faces he was making was driving him up the wall.

"So close…" Gabriel whispered. He took hold of CR-S01's member and started pumping it on time with his thrusts. It wasn't long when he felt the walls of the kid's ass to start to clamp tightly around his member.

"Gabe!" The kid shouted as he came in pure ecstasy, Gabriel joined him soon after.

"That was number five." The older male said when he had pulled out and had stopped breathing so heavily.

"What are you talking about?" CR-S01 was still trying to recover from his orgasm.

"That was the fifth time you came so far. I've only came twice this whole time." He said it kind of mockingly, as if he was trying to prove something to the kid. CR-S01 rolled his eyes at the older male. When did this become some sort of competition? "Ready for another round?"

"Maybe in a little bit." He breathed out with a sigh.

"Hey kid?"


"Can I give you a love bite?"

"A what?"

"You know a hicky, it's just a bruise."

"You want to hit me?"

"No! Jeez kid it's a bruise I make with my mouth. I can't believe you don't even know what a hicky is…"

"Shut up!"

"You're starting to sound like Maria, kid."

"No I'm not!"

"You've become whinny like her also."


"Hey kid that hurts."

"Isn't it immoral to talk about another person during sex?"

"We're not doing anything right now."

"Stop being a dumb ass!"

"Kid, she's starting to rub off on you. Haa haha, you're going to be the male version of Maria!"

"Die you bastard!"

"Wait…! Hold on a second kid… Ahh!"

Line Break

Is this what death feels like? No… It can't be…Death isn't harm… Death's cold…Wait didn't this already happen? Damn it I need to walk up!

"Finished. That brings my total to two hundred and ninety-eight wins in two hundred and ninety-eight games." That was RONI's voice. That means the emergency lock down is over!

"Dammit… This is a waste of time. You're unbeatable!" That was Gabriel's voice. They must be playing some sort of card game.

"Not if my opponent's intellect surpasses my processing speed."

"Uh huh… And how fast is that?"

"My processing speed is roughly 1 GIPS."

"G… I… -What? Stop using words people don't know."

"I mean a quadrillion instructions per second. Doctor."

"…Sound like you're just trying to make fun of me."

"…Gabriel…" CR-S01 opened his eyes slowly, jolting a little when he noticed a blanket around his body. He jerked up surprised; his body didn't feel like he just had sex.

"Hey the kid's up! How are you feeling?"

"Actually I feel kind of great!" CR-S01 said enthusiastically (very uncharacteristic of him at the time). "What about you?" He asked sitting up on the couch.

"What about me?" Gabriel snorted and threw his cigarette at the ash tray on the coffee table. "I was already relaxed in the first place."

"I must conclude that you are lying when you say that, doctor." RONI said. "Why are you lying to him?"

"Shut up RONI!"

"By the tension in your vocal cords I can predict that some happened when I was gone? Correct?"

"No!" Gabriel snapped, "The kid was asleep the whole time."

The whole time? Then all of that was a dream? The kid looked down blushing. Why did I have a dream like that? I never thought of Gabriel in that way before...

"Hey kid what's the matter?"

"Oh it's nothing…" He kept his eyes low.

"Okay…? Oh yeah by the way," Gabriel leaned over to whisper in the kid's ear, "You moan a lot when you sleep." CR-S01 blushed a deeper shade of red, and of course Gabriel would be the one to notice. He slapped the kid on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry kid, we all of those types of dreams once in a while."

"What kind of dreams are you talking about, Doctor?" RONI asked, obviously hearing what Gabriel had just said a second ago.

"Can you please escort me back to my room," CR-S01 asked, sounding strained? This is so embarrassing… (-_-')

"Yeah of course," Dr. Cunningham said gently, "You've already been through enough."

"What do you mean by that?" The kid looked suspiciously at the diagnostic doctor.

"Oh nothing." Gabriel snuck in an eye roll before saying, "We should get going."

