What Happens In This Office Stays In This Office

Extended Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Trauma Team or the characters!

Summary: Gabe goes on a date with CR-S01 on the hospital roof after he files for divorce with his wife, Lisa. Maria is dealing with being confused with the atmosphere between Gabe and CR-S01. CR-S01 is being distracted with his 'needs' and starts getting symptoms of hypertension.

Warning: If you don't agree with yaoi or just in sexual themes in general just push the back arrow on the top left part of the computer screen with your mouse. We all know how do to that. ;) There are a couple scenes from the game, but it doesn't reveal anything important. The time line based on the game will be a little mixed up in this chapter (I think); sorry if that bothers you :(

Line Break

"A divorce?" Maria exclaimed when she heard the news from Tomoe. "He has a son and-"

"Maria, it's all up to Dr. Cunningham." Tomoe soothed the other female doctor.

"I know," the first response doctor crossed her arms with a pout, "but it doesn't give him the right to abandon his family." She explained to her friend. Tomoe nodded, agreeing to some extent to what Maria was saying.

"I understand what you're coming from," Tomoe put her hand on her friend's shoulder, "but I think Dr. Cunningham is doing this for his family, not for himself. He doesn't want to be dead weight."

"You're giving him too much credit, Tomoe." Maria snorted.

"I just hope he's making the right decision." Tomoe wished that she could know if Dr. Cunningham was indeed making the right decision. A divorce could really change a person if you weren't careful enough. This change could really be just a negative effect on him.

"What are you guys talking about?" Gabriel entered the break room with a basket in one of his hands. "I hope you're not talking about me, because my ears are ringing like crazy." (*Note: In Japan when someone sneezes they say that someone is talking about you behind your back. In America it's when your ears are ringing when they say that someone is talking about you behind your back.)

"What's with the basket?" Maria looked at Gabriel with a puzzled expression. "Are you going on a picnic or something?"

"Close," Gabriel said with a smirk on his face, "but not close enough. Actually, I'm going to go eat lunch with someone."

"And you need a basket?"

"Let me finish, Maria. We're eating outside. I just need something to transport the food I'm going to grab." Gabriel said, opening the fridge. "Hmm, I wonder what he likes." Maria puts her hands on her hips while giving Tomoe a questioning look. Tomoe just gave her friend a shrug.

"Seriously Gabe, what are you doing?" Maria just gave him a stern look.

"Stop looking at me like there's something weird going on. Is it wrong to want to eat with someone?" Gabriel asked in a snappy tone.

"Dr. Cunningham, who are you eating with?" Tomoe asked.

"It's not important." Gabriel reached inside the fridge and started to take random items of food out. "The important thing is for you guys and I mean you, Maria and the Director to keep your noses on your faces. You understand?"

Maria grunted at him. "Ass hole," she gritted her teeth, while defending herself, "I can keep my nose out of other people's business!"

"Ah ha, and what makes you think that I will believe that?"

"Just go and eat your lunch!" Maria snarled in her usual manner. Tomoe started going off on how Maria should try to keep her cool. Yeah, like Gabe was going to stick around for that. He took his basket full of food and went straight toward the stairs that lead to the roof top, where he would spend most of his time thinking, and smoking.

Once he went his merry way up the stairs he wondered if the two female doctors would actually figure out that the kid was the person he was eating lunch with. He knew Tomoe would find out sooner or later. She was a smart girl after all. Now Maria was another story. Figuring out when Maria was going to figure out something was an educated guess for the diagnostics doctor.

He heard the door click shut as he locked the door afterwards. Gabriel knew the kid would feel safer if he knew that no one would walk in on them.

"Hope you didn't mind the wait." Gabriel strode over where CR-S01 was sitting. On the middle of the roof the kid sat on top of a picnic blanket with a blank expression on his face.

"No it doesn't matter if it took long..." the kid just sat there not sure if he should keep going on with his sentence or not.

"Well then," Gabriel sat down on the opposite end of the blanket, facing CR-S01, while placing the basket in-between them. "I hope you're not a picky eater, because I just grabbed what ever I could get."

The kid only nodded.

"Okay then, we have strawberries, some mashed up stuff that I'm not even sure what it is, and some..." Gabriel looked up at the male in front of him. CR-S01 looked gloomy than emotionless, "...did I say something wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing." The kid nodded, trying to reassure himself and Gabriel. "I'll like to eat some of the strawberries."

Gabriel, who was in the middle of taking food containers out of the basket, just stared at CR-S01. "Okay kid, but you can tell me if something's really bothering you." He kept a sharp eye on his so called, "boyfriend".

CR-S01 reached over to grab the container full of strawberries but was stopped by Gabriel's hand, "Gabriel..." He let his hand be gently stroked by the other males, and pursed his lips as well.

"Kid," Gabriel breathed out softly, "don't worry about how long we have until you have to leave and go back to your cell. For now," the older doctor slipped his hand up the kid's arm, "I want you to enjoy the time we have together."


