UGH, let me tell you, i was FRESH OUT OF IDEAS for all of these

i am repeating and stuffslkjdfsdf

i bolded some of the properties/words in case you really can't see it. like Brock's for example. Bro,mine = bromine. HA I'M SO FUNNY LOL /shot

Down on #11 is the psychic Na-na Natu. He loves salt (aka sodium) and eats almost 23 grams a day (neighbors fear he's gonna die soon).

#12 is where I live. Mags is my name, short for Magnesium. I'm 24 years old, and I attend The Metagross University, or "The MG".

My next-door neighbor is Al, the Altaria. He's 3 years older than me, but we get along quite well. The only strange thing about him is that he covers everything with aluminium.

In #14, Shinxy Si is there. He looks pretty young for his age (28), but he's really hard working. And as his motto goes; 'Silicon saves everything!'

15 is where old P. Pikachu lives. He's an old fart too, but apparently he's been giving lectures about our nerves and phosphorus at my university for 31 years.

The Sulfer S. is a gang of squirtles that live on #16. I'm worried that all 32 of them will go berserk in this town one day...

C.L. Clamperl hosts a jewellery shop on #17, but sometimes it just reeks of chlorine since he's a complete germ-freak. He does have some good deals though, like pearls for $35.50

There's another park occupying lot #18, featuring yet another statue, this time of the noble Arceus. Yet again there is no artist name, but simply signed AR (someone had writtin -gon at the end, damn graffiti). Its price could fetch a whooping $39,948.00 on the market.

Living in house #19 is Kyogre, a singer once known as K. She had to retire at 39 because her body wasn't getting enough potassium (eat your bananas everyone!).

#20 is where Ca Caterpie lives. Each day he consumes lots of calcium because he admires Miss B. and can't wait to evolve like her when the time comes. 40 EVs to go!

Scyther Sc. Corporation takes up lot #21, where tons of scyther look high and low for some scandium. 44.95% of the time they're all up in my face, sensing scandium. I'M NOT MADE OF SCANDIUM!

#22 is where Ti Togepi lives. I swear, that bundle of energy is as tough as titanium, always hitting the pavement with a THONK and walk away with no injuries. I was really surpised when I learned he was 48 years old.

There's a huge mansion shaped like a V on #23 where Vanadium the Vaporeon lives. She's an elegant lady aged 51, and she mostly keeps to herself.

In #24 is where Chromium Cresselia (aka CR Chrome) lives. Mysterious like N, she is said to have 52 different dream powers.

#25 is where the first of the battery twins live, Mn Minun. He speaks Manganese, a family language named after that property on the bottom of the sea for almost 55 generations.

#26 is where an iron armored Fearow rests. He's only known as Fe, but no one else knows his real name. 56 years old.

Little Co-co Cobalt waits in house #27 for his mother each day since she's disappeared 59 days ago. Poor kid. If only there were other Combee to play with him so he wouldn't be so lonely.

#28 holds Nick El Ninetails. He has a pretty face, so he works at NI, a host club. I've heard rumors that he's been with over 59 girls too...

#29 is where young Copper Ubone is. As an aspiring young cubone, he wishes to be an artist, signing his works with CU so nobody would try to steal them.

Zangoose Vitamin shop occupies #30, where a nice ol' Zi-En (Z.N. If you will) stocks "all your vitamin needs, from A to Zinc."

In #31, it's yet another shop run by handsome Gallium Gallade. The shop, known as G.A., is an award-winning company for 70 years of top quality exercise equipment.

Ge the German(ium) Gengar runs a spa at lot #32. He's a happy guy, and his stuff is really top notch. I mean, where else can you find 73 different massages, spa tubs and masks?

Ash, that kid from pallet town, is renting out lot #33. that's where an old arsenic processor plant was, 75 years ago...As long ago as that was, I hope there aren't any poisonous compounds still lingering about.

Speaking of poison, Selene Nium the Serviper runs the SE poison control center in lot #34. It's been around for 79 years, so I guess I don't have to worry.

In house #35 is where that other guy travelling with Ash lives. Brock, I think his name was. 80% of the time you hear his Pokémon arguing things like "he's my bro, mine alone!" and "no way, he's MY bro,mine alone!" How noisy...

Another park takes up lot #36, and also featuring, though rather small, a statue. This time it's a well-known dancer, Krypton Kirlia. Fetching a reasonable price of $83.80, Krypton himself had hired an artist called KR to make this work.

#37 is where Rubi, short for Rubidium, lives. He attends Rampardos Boston Collage 85, aka the RB. We compete often since our schools are rivals.

#38 is where, surprisingly, my chem professor Slowbro lives. He's like 88 years old and rambles on about Strontium and whatnot.

#39 rests that Y-obsessed Yamega, whose house is on top of a huge Yttrium pile. 89% of the time she'll be showing you her Y stuff whether you like it or not. Kind of like Ho-oh.

#40 is where Zapdos built his nest. Zirconium was his name, we've learned, but we all call him Zir, for the sound he makes when sparks fly as he sleeps: Zrrrrrrrr