Line Break

"That was a great operation, doctor." Tomoe congratulated CR-S01 after he stitched the patient back up. The kid nodded, taking off the rubber gloves rather quickly and tossed them into the garbage. "Can I ask you something?" The Japanese doctor asked.

"Yes, of course."

"Where did you get those bruises on your right arm?"


Flash Back

"Wait…! Hold on a second kid… Ahh!" CR-S01's hand tried hitting him square in the face, but Gabriel's hand was there to block most of the impact. "Hey stop that!" He snatched the kid's wrist and moved it to his lips. "I guess this will have to do."

"Ow! Why are you biting at my arm?" The kid demanded.

"Shut up kid. I'm giving you a few hickys on your arm."

"Why on my arm?"


"Gabriel…can I give you a hicky?"

"Sure, just don't do it on my neck."

End of Flask Back

"I must have hit my arm on something…"

Tomoe giggled cutely, "I don't think I could picture you as a clumsy person," she said honestly. "But it happens to everyone once in a while."

"Um yeah…"

"Would you like me to take you back to your room?"

"Yes, but can you take me to Dr. Cunningham's office first. I need to talk to him."

"Of course," Tomoe nodded and lead the kid out of the room. She paused for a second, but kept walking through the hallways that would lead to Dr. Cunningham's office. "May I ask why you need to talk to Dr. Cunningham?" She asked politely, "You don't have to tell me; it's really none of my business."

"I just need to ask him, well confirm something with him first, that's all." The kid explained rather quietly. "It's nothing, really." Tomoe nodded, understanding that it was none of her business after all.

"I hope you find what you are looking for." She said with a smile.

"Yeah me too…"

"Hey guys what are you doing in the diagnostics' department?" Gabriel asked as he walked out the image analysis lab room with RONI by his side. He was wearing a smug grin on his face. "I'm about to show that bastard that there's something wrong with him."

"Why does it sound like you're treating Assistant Secretary Jacob Tillman again?" Tomoe asked a little concerned.

"This guys even worse than Tillman. The only reason he's in here is because his wife wouldn't leave him alone about it," Gabriel explained, "It's time to show that bastard who's boss, let's go RONI!"

"Yes, Dr. Cunningham."

"Dr. Cunningham," Tomoe interrupted, "The reason why we're here is because he wanted to see you." She pointed at CR-S01. "I don't want to get in the way, so can you take him with you, please?"

Gabriel scratched his chin, "Hm I guess."

"Thank you." The endoscopic doctor bowed before taking her leave.

"Kid, can you wait in my office, I really want to talk to my patient first." The older male said with a pleased expression on his face.

"Um yeah…"

"Great. Oh Mr. Hartley~" Gabriel called out with happy glee of delight.

It still feels like what happened yesterday was all a dream…CR-S01 sighed as he walked into Gabriel's office. Everything was in the same place as it was yesterday. The aroma of freshly made coffee filed the room with warmth and comfort, making the room pleasant and relaxing. "I've never had coffee before…" He took the cup from the table and went to the couch to sit. "I wonder what it tastes like."

"Stupid old man," The door from the exam room opened and closed promptly behind the older male. "Hey kid, what did you want to talk about?" He walked over to his desk and sat a file there and turned back around. "Didn't someone ever tell you it's rude to drink other peoples' coffee?"

"Oh!" CR-S01 sat the coffee cup back on the table. "Don't worry I didn't drink it, it just smelt nice…I never had coffee before." He explained keeping his eyes low. "Anyway," the kid stood up and walked over to Gabriel, "I wanted to talk to you about yesterday…"

"What about yesterday?" Gabriel asked in a low voice.

"Dr. Cunningham I can tell by the way you lowered your voice there's-"

"You know RONI can you at least try to be quiet when your advise isn't wanted." The older doctor growled at the portable machine. "Go on kid, what did you want to talk about?"