Gabriel went back to his basket and took out the rest of the containers. "So you like strawberries, what else do you like?"

"I'm not really sure. I just eat what ever the hospital or prison gives me. I really don't mind-"

"Let's find out!" The older doctor interrupted, opening a container. "Hmm this looks like potato salad...maybe we should try a different container..."

"Just find something you want to eat, Gabriel, I'll just start eating the strawberries." CR-S01 insisted, his voice sounded strained and ill.

Gabriel paused; sitting the containers aside he took a good look at the kid. CR-S01's checks were slightly red, and he looked very tired. "Are you feeling okay?" He leaned over to put his hand on the kid's forehead. The kid semi looked reluctant, but he kept his head steady, not moving away when Gabriel put his hand across his forehead. "You have a slight fever," the older doctor concluded, "you should be lying down and..."

"Gabriel..." the older male's cool fingers felt nice on his slightly over heated forehead.

"We should go back inside. I don't want your fever to worsen." Gabriel let his fingers trace the curve of the kid's warm, soft face.

"It feels good out here. The breeze feels nice against my face and..." he laced his fingers with the ones that were caressing his left check. "It's nice spending time with you without being under the watchful eye of the hospital."

"Kid, you're not looking to hot." Gabriel stood up and walked over to where CR-S01 was sitting. "Common, we should see what's up with you."

With much unwillingness the kid stood up only to fall over with his eyes closing as he fainted. Luckily, Gabriel was ready to catch the now unconscious prisoner.

"I think this date turned out nicely." Gabriel held the prisoner close to his own body.

Line Break

"His fever went down," Emma reported to Dr. Cunningham. "He seems to be sleeping well."

"The thing that's bothering me is that most is that people who have fevers try to stay warm."

"Did he want to stay cold or something." the female nurse asked.

"I'm not sure..." Gabriel said mostly to himself than to the nurse. "I'll ask him when he wakes up."

"How is he?" Tomoe walked into the kid's room.

"He's getting better..."

"You don't seem so sure." She commented.

"It's..." Gabriel sighed heavily, "I don't understand what's going on. The only symptom I have is fever. Who can solve a disease with the symptom: fever?"

"Doctor, do you want me to stay here with you to wait for him to walk up?" Emma asked, the chart in her arms covered her chest.

"No," Gabriel eyes were on CR-S01's sleeping face. "There's no need for two people watching over a sleeping patient."

"Okay." Emma nodded and left the room.

"Dr. Cunningham?" Tomoe sounded serious but gentle. "You should go and rest."

"Kid, it's only three o'clock in the afternoon." Gabriel sat on the only chair in CR-SO1's room. "You don't need to stay here...ether..."

"Dr. Cunningham..."

"Kid..." Gabriel sighed, "Tomoe, I know that you like him, but the best thing that you could do for him isn't to worry about him. I know I'm a hypocrite when I say this, but right now he is also my patient, and my patient that I have to worry about."

"I understand Dr. Cunningham but I-"

"I'm sorry I took him from you. I wasn't even remotely in love with him this whole time and yet I'm the one who is technically going out with him." The male doctor apologized.

"You didn't take him from me, Dr. Cunningham. He had no feelings for me in the first place. So please, don't apologize for something so 'small' like that." She giggled at Gabriel before she made her way to the door.

"You know, it's kind of creepy on how you understanding you are all the time." Gabriel said truthfully.

"I'll take that as a compliment, Dr. Cunningham." She smiled warmly. Tomoe left, closing the door lightly behind her.

Dr. Gabriel's eyes watched the kid sleep. Listening how the others light breathing was the white noise of the room. He liked how peaceful the kid looked. Usually his face was hardened with an uncertain expression, but now it has softened so attractively that it made the older doctor's heart flutter.

"Ah..." CR-S01 mumbled silently in his sleep, "Gabriel...it hurts...save me..."

A little stunned Gabriel at first thought the kid was having another dream about them, but the "save me," part threw him off. The kid started to have a spasm of coughs, and yet he didn't wake up. "Hey kid, are you all right?" Gabriel got out of his chair and started to open the barred door.

The kid shot up from the bed gasping for air. He took him a while to realize where he was. "I'm...alive...?" He asked himself in a whisper.

"Kid, you were dreaming..." Gabriel felt relived when he finally got the door unlocked. "Just thank the director that she gave me the keys to open your cage."

"My chest it-t hurts...!" He gasped again, clutching his chest with his chained wrists. "Am I having a heart attack...?"

"Highly unlikely," Gabriel started to unattached the younger doctors clothing to check his heart rhythm with his stethoscope. "Your heart rate is differently elevated. Kid, just try to relax, okay?"

"Everything's...getting dark..." the kid fell back into his sleeping position, his eyes closed again as if he were asleep.

