Here's more, but sorry for not updating in a long while, but I had to write more.

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Kayley was asleep in her room, after Gaius had treated her as the youngster had the cold but knew that Morgana had turned to the dark side, but he wondered if the Great Dragon was angry, that an infant of his kin had saved Morgana's life.

He then sensed a familiar aura in the castle, as it was somebody he'd missed and had been away for a long time, but knew he had returned to stop Morgana.

The young black haired man smiled, seeing his daughter asleep, but frowned hearing she wasn't well, but also that she'd befriended the Great Dragon.

i must protect Kayley, from Morgana as she has gone insane and betrayed everybody in Camelot, that cared about her.

I need, to speak with the Great Dragon.

Gaius watched, as Merlin left but understood where he was going.

He knew he would return, after speaking to the Great Dragon, but knew that Kayley would be happy, that her father was back, after all these years.

He then went to work, making potions.

The Great Dragon was worrying about Camelot, but also about Kayley as he knew that Merlin had returned after a long time, sensing the young warlock's aura in the forest, but he smiled seeing Merlin enter the cave, but noticed he looked worried, after the vision the Druid seer had shown him, as he understood.

"You must have faith, in your powers, young warlock.

Especially, if Arthur is to survive.

But somebody else, has been missing you." The Great Dragon said.

Merlin nodded, knowing he meant Kayley, as he felt terrible for forgetting her, but had left her in Camelot for her own protection, but the Great Dragon understood, knowing that Kayley was his only child.

"she's sick, with a cold.

Something tells me, that you know her." he said.

A smile crossed the Great Dragon's face at this, at Merlin's words.

"Yes, I do.

Kayley has been keeping me company, for a while.

She's just like you, Merlin.

You should help her, with her magical gifts." he told him.

Merlin sighed, knowing he was right, as he had missed Kayley, but hoped that Arthur didn't know she had magic, even though magic was tolerated in Camelot, the kingdom could be cruel, and he didn't want Kayley's spirit crushed.

He then decided to leave but would return.

Merlin entered his daughter's room, as she was beginning to wake up, but she was curious, as her eyes glowed with magic, making the young man smile, but he was worried in case she didn't know him since he hadn't been around for a while, but Kayley was curious about him, as she was on his lap.

"Do you know, who I am?

I am your father, Merlin." he told her.

"I know, Daddy.

Uncle Gaius told me, that you went away.

But why did you leave me here?" she asked coughing.

That question broke Merlin's heart, as he had wanted to take her with him, but had been overprotective of her, since her mother died giving birth to her, as the child had been born of magic, and in the laws of magic, to create a life, you must take a life away.

It was very hard to explain to her, as she was very young, and wouldn't understand, since he and Gaius were the only family she'd known, but he sighed, finding the words to tell her.

"I never meant to leave you here, Kayley.

I did it, to protect you.

Outside these castle walls, the world can be very cruel, towards us with magic.

I was on a mission, to make my magic stronger, as a great threat is coming.

But that doesn't mean, that I stopped thinking about you.

I was always worrying about you, everyday.

But an old friend of mine, has been helping you." he tolf her.

"The Great Dragon is a friend of yours, Daddy?" she asked softly.

"Yes, he is.

But you should rest, so you can get better." he told her.

He watched as her eyes closed, but left the room, but feeling better after being with his daughter, but happy she understood that he still cared about her.

He was then helping Gaius make potions, but was thinking about staying, and helping Kayley with her magic as she needed to, in case he couldn't protect Camelot.

Gaius understood, that he was being a father right now, and not a powerful warlock, as Kayley needed him.