Bella just moved in with the Cullen's. Alice and Edward Cullen are her new siblings. After a horrible car accident that her parents died in, Carlisle and Esme take her in. She was a cheerleader the captain to be exact and all round popular girl. Cheer captain of Small Hills Country Academy, and now a new girl at Forks High School. There she meets the gang. Alice the fashion cheerleader, Rosalie the beauty and the cheerleader. Edward the linebacker, Jasper the wide receiver, and Emmett the quarterback, and captain of the football team. What will happen? Love? Em/B R/E J/A C/Es.


Here I was on a plane heading to Forks, Washington. You maybe questioning why I am going to this town I'm sure no one knows about. Well, my parents just died in a car accident, killed by a drunk driver. They were coming back from the store, while I was at home with my best friend who was staying the night. It was around ten at night and I was worried at where they were at. Then I got a call from the hospital.


I was sitting with Jessica worried about my parents they left like three hours ago. The phone was ringing. I got up and answered it.

"Hello?" I said I didn't recognize the number on the caller I.d.

"Hello is this Isabella Swan?" the voice replied.

"Yes this is her. Who is asking?" I asked using my manners.

"I'm Doctor Tyler Crowley. I'm sorry to tell you this over the phone but your parents died in a car accident due to a drunk driver." he said.

Everything went blank at that moment, I refused to believe that my parents we dead all because of a drunk driver. A loud crash breaks me out of the spell, I had dropped the phone. I could feel tears streaming down my eyes. I heard Jessica come towards me.

"Bella what's wrong?" she asked.

I couldn't answer I pointed to the phone. She picked up the phone I faintly heard her talking before she hung up.

"Come here. He said that you can come and see your parents now or tomorrow, before they have to do…" she said, I could hear her voice quivering she was trying to be strong but they were like her parents too. I nodded my head. I walked to the car in a haze, I couldn't remember anything or how I we got there. Jess went to the lady at the reception desk and asked where my parents were. I saw the lady say something.

"Come on Bell let's go see them." she said guiding me where ever they were.

We got to their room I saw them on the bed laying lifeless. I went over to them crying even more. I grabbed they're hands.

"I'm sorry mama and daddy. This shouldn't have happened to you. This is all wrong. You guys shouldn't have gone to the store. You should have stayed home with me and Jess. This can't happen. I love you guys no matter what happened. I will love you guys forever and always. You're still in my heart no matter what. I love you! Bye mommy. Bye daddy." I said crying harder I had tears going down face like rivers. I saw Jess go over to them. She was saying something I swore I heard my name a couple of times, but I'm not sure. Just then the doctor came in; he looked surprised that we were there.

"Hi I'm Isabella Swan, but it's just Bella." I said quietly.

"Well I didn't know you guys were coming. Do you mind if we talk about this here or in my office?" he asked. "Here if you don't mind." I said trying to keep the tears away and stay strong. "Well you're parents died on impact." he said(AN: I know nothing about this stuff so pretend he said all the medical stuff.)

End Flashback

I felt something drop on my arm. I looked down and it was water. I hadn't realized I was crying. I wiped the tears away. I was in first class. My parents were rich, they left everything to me. So I have multiple beach houses across the country, something million dollars. I think it was over 90 million. I had about twenty cars; half of them are classics, houses that we've bought, a few boats, the family estates that have been in the family for a century and a half. The estate has this beautiful, Victorian house that was huge. I haven't been there since Gram died. The company business went to me, but I had dad's best friend, Billy, manage it for me. I said I would take over when I finished college.

"Miss are you alright?" I heard someone ask me.

I looked up and saw the most gorgeous guy ever. He had dark brown almost black curly hair, beautifulblue eyes, had a big body build, he was wearing a tight shirt that fit just perfect for his big frame, dark regular jeans and chucks. He caught me looking at him, and he smiled at me. He has a cute smile, he had dimples. I saw him checking me out as well, I smiled at him too.

"Well miss…?" he said trailing off.

"Isabella Swan, but call me Bella or Izzy." I said actually smiling a real smile.

"Well Bells, what has a pretty lady like you crying? If I may ask." he said looking worried.

He called me Bells. I felt a strange connection to him. I felt the need to tell him everything.

"Well umm my parents just died a couple a weeks ago, and I was just remembering when I found out." I said quietly, looking down.

"Oh I'm sorry. Well I think we need to get that off your mind." he said looking at me. Something clicked in his eyes, his eyes widened.

"Oh did you said your last name was Swan right?" he asked, I nodded my head confused.

"Oh my I'm soooo sorry about your parents. I heard about that." he said looking down, I guess for bringing it up.

"Well since you know my name what's yours?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Well Miss Bella I'm Emmett McCarty." he said showing off his dimples again.

"Well Mr. McCarty. What brings you here on this plane that's going to Seattle?" I asked.

"I was visiting some family back home." he said

"Well I guess you're also from Tennessee?" I asked

"Hell yeah!" he said with a booming laugh. I laughed along with him a real laugh.

"Well Bellsy why are you going to the great Seattle?" he asked,

I looked at him "Bellsy?" I asked

"Oh if you don't-" he started. I laughed.

"It's fine Em." I said, he smiled at the nickname.

"Well I'm going to the people that adopted me, I'm moving in with them." I said "I'm still seventeen, but I'm a fucking rich seventeen year old." I said laughing.

"Well my friends parents told me that they're adopting someone and I think you might be that girl." he said

"Oh well what's there names?" I asked

"Esme and Carlisle Cullen." he said.

"Hey that's where I'm going, but they live in Forks." I said.

"Yup that's them, they live in Forks and that's where I'm going too. They are supposed to be giving me a ride." he said. He looked me up and down before smirking.

"So I see you're a cheerleader?" he said looking me over again, I looked down and blushed. I was wearing my cheer jacket for my old school.

"Yup I am. I was the head cheerleader back home. I bet ten bucks you're the quarterback at Forks High School." I said smiling.

"Yup that's me. How could you tell?" he asked showing off his dimples again.

"Well most quarterbacks I know are beefed up as you." I said "Plus you seem the type to play quarterback." I added looking him over again, he is pretty handsome. I saw him smirk, I blushed knowing that I was caught red handed starring at him.

"It's good thing I don't have a girlfriend." he said smiling at me even more and I swear that was a panty dropping smile.

"Well I guess you're lucky because I don't have a boyfriend." I said flashing him my smile that all guys love.

"Hmmmm" was all he said for awhile. The plane ride was very interesting I got to know him more. He was an amazing person and he was funny. I think I'm starting to like him.