Gabriel checked CR-S01's pulse. It had slowed drastically to a more normal even rhythm. "He passed out when he got up too fast, RONI I think...oh wait a minute...!" He looked around for his diagnostic robot, but was no where to be found, "Dammit, of all the times I don't want RONI around here is the time when I need her the most..."

Line Break

"Hypotension." Gabriel read off of RONI's screen. "It defiantly fits, but it doesn't add up why the kid has it in the first place. The tests don't show that he's dehydrated, and he doesn't have continuous bed rest..."

"I think putting in the consideration that 'kid' is always sitting down. The only time when he walks around is when he performing surgeries. You should ask if he walks around in his room."

"Hmm...I guess I'm going to have to do a better diagnosis on him." Gabriel sighed, "What time is it?"

"It's 10:51:21...22...23..."

"Jeez RONI, I just asked for the time. I don't need the seconds." Gabriel sat back in his desk chair, closing his eyes lazily. "We should wait until morning. Maybe his condition will improve over night."

Line Break

CR-S01 woke up coughing again, but this time he did not shoot up from after waking up. He stared, dazed at the off white ceiling. His chest ached, and he wished that the horrible imagine of himself dyeing would go away.

Such a dream sent shivers down his spine. He had been dying a slow, painful death. His whole body felt like exploding into tiny pieces and his blood was poring out of any part on his face that would allow it. The warmth of the blood had petrified him. This only made him wish to die faster.

His head would just pound harshly when he tried to remember where he had seen this from...but why was Gabriel in his dream as well? He just stood over him helplessly as if he was afraid to help, but also showed that he couldn't process what he should do to help.

This was probably the only time he would only see the diagnosis doctor be so confused and alarmed...only in his dreams...only in his subconscious...

He coughed one more time, before wondering what time it was. The kid turned his head, wanting to see if Gabriel was by his side, but he wasn't. He breathed out slowly, cautiously, as if he would start another coughing fit if he breathed in too fast. Should I try standing up…? CR-S01 thought, I really don't feel like giving myself a concussion…

Finally he noticed the sun was starting to peek in. It had to be al least six or seven… Was Dr. Cunningham trying to diagnosis him yesterday? The thought popped into the kid's head. He wondered now if Gabriel had diagnosed him or not…

How long have he slept since yesterday? He had woken up a few more times during the night, but only because he had started coughing or his breathing became unsteady.

He got up slowly; not wanting to faint again from the shortage of blood flow to his brain. Fuzziness started to fade away, but he still couldn't help feel uneasy. "Sitting is okay." The kid decided, 'There's no need to walk around."

"Hey, are you awake in there?" a soundless knock came to the door. The kid answered with a "yes," so the door opened with a slow crick. "How are you feeling? Gabriel said that you kept fainting on him yesterday." To the kid's surprise it was Maria who was checking in on him.

"Yeah...I've been fainting…" he sighed, "I feel a little better but no real change."

"Hmm." Maria leaned against the table with her arms crossed loosely across her chest. She kept her eyes low; away from the crimson ones who were trying to see the reason of her being in his "room".

"What time is it?" he asked deciding to stand up a little from his bed. His head became blurry at first, but everything seemed to be okay once he stood up for a few seconds.

"It's a few minutes after 8 o'clock," she sighed heavily. "I wonder if he's even awake now."

"You mean Dr. Cunningham?" He let his fingers brush the lock that kept him from roaming around the Hospital.


"Is everything alright Maria?"

Maria turned to meet the male's eyes. Her green ones dilated when her focus finally came to him. "Yes…I'm just err- nothing…!" She kept her eyes from looking into those crimson ones.

"Umm…can you take me to his office?"

"Yeah, why not." Maria shrugged.

"Are you sure you're okay Maria?" CR-S01 asked one last time.

"Just peachy." She replied.

Line Break

"Your heart seems to have a steady beat to it now." Gabriel reported. He moved the stethoscope towards the kid's stomach. "Your stomach sounds healthy also… Did your chest start hurting again when you woke up?"


"I'll check your heart rate again later. I think the best thing to do now is draw out more blood for blood samples and check what's going on in your body." Gabriel turned to look at RONI's screen. "Right now the only symptoms from you are: dizziness, chest pains and fainting spells, and fever." He moved the screen towards CR-S01. "Right now the best guess is that you have hypertension, but I want to get more symptoms before I go with that conclusion..."




…Kid…Kid? Are you listening?" Gabriel snapped.

"…? Oh I'm sorry I wasn't paying any attention to you…" CR-S01 apologized quickly. "It's been really hard for me to concentrate this morning…my head hurts…a little…"

"Hmm, RONI write down that symptom."

"Yes Dr. Cunningham. New symptom: Hard to Concentrate. Headache."

"Kid, have you been feeling any nausea?"

"No, I've just been light headed. I made sure I got up slowly, so I wouldn't faint again." The kid explained. "I was surprised that Maria went to check on me…"

"Okay, a little random…"

"Sorry," the kid's crimson eyes went to the floor, "It's just that I was shocked that it was her…" His eyes went back to looking at Gabriel. He let his hands sit on his lap.

