What was he supposed to do, he knew that excuse may not go down at well but that was what he was sticking to. Of course the best result would be for them to have an easy day and no-one notice the limp, or the fact that he couldn't sit up straight without crying out in pain. If Tony was honest from the minute it had happened and he had refused medical help he knew that stopping Gibbs finding out was the number one priority if he wanted to keep on living a peaceful life.

By 7 the following morning Tony was sitting at his desk trying to work on a cold case as the pain in his ribs and stomach seemed to be getting worse. What he didn't know was that one look at him was enough for anyone to know there was something seriously wrong with him, he was white with tinges of green and as Gibbs walked off the elevator he was met with the sight of his senior field agent throwing up into his bin.


'Sorry boss had a heavy night last night, you know how it is pretty girls, cocktail hour cant say no'

' Save it Tony for someone who will believe you, go see Ducky and once there you can tell me who broke your ribs'

Tony knew his boss knew him well, after all it had been 8 years but still to know he had broken ribs with just a look was impressive even by his standards.

Gibbs was worried, he knew there was something wrong with Tony and now he was lying about it, he was in a lot of pain he could see from the lines around his eyes and by the colour he had turned he wouldn't be surprised if there were other injuries. When he turned expecting Tony to be heading for the elevator he realised his senior field agent still hadn't moved.

'Tony I meant now not in half an hour'

Tony sighed hoping Gibbs wouldn't realise he hadn't moved yet because he couldn't, and still he was being watched and knew that getting up would probably end with him passing out again as he had done when he had tried to go to the bathroom already that morning. Tony pushed himself up felt himself begin to sway and Gibbs grabbed him quick before he could hit the deck swearing he lowered him back in his seat and rang down to get Ducky to come look at Tony and then taking another look at his agent he rang for an ambulance eliciting a small protest from Tony though Gibbs noticed it wasn't what he would usually expect.

Ducky was with Tony and Gibbs within a couple of minutes, he took a look at Tony then gave Gibbs a questioning look to which he shrugged his shoulders.

'Tony my dear boy what have you done to yourself?'

' I'm fine Duck just Gibbs getting dramatic because I got up to quick before having my breakfast' Gibs snorted and Ducky raised his eyebrows at that outrageous lie.

' Tony tell us the truth no-one is excepting your lies and trust me it will be a lot easier if you just tell us and I don't punish you till your feeling better.' Gibbs curtly replied

Tony sighed knowing when he was beaten.

' Ok I may have got hit by a car yesterday'

' may have? Dinozzo either you did or you didn't'

Tony just shrugged as Ducky started probing, he quickly determined that Tony had probably got at least 2 broken ribs, but more worrying was the way Tony threw up and then passed out when he pushed on his abdomen. Ducky was worried to have that extreme a reaction definitely indicated that something was going on. As the paramedics got off the lift, Ducky had established that Tony had either a small break or bad sprain to his right ankle as well. More worryingly though was the fact Tony hadn't woken up since he passed out and as both Gibbs and Ducky tried to get some sort of response Tony remained unconscious. Ducky put a hand to Tony's head as he was put on a backboard and it confirmed his fears, he had a fever and Ducky was sure he had internal bleeding.

Gibbs found the ride to Bethesda with Tony was stressful, he remained unconscious throughout the journey and it was obvious that the paramedics were struggling to keep him stable, as they arrived at the hospital the gurney was rushed into the emergency room leaving Gibbs waiting in the hall. Half an hour later, Gibbs with the rest of the team looked up as a harassed looking doctor came hurrying towards them.

' I believe your Tony's next of kin' Gibbs nodded

' He needs to go to surgery now, he has massive internal bleeding he insists he needs to see you first though, we have to hurry we wait much longer and he will be too far gone'