A/N: This was created simply out of pure boredom. Please do not judge me, my friends and I were bored and there happened to be a computer available in the vicinity. =]

While reading reviews of SPLICE online, I was thoroughly disturbed.

Apparently, here's the plot:

A couple cant have a kid. What should they do? Oh! I know. Create a thing.
So they do.
Then they decide to raise it even though it's creepy.
It grows up to be an adult pretty quickly.
The guy (kind of the father I believe) likes it. Like... LIKES likes it...and...um...has sex with it.
Then his wife gets pissed at him.
For two minutes.
Then they get back together.
Then the thing changes sex.
You heard me.
And it proceeds to rape the wife.
Then she gets preggers
And some people die.
Really lamely.
And that's it.
That's all.

I will no longer go through with my plan to remind my dad to take me to this today.

Oh! I almost forgot!

There could very well be another fun-filled adventure of the epic SPLICE chronicles at the library. =] teehee[=

The next odyssey might have a little SOMETHING to do with the fact that the chick is preggers with a baby monster.

Wonder what's gonna happen.

Epic silence.