"We're all worried about you, Kid. You're part of the family. Even though Maria will probably never admit to this, but she cares deeply for you. We all do, the director, Tomoe, Hank, me."


"Okay can I have you stand up now?" Gabriel sat up from his chair and walked over to where CR-S01 was sitting in his diagnostic room.

The kid stood up slowly. He was still weary that he would faint if he got up too fast. His vision became slightly fuzzy but he shook his head. He blinked a little bit to try to fight the darkness that started to consume his vision.

"Are you okay?" Gabriel grabbed the kid's shoulders to make sure the kid wouldn't fall.

"Yeah…I'm not going to faint." CR-S01 vision went back to normal.

Gabriel kept his hands on the kid's shoulders. He watched those crimson eyes dilating in response of the kid's dizziness. "You're body seems to adjust quicker than yesterday."


"Kid…" Gabriel leaned in, kissing CR-S01's forehead.

The kid tried to lean away, "What are you doing?"

Gabriel pushed the kid away slightly, "Can't I kiss you?" he gave the other male a questioning glance.

"Yes but…" his eyes drifted slightly towards RONI. "It's weird…"

"It's weird to give you affection in front of a robot? Common kid, RONI's not going to do anything, or say anything about it." Gabriel turned his head to stare at the screen.

"Dr. Cunningham it would be wise not to have an 'affectionate' relationship with your patient. It might-"

"RONI, I'll be able to diagnosis him just as well as I usually do, even if I have a relationship with him." Gabriel muttered at the robot.


"Yes?" Gabriel looked back at CR-S01, but almost flinched back when he noticed that the other's face was so close to his. "Whoa…!" The kid leaned forward and placed a kiss on the older male's lips. The kid pressed his head against Gabriel's chest after he moved away from his kiss. "Did you get embarrassed?"

Gabriel felt a slight nod against his chest.

"I want…it."

"Hmm?" Gabriel wrapped his arms around CR-S01. "What do you mean by 'it'?" He kissed the top of the kid's head and asked one more time what he meant by "it".

CR-S01 kept his head in Gabriel's chest. "I want to be able to do 'it' again before I have to leave…" He cringed a little when he felt Gabriel sigh and move away from him. Gabriel didn't say anything, but kiss the kid on the check. "Gabriel…?"

"Let's wait until I know what's going on with you." He said in a calm manner. "Then I'll try to find a place for us to…" He paused to look at RONI and then turned back to CR-S01, "…Find us a place so we can do 'it' and don't have to worry about anyone barging in on us."

"What does 'it' mean Dr. Cunningham?" RONI asked recognizing that "it" was some sort of code word Gabriel and CR-S01 were using. "It's not in my data base."

"That's the point RONI. So you don't know what we're talking about." Gabriel half growled at the robot. "Anyway, I should probably take that blood sample from you and analyze it as soon as possible."


Line Break

"Tomoe are you worried about him?" Maria asked Tomoe. The two female doctors had just finished surgery on a patient that had tumors in the large intestine and they had found ulcers along the way also.

"Of course," Tomoe looked at Maria with a smile. "He's part of the Hospital now."

"No…I mean that do you...?" Maria sighed, "Never mind…"

"Oh Maria, are you feeling okay?" Tomoe asked, sounding concerned. "Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"It's nothing." Maria leaned against the wall in the operating room. Tomoe walked over to the sink to wash her hands. "I mean it's just difficult…"

"What's difficult?"

"Have you noticed anything different between Gabe and the kid? They both seem…different."

"Oh!" Tomoe couldn't help but giggle at her friend. "Well do you think it's a good different or a bad different?"

Maria shrugged.

"Well Maria." Tomoe said with her simple smile on her face. "If it's bothering you so much than you should have some sort of idea what this 'different' means to you," Tomoe paused and added, "To answer your question I have noticed that Dr. Cunningham and the kid acting different. I feel it's a good different."

"Positive as always," Maria half muttered, "but I'm not complaining."

"Thank you Maria." Tomoe placed her fingers over her lips to hide her giggle, "I hope this helps your confusion."

"Yeah me too." Maria left the operating room and headed down randomly through the halls. She didn't know where she was going or when she was going to get there, so she didn't feel the need to think about it. I wonder how the kid's doing… Maria thought. She shrugged. Gabe probably has it all figured out by now.

"Dr. Torres what brings you down to the diagnostics department?" Maria swore that Emily walked in front of her out of no where. "Are you here to check on him?"

"Umm…I-no I didn't come here to see him. I just happened to be walking to the diagnostics department." Maria uncharacteristically stuttered at the young nurse.

"Oh…" Emily said.


"Well he's doing just fine. Dr. Cunningham just got done telling me that he should be able to see what's wrong with him after his blood sample is done being analyzed. It shouldn't take long because no one's using the lab other than Dr. Cunningham."