"I just wanted to check something, do you mind?" He said rolling up his right sleeve. "May I look at the left side of your supraclaviclar?" (Okay before you go all crazy about the word "supraclaviclar" and have to stop reading so you can look it up to see what it means, I don't want you to have to stop reading, so I'm going to explain it for you. "Supra" in Latin means above and "Claviclar" as you can see is similar to the word "Clavicle" which is a fancy word for your collar bone. So the region of the body CR-S01 is talking about is the skin above the clavicle bone.)

"Um sure kid…" He took hold of his tie to loosen it so it would be easier for him to expose his neck and left shoulder. "What are you trying to find?"

Flash Back

"Sure, just don't do it on my neck." Gabriel warned before he went back to biting at the kid's arm. CR-S01 leaned forward towards Gabriel shoulder and started to kiss gently at the older male's shoulder blade; he kissed up to his collar bone and stopped right before he reached Gabriel's neck. "I said not on my neck."

"I'm not on your neck." CR-S01 plainly stated. He bit down softly at the exposed flesh, using his tongue to massage the spot after he bit down a little harder.

End of Flash Back

"There's nothing there…" The kid sounded disappointed when he couldn't find the bruise he thought he had left on Gabriel the other day. "Um sorry to bother you like this…" He apologized with his head low. He made his way to the door, but the diagnostic doctor grabbed onto CR-S01's right arm.

"Would you like to explain to me what you were looking for?" The kid's heart thumped hard against the walls of his chest. He'd never heard Gabriel so serious before.

"It's nothing…can you please escort me back to my room?"

"Don't lie to me kid, I know you're hiding something from me."

"Please let go of my arm."

"Kid, I'm not letting you go until you tell me what you were trying to find on my body." Gabriel held on to the kid's arm tighter, adding pressure on one of the bruises. This caused CR-S01 to grind his teeth from the little shots of pain that tingled up his limb.

I don't want to have to deal with this. CR-S01 turned around grabbing onto the other male's arm and kneeled down slight (for momentum) to swing the other man forward. Gabriel, who wasn't expecting this, somersaulted in mid air and landed on his back on the hard wood floor. Dammit why did I throw him in front of the door? (The older male had let go of his arm from the impact of being thrown to the floor.) Don't worry there's another door! The kid ran to the exam rooms' door without another seconds notice.

"Damn…I didn't know the kid could do that." Gabriel groaned in pain as he sat up. "I hope I didn't bruise something."

"Dr. Cunningham, you seem not to be mad? Didn't you want to what he was hiding from you?"

Gabriel chuckled at RONI, "He's not hiding anything from me." He got up, dusting off his clothing he explained, "I tricked him and made him think that he dreamt something that actually happened." Gabriel began to rub off cover up above his left collar bone, which revealed a bruise that CR-S01 was trying to find.

"Doctor, why are you trying to deceive him?"

"I don't want him to feel lovely dovey and all intimate towards me. It'll just hurt him when he has to leave to go back to that ice box." He explained to RONI.

"But Dr. Cunningham, don't you feel something for him if he's supposed to feel close for you?"

"RONI…" Gabriel sighed, "I can't love him back."

Line Break

(Yes, for those of you who read this story more than once I did change Gabriel's patient. I knew the second I put my sorry on Fanfiction that it was impossible for CR-S01 to be at the hospital based on the games timeline, but Thank you Eggs in a Beaker for telling me anyway. I wasn't going to change it, but I decided too, since I feel it makes the story off…)

Yes I'm done! Woot! This took longer to write than I expected it would take. It took like three weeks to write this…it was because of the sex scene too… Don't be mean to me about it, it was my first sex scene I've ever written :P I'm not sure if I'm going to write a second part to this, well I wasn't planning on it, but since I left it like this I feel like I'm just leave you guys out in the dust. I don't like doing that! RAWR! I don't know…if I get reviews asking me to write a second part than I'll write one. :) I hope you enjoyed this story.

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