'They took her… she's gone…'

The konoichi fell to her knees. Her blood stained the untainted grass, making them forever sick and ungodly. Her arms scraped and bruised, her once clear blue fiery eyes now silvery dull with shock and devastation. Blood leaking out of her wounds, her breathing deep and perturbed (not disturbed, perturbed is a word.) Blood left her mouth as it where air. But that wasn't what the girl was worried about. No, to her it was something for much more important. Someone who she risked her life to save, and is currently failing. What could be possibly so important you ask?

Well, to Yamanaka Ino, her friends life's where more important then her own. And when that person who is token from you and you believe you can save, you follow until death. The person who she was willing to risk anything for was her best friend, Haruno Sakura. Her lifetime friend and longtime rival, she has made a promise to herself that the only one that can beat Sakura would be her. And she'd be damned if she gave up!

Staring to heal the vital wound in her stomach, she panted as she watched the walking off figures with an unconscious and tattered Sakura over one of that mans shoulders.

"I will get you sorry asses; I will make you pay…" She whispered between panting as the figures got out of site. Finishing healing the fatal wound, she passed out from chakra exhaustion.

Her eyes slowly opened to a dark and starless sky. Gasping for much needed air, she realized that she wasn't alone. She was in the same abandoned forest and nobody dared to cross threw it. Her senses heightened as she heard a ruffling of leaves. She took out a bloody and poisoned kunai from the ground next to her, about to throw it straight at the target. But what came out of the bush was shocking.

It was a small little wolf carrying a grapefruit. It looked her over cautiously until Ino put the kunai down, after that it walked over and rolled the fruit over to her using its nose. Ino stared at it for a brief moment of shock, disbelieve, and amazement. She took the fruit slowly, and began to peel it. The wolf walked over to her and sat by her feet, tilting its head to the side.

She finished peeling it, and gave half of it to the little wolf; it took it full of thanks. Something tells her that it was left alone and couldn't survive by itself. Ino looked at the little fluffy animal; it had a black coat with striking slightly glowing light blue eyes. She looked at it while it ate in amazement. It had to be 3 weeks old, Ino guessed. What will she do with it? She doesn't have the heart to leave it here, but she can't bring it to her destination, can she? She took a deep breath and finished the fruit, the minerals already helping the wounds.

The wolf finished its half and watched her as she straightened up and stood, she began to walk, picking up multiple kunai and what ever else she could manage. Looking around Ino realized that the wolf was following her in toe. She smiled and picked it up, scratching it behind the ear gently.

"What am I going to do with you?" She questioned, but the wolf climbed over her shoulder (much to her surprise) and curled in her backpack, leaving enough room for whatever she needed. Ino laughed gently and finished packing and healing the wounds she had earned. Taking a deep breath, Ino went on her way to her destination….

The Akastuki…

Well guys, I am stuck and will probably just discontinue a couple of my stories so that leaves my with my Academe and OC story along with this one. This is just a prologue, chances are that the actual chapters won't be too long, but longer that this. This just gives you a briefing on it. Don't you love the little wolf? *EEK!*