"I see…"

"You should go visit him."

"Dr. Cunningham?"

"Yes. I think that you should keep him company when he's waiting for the results to come in." Emily smiled sweetly. "I feel like Dr. Cunningham has a lot on his mind, and I can bet that he doesn't want to talk about his problems with RONI."

Maria snorted in agreement. "I bet he just wants to throw that machine into the wall.

Emily laughed, "I think so too. Anyway, I have to go help prep for a surgery. Talk to you later Dr. Torres."

"Um yeah, talk to you later…Emily…" Maria waved awkwardly back at the nurse. "Well I guess I could just go and say hi to Gabe…" She decided, walking over to the lab Gabe was sure to be in. She opened the door, but paused when she heard Gabriel's voice asking RONI to run something again.

"There has to be a room…" Dr. Cunningham mumbled to himself. "Maybe-! No…someone would sure be there…"

"What are you looking for Gabe?" Maria shut the door behind her once she entered the lab room. "I'm sure I can find what you're looking for." Gabriel half jumped off the chair he was in.

"How long have you been standing there?" Gabriel cleared his throat and moved the mouse on the computer to check if the results were in.

"Only a second," Maria said.

"Right," Gabriel moved his hand to click on the images, "Why aren't there any abnormalities?"

"Are you sure you're looking at the right places? I'm sure you're just overlooking this." Maria crossed her arms and sighed. "Have you checked his blood work yet?"

"No, it's not in yet."

"Bummer, I beat your answer lies within there." Maria put his hands in her pockets and left without saying another word. Once she closed the door behind her she sighed to herself, "Why is he trying to find a room?"

Line Break

"Let's see here," Gabriel looked at RONI's screen to check the results of the blood sample. "Your white blood cell count is good…Ah there it is! Your red blood cell count is low and…"

"What is it?" CR-S01 asked, worriedly.

"I also did a blood smear to check out if any of your red blood cells might show anything wrong, so now that I look at it your red blood cells are smaller than average…"

"Iron-deficiency? Does that mean I have anemia?"

"I wonder if low blood pressure was a symptom." He looked at RONI's screen and looked back to see if his new discoveries would change the lookout for the kid's problems. Let's see here…If low blood pressure is a symptom then it has to be anemia…and so if he has anemia then the reason for that is because he's not consuming enough iron in his diet, which is proved because his red blood cells are smaller. Then the outcome would be…

The conclusion went on the screen. Conclusion: Low blood pressure that accompanied the anemia that the patient was having due to the lack of consumption of iron in his diet.

"Here's what wrong with you." Gabriel turned the screen towards CR-S01.


"Now we can complain about the Hospital food." Gabriel said with a grin on his face. "It's just a great excuse."

"Gabriel…" CR-S01 reached over to place a hand on the others knee. "Does this mean we have to wait?"

The Diagnostics actually became flustered. "When did you become so direct?"

"I just want to know, that's all…" The kid removed his hand from the others knee and leaned back into his chair. His eyes expressed its typical blankness, but Gabriel could tell that the kid was a little impatient and worried, in a since. The way the kid scrunched up his nose in annoyance made Gabriel feel back for the kid.

"No," Gabriel leaned forward to touch the others hand, "It just means that you have to lay down the whole time." The older male smiled weakly

"Did you find a place?"

"Yeah…There are some beds in the old ward that we never use, and considering that no one is ever there, we should be fine."

Line Break

The first response doctor stalked behind the two male doctors to the old ward. She couldn't help but be a little confused on what the two males were up too, but there was a part of her that felt that she knew one hundred and ten percent what they were up to.

This whole time she felt like they would just turn around and say, "Maria, we know you've been following us the whole time!" Of course that wouldn't happen. They both seemed engrossed in some sort of conversation she couldn't make out.

"Gabriel..." the kid stopped. Maria paused behind a box. She never heard the kid say Gabe's name before and the way he said it blew her mind!

"What is it kid?" Gabriel took the cigarette that was in his mouth and blew out a smoke. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"No it's just..." She swore that his crimson eyes were on her. "Oh it's nothing..." The kid started walking again, but Gabriel grabbed the kid's arm.

"Don't push yourself..."

"I'm not."

She heard Gabriel sigh and the two males started to walk again. Maria cautioned on. Biting her lip she mentally hissed at herself when her foot bashed into an object in front of her. With all her might she kept her breathing to a minimum, trying to make her presence unknown to the other two doctors in front of her.

'Why are they going this way...?' Maria thought to her self. Finally the two males' stopped in front of a door and stood there for a moment. Gabriel opened the door for the kid to step in first. He followed after, shutting the door behind him as he stepped in as well. Maria almost grunted when she heard the door click. She crept out to the door and twisted the knob ever so gentle but her heart sank as she knew that the door was indeed locked. She could not go any further...

