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A Valuable Lesson

"Help me Ecco! Swim close in front of me and I'll follow!"

Strom had never been so happy to see another dolphin in all his life. The young dolphin had been exploring his newfound home in The Lagoon, when a rock had fallen down, trapping him in the darker water with no air supply.

Ecco had somehow managed to get past him and Strom watched in incredulity, as Ecco found a bunch of swirling sea stars and pushed them around with his sonar. His eyes all but popped out of his head as he watched the sea stars devour the boulder as easily as a Hungry One devoured a fish.

So! The legends of the Stone Eating Stars were true! He followed the young dolphin up, up and up to sweet, fresh air. Strom gulped in big breathfuls of air and Ecco waited patiently as he caught his breath, before leading him to his mother Sea Star.

After Ecco had rescued his other pod members, Gris and Hecuba, he left, in a hurry to find his own missing pod.

Despite the fact that he had been rescued from certain death, Strom never forgot that lesson and he began practicing on manipulating the Stone Eating Stars, past the Titan's Octopus, a creature undiscovered by the two-legged land dwellers and the biggest species of the sea, past the Spiny Fish called Brown Puffers, he taught the other members of the pod how to use them to their advantage.