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Tony woke up slowly realising it was a little bit harder to breath than the last time he woke up and also that he wasn't alone.

'Hey boss, what you doing here? thought you were going to find my Dad' Tony asked in a raspy voice, his throat sore from coughing.

' Tony, I'm here because Ducky rang, he's worried that your not fighting' Gibbs replied holding a straw to Tony's mouth so he could drink.

Tony turned away from Gibbs but before he could protest he broke into a coughing fit, struggling to drag air into his lungs accutly aware that his stitches couldn't take much more of this. Finally it was over and he laid back against the pillows exhausted as Gibbs placed the oxygen mask over his face and holding his chin turned him to look into his eyes

' Tony, you need to listen. I know what you're doing and it's not going to work, you dying won't save your Dad from Maloney, If you give up now I will personally kick your arse. I need you to fight you got that? I can't lose you as well'

Tony looked into Gibs eyes and seeing the genuine concern in them nodded, he didn't want anything to happen to his father but he also acknowledge that Gibbs was more of a Dad to him than senior had ever been and he owed it to both of them to come out fighting. As he was coming to this realisation the door opened and Ducky and Brad entered.

Both doctors took in the look of their patient who was clearly struggling with every breath. His leg was propped on a pillow, his arm was wrapped around his middle where he was clearly still sore.

' Tony we need to rethink how we do this' Brad started knowing it was not going to be an easy conversation but still wanting to get his point across and get his patient to agree.

' No vent Brad you know that' Tony responded before Brad could even attempt to broach the subject.

' Tony you can't fight this like you are, each coughing fit is not only exhausting you but also pulling at your stiches, I will make sure you are sedated the whole time'

' Ducky no' Tony managed to rasp out before he was consumed by coughing again, this time he couldn't stop and as he drew his arm away he realised he was bleeding as the world went black.

The decision was taken out of everyones hands in the end, Brad quickly intubated Tony before tending to the stitches that had been ripped out twice in as many days. As Brad checked that the sedation was set high enough Ducky tried to calm down Gibbs.

' Duck you know as well as I do he is going to be as mad as hell about this and will try and pull it out himself'

Ducky sighed 'I know and really in the long term its not the best solution but we have little choice until his other injures heals because as it stands every cough rips at the stitches and generally causes more problems not to mention the constant pain he is in even with the morphine'

Gibbs sighed he knew Ducky was right but it didn't mean he had to like it. He settled into the chair by Tony's bed, he knew that Tony was going to need a lot of watching , the sedatives would make his nightmares that plagued him regularly worse not to mention his repeated attempts to pull out the tube even whilst asleep. He had to trust that his team would find Tony's father. What he didn't realise was that Tony's father wasn't as innocent as Tony thought his need for money had led to the exploitation of his only son.

As predicted even sedated Tony didn't rest well, he moved about restlessly trying to pull at the tube in his mouth even in his sleep. Gibbs found that the worst of the nightmares were kept at bay when he had physical contact, alternating between running his hand through Tony's sweaty hair and holding his hand. Whilst Tony remained sedated Abby also took the time to come and see him lying on the bed next to Tony whilst Gibbs got coffee. Whilst Abby's presence didn't have as calming an impact as 'Gibbs it still managed to do the job.

Whilst Gibbs kept his vigil over Tony, McGee and Ziva got closer to finding Tony's father, 12 hours after To had been sedated they entered the warehouse where Tony had trapped Maloney to find Anthony Dinozzo senior bound and gagged on a chair in the middle. As they cleared the area they found him abandoned and whilst Tony had said he had been drugged he seemed none the worse for wear. Ziva was suspicious when he refused any medical attention instead insisted he just wanted to go home. When told of the situation with his son he seemed slightly surprised and insisted that he needed a good nights sleep before visiting his critically ill son.

Once Anthony Dinozzo senior was deposited at a safe house both McGee and Ziva headed for the hospital eager to seen their team mate. Brad walked into his patients room to find five sleeping people including his patient. He smiled as he went over to check up on Tony aware that he didn't want to wake anyone wandering how they had managed to get the nurses to let them stay. As he listened to Tony's chest realising that he was being watched by a pair of blue eyes.

'Hows he doing Brad?' Gibbs asked quietly not wanting to wake anyone else knowing that Ziva and McGee had gotten there late and not slept for days now.

'Better actually, and his stitches have healed nicely I am going to take out the tube now and start to reduce the sedation so he should wake up later. I hear you found his Dad which I am sure will help him to recover more and relax I hope'

' Thanks Brad'

Tony woke feeling groggy and aware that his throat was really sore but thankfully there was no tube in it. HE smiled as he realised the whole family were their. McGee and Abby were playing a computer game together, Ziva and Ducky seemed ingrossed in a conversation on American history and Gibbs was watching him rasing his eyebrows silently asking him how he was. Tony just nodded waiting to see how long it took for the rest to notice. Predictably Abby was the first with her innate ability to know when Tony was awake and was up and hugging him as the other s realised. Tony looked at Ziva and /McGee with a question in his eyes as Abby settled on the bed beside him.

Ziva was the first to answer ' He is fine, tired but resting just fine in a safe house'

Tony nodded and fell into the first restful sleep he had had since the whole ordeal had begun.

As they days passed /Tony slowly began to improve, though the coughing was still hard to get through he was definitely getting better but still his father hadn't come to see him. At first he thought he wanted to recover but then he realised it must be because he was so angry with what Tony had done that he couldn't face visiting him.

Tony knew that Gibbs constant presence whilst not as necessary as it had been was welcome and also meant that he didn't try to leave to see his father. Finally a week after the tube coming out and much begging and cojoling Brad agreed to discharge him into Gibbs care but he was to have plenty of bed rest, remain warm and not to return to work for until Brad and Ducky were both happy that he had recovered enough.

Gibbs drove Tony home watching his senior field agent feint sleep avoiding the conversation that they both knew was going to coming, not only was Tony upset that his Dad still hadn't visited but also was worried what Maloney's next step would be. It was obvious that senior was left to be found but it was less clear why. McGee and Ziva were working on trying to find him and Gibbs had arranged for Tony to continue to have a guard whilst he stayed with him.

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