Line Break

"I wonder if she'll go away." CR-S01 kept his crimson eyes on the door. Gabriel shrugged and said:

"I still can't imagine her following us. Good catch anyway for noticing her, kid. We don't need her finding out." The older doctor sighed and laid on top of the bed and sheepishly closed his eyes, "Good thing the walls and the doors are thick."


Gabriel felt the bed shift so he opened his eyes. His amber orbs meet crimson ones. "Hey kid, how do you want to start t-" CR-S01 smashed his lips onto the man's below him. He moved one of his hands to start removing Gabriel's tie, but his wrist was quickly snatched up and his body was swiftly moved under Gabriel's. "Don't jump the gun too quickly, kid."


"If you don't mind." Gabriel slid down one of his hands down the kid's thigh, "I'd like to do a little foreplay before we start."

"Foreplay...? Ahnn..." the kid moaned as Gabriel started to nip at his throat. He felt Gabriel's fingers lace through his clothes so the older male could kiss ever section of the kid's exposed skin. The older male stopped undressing the younger male when he got to his navel. He went back to capture the kid's waiting lips. The kid let Gabriel's tongue slide in and out of his mouth, letting it curl with his and slide against his. CR-S01 couldn't pass up a moan of delight as Gabriel opened his mouth wider to penetrate the others mouth further. Tickling and tormenting the sensitive areas of the kid's mouth, the kid groaned as he lifted up his arms to wrap them around Gabriel's neck.

Gabriel broke away for a breath of fresh air. The kid, he noticed, seemed to be enjoying himself. "Kid," the older male cupped the already hard erection that was brushing against his thigh, "I can't believe you're already this hard from just kissing..."

The kid's face was flushed red, but it wasn't from embarrassment.

"What a lewd body you have." Gabriel let his fingers ghost the kid's nipples. The kid shivered as a deep moan escaped his parted lips. "Do you want me to help you get rid of this?" he stroked the kid's erection which earned him another deep moan.

"...Ah..." the kid let his body go limp on the bed, and he let his head relax on the pillow. He closed his eyes feeling Gabriel's lips make their way down to his navel, where his clothes kept the older male from reaching his need. "Ah…naa...Gabe..."

"Yes?" Gabriel started to push down the rest of CR-S01's clothes, but the kid sat up to stop him.

"You don't have to rush..." His crimson orbs colorful with lust gave Gabriel's own need a good kick.

"Okay...?" Gabriel pushed the kid back down on the bed and started to take off his own clothes. He liked to watch how the kid was contently watching his fingers unbutton his suit. "Enjoying the show?" He asked. The kid blushed with embarrassment for once. Once he was shirtless, he reached down to his zipper, but yet again, he was stopped by the kid. "What is it?"

"Let me do this..." He did not move the kid's hands out of the way. Gabriel didn't really mind if CR-S01 wanted take off his pants. The sound of the zipper going down made Gabriel impossibly harder. He felt the kid's cool finger through his underwear.

"Ah..." Gabriel hissed out a moan.

The kid gulped and placed his head near his partner's erection. With parted lips he started to pull on the garment with his teeth. With much success, he freed Gabriel's member, and began to suck on the tip. He copied what Gabriel had done to him the last time they had sex.

"Kid, you don't have to do this..." Gabriel groaned, lacing his fingers in the kid's black hair. He pushed CR-S01's head closer, pushing his organ deeper into his partner's mouth, seeing that CR-S01 wasn't going to back down. The kid chocked a little, but kept sucking the member as best as he could. He let his tongue message the base of Gabriel's member. He could feel Gabe's member start to pulsate in his mouth. Did that mean that he was going to come soon? He felt Gabriel pull away, making his member slip out of the kid's mouth.

CR-S01 caught his breath for a moment as he watched Gabriel try to gain back his composure.

"Gabe can I finish?" CR-S01 was about to lean in, but he was pushed back.

"I don't want to come in your mouth." Gabriel said, but then he shook his head, his eyebrows moved their way to the middle of his forehead. "No...that didn't sound right..."


"I don't want you to chock, that's all..." The older male got off the bed to take the rest of his clothing off. The kid laid back down with his head turned, facing Gabe's direction.

"I want to continue 'foreplay'." CR-S01 said once Gabe was over him again and began to take off the rest of the kid's clothes.

"Do you like it when I play with your nipples?" Gabriel asked ghosting a perked bud again. The kid shivered a little but nodded. "Do you want me to use my mouth or fingers?" He bent over to kiss him on the forehead.

"I um...don't know..." The kid said silently.

"Kid, you never know." Gabriel snorted, but he smiled kindly to the younger male below him. "Just choose one."

CR-S01 shrugged.

"Okay I know a way to get the answer out of you. Its a little mind game I like to play sometimes with my patients." Gabe moved back where he was sitting on his knees and the kid pushed his body up so he was leaning against his outstretched arms. "There's only one rule and the rule is that when I ask you a question you can't take more than two seconds to think about your response, okay?"


