A/N: I tried to make up for all the missed words. This ended up as a double-drabble though I used four of the missed challenge words (white, safe, mark, keep) in here.

For the timeline – plays during Sam's time at Stanford (yeah, I know, I have a serious thing for this pre-season time. *grins innocently*)

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Falling Apart

Dean leaned his pounding head back against the wall. Fever-bright eyes traced the fresh trail of blood on the stark white bathroom tiles. New blood drenched the already soaked fabric of his flannel shirt.

The bite-marks on his arm and side hurt like hell. The poison wasn't fatal. It just needed to run its course but it still sucked big time.

Dean shivered, feeling hot and cold at the same time. A whimper slipped through his parched lips when the movement re-woke the burning pain in his side.

Alone in a fucking run-down motel room. Sick and miserable.

What else was new? He swallowed back another wave of nausea.

God, how he wished Sam was here. Or Dad. Even Bobby or Caleb would be fine. Someone safe.

He knew it was wishful thinking. His family had fallen apart and there was nothing he could do to fix it… Just keep going.



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