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The Dream Catcher

Chapter 1:

Sam Uley POV:

My sister was coming home today. I was so excited, and I knew Emily was nervous. Bella was really close with Leah before she left, but she knew the legends and everything and when I imprinted on Emily….well she knew it could happen, but she wasn't happy about it. I knew that Bella still spoke with Leah, they were the best of friends, no surprises there.

I wasn't worried about the pack, they knew Bella, but she went off to some fancy cooking school for a while but she said the land was calling to her, she could feel it. I knew Jared was going to be okay because he had Kim, and he was hoping they would be friends. Seth thought of Bella as another sister. Paul was just an ass so he would probably make some comment on how hot she was or something equally vulgar. I wasn't worried about the twins, Brady and Colin, either because they were probably too young to remember her. I was however, worried about Quil, Embry and Jacob. They were all her age, and they used to hang out, they were itching with excitement. I knew one of them would imprint on her. It was destined, we just weren't sure which. I didn't let the boys know because they would be going nuts.

Bella is extraordinary. She is what we would call the heart of our tribe. She is meant to be something big to the pack, I know this, the elders know this, and Bella knows this, but what it will mean we aren't totally one hundred percent sure how it will go. She told me a few weeks ago that the land was calling to her. She needed to return home. She told me she was dreaming of our pack, and what we would face. That night was horrible I listened to her cry and sob about a giant fight between the wolves and some red-eyed cold ones. I then went to the elders and told them about Bella's dreams and the pull to come home. They called her the "Dream Catcher" she would help us they had said, and be there when we needed her. She held no other special powers except love and her dreams.

I was pulled from my musings about Bella by Leah squealing, "She's here!"

The whole pack had come to the house to greet her, except Jacob he was on his patrol for another hour, she was early of course.

I watched Leah run out to her car and pull her into a giant hug. "Leah I have to breathe…..too strong…" I heard my sister say. "Big Brother….send some of your wolf boys to get my bags will ya…."

I sent Paul and Jared to help her. Paul looked at her smirked and said, "I can see down your shirt." I knew he would be a perv but at least HE didn't imprint on her. Bella came up the steps of the porch and looked up at me and said, "Well Brother, I have missed you. Now let's meet your imprint." she looked sympathetically at Leah who smiled back.

Bella started to pull me towards the door but she was caught by Seth.

"Bella! Oh My you're here! I'm so glad you're here!" and he hugged her tight.

"Seth let the girl breathe! I would like to meet my future sister in law" I heard Emily say from the kitchen.

Seth released her and she walked towards the kitchen. I looked at Quil and Embry to see if they had seen her, but the were still looking at the ground. What was up with that?

"Dude…what's wrong?"

Embry answered, "Man she's your sister, and we haven't here and we weren't sure if she'd remember us and…well….if we…..and….you….but….."

"Umm English for the last part?"

"If we imprint we don't want you to kill us." Quil said.

I just laughed. "Come on boys."

We walked to the kitchen and I saw Bella hugging Emily! This was great my sister liked my imprint. Bella turned around and a giant smile lit up on her face. "Embry and Quil!" and squealed and launched herself at them.

Both boys stood tall and lifted their heads. I saw as the excitement of seeing her turned to an upset look. Well looks like it's gonna be Jacob. My sister and the True Alpha….oh boy. The boys looked upset though.

"What's wrong guys aren't you glad to see me? Wait where's Jacob?" Bella said looking at them with full concern.

Neither one wanted to answer her, embarrassed I'm sure, but then they looked at me for help.

"Um…Bella….they….they wanted to imprint on you….and they didn't"

She looked sad too. I knew she always had a soft spot for Embry. She and Jake were the closest, but with Embry it was…something else.

She mumbled and apology and then went to the living room. Jared and Paul were done bringing her stuff in and they introduced themselves. The twins were sitting on the couch with a scared look on their faces.

"Boys…what's wrong?" I asked them.

"She's so pretty" Brady whispered.

"What if she doesn't like us" Colin said.

Bella heard them and pulled them into a hug. "Aw you guys are so cute…Now will someone tell me where Jacob is?"

"Patrol Bella….he'll be here soon."

We sat around introducing Bella to the pack. Quil, Embry, Leah and I were telling stories about Bella and funny things she had done.

"Guys?" we heard Jake's voice say, "I felt the weirdest thing, like something was pulling me here I was clear on the other side of the reservation, but…. I couldn't stop…it was so weird. Like….I had to be here. What's going on?"

Bella squealed [again] and ran towards the door. "Jakey! You're here! Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I missed you soo much!" she had thrown her legs around his waist and was burying her head in his chest. Well….here it goes, it's the moment where both of their lives change.

Jacob POV:

I was out on patrol making my runs. I knew Bella would be here today and I was excited and nervous at the same time. We were friends for so long. She just fit in with me and my boys. Of course she was also friends with Leah because she was Sam's sister, but she still liked to hang outside with us. I had talked to her a few times since she left three years ago but not a lot. I missed her I know I did but now I felt giddy like something was going to happen.