Gabe cleared his throat, "Okay, here we go. What is the color of your eyes?"


"What's the name of the Hospital you currently work for?"

"Resurgam first care."

"Do you think Maria has anger management problems?


"What?" Gabriel paused. "You're kidding me right?"

"Can we go on with the game?"

"Umm yes... What's the color of Tomeo's hair?


"Do you like politics?"

"Don't know."

"Do you hate law enforcement?"


"Would you rather be male or female?"


"Do you think I'm a good kisser?"


"Would you rather see Maria naked or Hank naked?"


"Would you rather me use my mouth or hands when I play with your nipples?"

"Your mouth...oh, wait a minute..!" The kid exclaimed. "I wasn't ready for that question!"

"Sorry kid, but that's what you want." Gabriel grinned deviously as he leaned over the kid.

"Gabriel hold on...! Ahh..!" The kid fell on his back and had his wrists pressed against the bed.

"Don't try to stop me, kid." Gabriel said with a devilish smirk, "I enjoy this as much as you do, so don't take the fun out of it from me."

CR-S01 nodded. Gabriel let the other male's wrist go and leaned over to lap over a perked nipple. He let his teeth lightly graze it, and went on to suck on it. Kneading it with his tongue and lips, the kid shrieked in pleasure, and he let his hands grasp at the pillow under him instead of Gabriel's hair.

"Gabe..." The kid groaned out. Gabriel smirked as he continued. "Ahh...Gabriel..."

The older doctor paused and began his way down CR-S01's body with a trail of soft kisses. He lifted up one of his lover's legs and began to nip at the sensitive skin there. His lips messaged the skin while his teeth scraped at it ever so gently.

"Ngh...hmm? Wait!" The kid sat up quickly. "I hear something..." Gabriel paused to keep the kid from moaning.

"What...is that?" Gabriel started to hear a noise also. It was a clicking noise, and it was coming from the door. "Do you think?"

The kid nodded.

"Damn that Maria. Does she really think she's going to pick lock at that door?" Gabriel got out of bed to put his underwear and pants back on. "Get under the covers." He said before walking over to the door. CR-S01 pulled the covers over himself and waited. Gabriel pulled on the curtains that surrounded the individual beds in the room. The kid guessed that Gabriel didn't want it to look obvious that he was hiding something.

The orange eyed doctor sighed while he unlocked the door and swung it open. There was a thump on the ground followed by a woman's voice cursing.

"You're bad at spying Maria." Gabriel said with an even, cool voice.

"Well maybe you shouldn't go off with the kid and-and where is your shirt? Seriously Gabe what have you been doing in here?"

"Well maybe you shouldn't stick your nose into other people's business." Gabriel snapped back.

"Where's the kid anyway? He went in here with you."

"You shouldn't stalk people around the hospital, Maria. You're going to make a patient here worried and- Maria why are you looking at me like that?"

"You guys are going to have sex, right?" Maria asked in a gloomy way.

"What makes you say that?"

"I'm not blind..." She sighed. "You know it's illegal to have a relationship with a prisoner, especially when it's a physical one."

"Are you going to tell on me, Maria?"

"No... But you have twenty minutes or else I'll tell the director!" CR-S01 heard Maria stump out of the room and slam the door behind her. The curtains that hid him opened and Gabriel stood in front of the kid with an annoyed expression.

"Why is she timing us?" CR-S01 pulled the covers away from his body and sat up.

"She wants to have a sense of control over me." Gabriel grabbed the bottle of lotion that stood on the end table next to the bed. "Foreplay is over..."


"Get from underneath the covers. I need to stretch you out quick before we begin." Gabriel squirted a good amount of lotion on his fingers before he sat himself on the bed to spread open the kid's legs. "This will be uncomfortable at first, but I know you'll get used to it pretty fast."

The kid nodded, but he couldn't help but feel a little worried. He was unconscious when Gabriel had done this to him the last time. Was Gabriel sure he was going to adjust quickly?

The kid flinched when Gabriel pushed the first finger in. He gasped as the finger wiggled and pushed further into him. The second was added in quickly, and he winced at the sudden pain. It wasn't exactly pain...but it caused him great amount of discomfort. The third finger entered him easily due to the fact Gabriel put more lotion on that finger. CR-S01 gasped, "Gabriel…" He groaned in pleasure when Gabriel brushed over that spot that drove him crazy.

"Sorry kid, but time doesn't allow me to tease you." Gabriel sighed and pulled back his fingers to grab the lotion again, but this time he put the liquid on his aching member. "Ready?" He grasped at the kid's knees.

The kid nodded.

Gabriel pushed in slowly. If he had to rush any part of this sexual act it wouldn't be this part. The kid groaned as he felt pain with a whole bunch of pleasure go up and down his spin. Gabriel slightly pushed the kid down so he was lying on his back. The older doctor hovered over him once he was completely in.

"It feels good already." The kid smiled shyly towards Gabriel, as his face flushed from the sudden heat that consumed his and Gabriel's body. "Does it feel good for you also?"

