A/N: Just so you know guys, this isn't really made for the publix, it's made for my own personal use. originally made for helping me memorize the stupid freakin' periodic table.

it's also slightly based on Kuinala on Deviantart's Pokemon Periodic Table, although i DID change a few things here and there so don't get too agitated.

if you want to use it, go ahead.

the numbers are the atomic mass or whatever, fyi.

On the street of Periodic, built on a hill, there lives a series of strange Pokémon and humans.

The first row of houses on the hill is number 1 is Ho-oh, the perverted H guy with the hydrogen powered car, ignoring the 1.0079% risk of it exploding.

Heracross, who lives next door labelled number 2, is addicted to helium (only 4.0026% of the time he will talk in a normal voice).

Down to number 3, a bit lower down the hill now, is Li Lickitung, the crazy lithium collector. 6.941 kg of lithium have been recorded so far in his home.

4th property on the street belongs to Beryl the Beedrill, short for Beryllium (his parents were one of the 9.0122 crazy scientists you know) whose goal, despite his family, is to BE fairly normal.

He bears a crush on one of the few singles, number 5, Miss B. Butterfree, a darling girl who helps transfer boron to ships numbered 10 and 811.

Her best friend lives on 6, Miss C. Clefairy, who works at a carbon factory called 12-011!. She is also single.

Nearby on 7, a mysterious man called N has inhabited the place, calling himself fourteen007. Everyone agrees that he's crazy whenever he insists he's in the nitro-Gen (think new = nitro).

On 8, the quiet Sir O. Oddish lives alone, tending his plants regularly to get a fresh breath of oxygen. Sometimes he'd say things like "Oh, when I was 15, I had 999 girlfriends... oh my youth..." to his plants.

House #9 is the isolated Flu Orine the Farfetch'd. No one knows he background, but the as the story goes back when he was 18 in the '998 he said things so farfetched that it F- 'd him up big time.

There is a park that occupies space #10 where a glorious neon statue of a Nidoqueen stands. The experts have said that this statue was worth $20.180. The artist has only left his initials, NE, so no one knows for sure who made the statue.

more to come soon.