Gabriel nodded.

"Good." The kid said in satisfaction.

"Is it okay if I start moving now?" Gabriel looked down at the kid with a worried expression.

"Yeah…" CR-S01 wrapped his arms around Gabriel's neck and leaned upward to place a chestnut kiss on the other's lips. "I'm as ready as I will ever be."

The older doctor leaned in and placed his lips by the others ear. "I'm starting out slow, but please tell me to speed up or slow down."

"Alright." The kid hissed out as the other pulled out slowly and pushed back in with the same speed.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Gabriel kept his lips by the kid's left ear. "We don't have to finish if you feel too pressured because of-"

"No…!" CR-S01 pulled Gabriel's body closer to his own. "I don't want to tease you…"

"You're not teasing me if you want to stop now." Gabriel reassured. "I just don't want you in pain if you're trying to rush this."

"Feeling a little pain is worth it…" CR-S01 said into Gabriel's ear.

Gabriel sighed deeply before he leaned forward so the kid's head was on the pillow. "Just tell me to stop when it starts to hurt too much." The kid nodded, and kept his arms around the other's neck.

The older male kept at a slow pace, but that only seemed to upset the younger male greatly. Gabriel picked up the pace as he hit the kid's prostate unintentionally, which caused the kid to let out a loud cry of pleasure. CR-S01 grasped a tighter hold around Gabriel's neck and gasped out:

"There! Keep hitting-ah-me there! Oh please-yes-!-Ah!"

Gabriel, while thrusting into CR-S01 in a steady pace, grabbed a hold of the Kid's wrists and pinned them down to the bed. He used this as leverage to lift his upper half up to get a better look at the other males face. The kid's eyes were half shut, dazed with pleasure. His mouth was slacked open, while his delightful cries of bliss escaped his lips. His face was red with warmth and embarrassment. He did not fight Gabriel for the control of his wrists. The kid just laid there taking the satisfying pleasure Gabriel was more than willing to give him.

"Hey, are you alright?"

CR-S01 nodded, "I'm just-nggah!-feeling it…! You're making me feel really good and I-Ah!-want more…" The kid gasped out another mewl of pleasure before lifting his chest half up, barely touching Gabriel's chest as well.

The older male couldn't help but smirk. The kid was probably being responsive because there was a chance that Maria was trying to listen in on them, which was a low percentage, since Maria wasn't much of a pervert to start with, but what did the kid know anyway? Another reason would be that he was afraid-no, it wasn't because he was afraid, since he wouldn't be so vocal and loud, because the walls are pretty thick to begin with. *He was being so responsive because he wants Maria to hear him… But why?

"Kid," Gabriel stopped his thrusting and looked down at CR-S01 with a slight glare. "Don't tell me that I'm being modest here, but I'm not that good." The kid looked up at him, his chest was heaving heavily. He stared back with confusion masked on his usual blank expression.

"I don't understand…did I do something to make you angry?"

"…" Gabriel sighed. Unless the kid had started to become a real good actor, the older doctor wasn't sure if the kid was lying or not. Maybe the kid was just being responsive for simply being in the situation he was currently in. They're forced to have quick sex, and so maybe the kid was trying to make the most of it. "Sorry," Gabriel kissed the kid on the forehead. He was also breathing heavily. "I shouldn't have stopping like that."

"I'm sure you had a good reason." The younger smiled meekly towards that other. "Can we keep going?"

Gabriel nodded, but paused to ask, "Do you think Maria listening in on us?"

It was at that second the kid had surprised Gabriel. His lust filled face broke into undeniable laughter as he tried to free his wrists to try to hide his face from his hysterical amusement. "I'm sorry, but Maria isn't the type who would do such a thing."

"Oh really?" Gabriel looked down at the kid with an angered expression.

The kid tried to stop laughing, but he couldn't. "I'm not laughing at you. It's just a silly idea."

"You think I'm silly?" The older doctor said in a stern manner.

"No! It's just that-!...?"

Gabriel gripped both of CR-S01's wrists harder and pulled them over the other's head again. "No, you think I'm silly for asking something like that."

"No I swear I dooon't!" The kid head threw back as Gabriel began to thrust into him slowly, but roughly this time.

Maria sat with her back against the door with her arms holding her knees, and her face hidden behind them. Her face was flushed deeply with embarrassment, and her heart was beating fast. She would move if she could, but her legs were shaking even though she was sitting. She could hear them because they were yelling…

"AH…! Gabriel I didn't mean it! Please…" The kid said in a winy voice. "Stop teasing me so much…"

"No, this is punishment!" Gabriel grunted.

"Ahhh please!" CR-S01 groaned out.

"Hell no!"

"Gabriel, please I think I'm about to-Ah!-Oh please!"

Maria moved her hands to her ears and muttered to herself, "Please make it stop, Lord. I don't think I can take any more of this…."

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