I suddenly felt like something was attached to me, pulling me. I knew no one else had phased but still it felt…weird. I started to run towards the pull. Ten minutes later I was in front of Sam's house and there was another car out front. Bella was here!

"Guys?" I yelled through the open door, "I felt the weirdest thing, like something was pulling me here I was clear on the other side of the reservation, but…. I couldn't stop…it was so weird. Like….I had to be here. What's going on?"

Bella squealed and ran towards the me. "Jakey! You're here! Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I missed you soo much!" she had thrown her legs around my waist and was burying her head in my chest. She smelled so sweet. Like strawberries. I hugged her back.

"Bells…you're here." I said into her hair. She felt so good wrapped around me. She climbed down and spun around.

"Bells….what's wrong? Look at me!" I said in a harder tone then I meant to.

"Jakey I'm scared." what could she be scared of? Was something after her?

"What are you scared of?"

"That you won't want me…"


"No of the others imprinted on me Jake." she whispered.

Did that mean I would? Was it guaranteed that one of would?

"But…what does that have to do with me wanting you Bells?"

"Jake someone was going to. We knew it…I'll explain later but….if it wasn't any of them…it's gonna be you. And if I don't look at you then you won't and then you want have to love me if you want to but when you want to you can look at me." and then she walked off. What the hell was this girl talking about? I really hated talking to her back. It was starting to tick me off.

"Sam….what is she talking about?"

"Jake….she's scared. You know how she feels about you. She's scared of only being loved out of obligation instead of want. Does that make sense?"

I was fighting with myself. My wolf wanted me to go and find Bella. That was the pull. So she was right, she would be my imprint. I had always loved Bella….I mean she was my best friend. She was great, but when she was still here, I just didn't think of girls that way. I loved to hang out with her, and she's always been pretty. Well now she was gorgeous, but that wasn't the point.

"What do I do Sam?"

"Maybe you should know why she's here and then we can talk to her."

Bella came back to the living room and we all gathered around. She kept her eyes on the floor and sat between Colin and Brady.

I couldn't do this. My wolf was screaming at me to please go and just look at her, but I couldn't. I just…couldn't. I looked around at the others to see faces full of concern. I hadn't realized I was shaking.

"I'm fine. Can we please talk now?"

"Okay, you all know that Bella has been with our Uncle in Arizona for the last three years. She was going to some fancy school there for cooking, ha good thing because we eat a lot Bella!" Sam started. I wasn't in the mood for laughs. "Anyway Bella had this dream one night about wolves in a fight with red eyed vampires. And she said she had to come home, that she needed to be here. That the land was calling her. So I spoke to the Elders and they told me that Bella may be the "Dream Catcher" for us. She will have visions in her sleep about something that will happen with us and will help us through it all."

We all sat there in silence. Leah was the first one to recover. "What about what Bella was talking about with the imprint."

"They told me the "Dream Catcher" is always attached to all the wolves but would be blood to some and a stronger bond to another, which would mean an imprint. It was more complicated when they said it." Sam replied.

Bella sat in silence. She would shift uncomfortably every few minutes, probably because she could feel my stare. I wouldn't take my eyes off of her.

My body moved without my permission and suddenly I was sitting on the floor with my hand on her chin trying to lift her face.

My wolf was jumping for joy, but I was nervous. What if it didn't happen, what if more people were going to phase and it was one of them.

"Bells…please." I whispered to her.

"No Jake I won't. I won't make you love me."

"Bells….please." I repeated.

"Dammit Bella just look at the boy! He's been in love with you forever! He just wouldn't admit it! Come on!" Embry yelled at her. He seemed hurt…I wonder if he wanted to imprint on her. My wolf growled at thinking of her with someone else.

She lifted her head but closed her eyes, then she stepped around me and started to go out the door.

"Jake you coming?" she yelled over her shoulder.

I followed her out and we started walking down the familiar road towards the beach. I grabbed her hand, but she still wouldn't look at me. I knew where we were going. Embry, Quil and I tried to build a fort one day and Bella sat on this piece of wood there on the beach and it was just 'our spot' whenever she was upset she would be there.

She sat down and looked out into the ocean. It was mid afternoon it wasn't too cold for a day in La Push but I worried about her, she didn't run as warm as I did. We sat there for thirty minutes before she spoke.

"Jake…which wolf are you?"

That was a random question and I knew it had to be about her dreams. "Um..the reddish brown one. Your brother is the black one, if you wanted to know that too."

She stared to cry. So I hugged her and pulled her into my lap. "Bells…honey….talk to me what's wrong?"

"You're gonna get hurt…it was you…you're the one that always ends up hurt! Why you Jake! Why does it have to be you that gets hurt, every single time!"

She was screaming and crying into my chest.

"Will you look at me now? Maybe the reason my wolf got hurt was because at that moment he didn't have you. I bet once you look at me, your dream will change. Please just open those eyes and look at me. I'm begging you!"

She stood from my lap turned her back to me [again] and I didn't like it. She wiped the tears from her eyes, took a deep breath, and whispered, "ready?"

I took my own breath, steady myself and whispered back a yes. We both looked up at the same time and then it happened.

They tell you its like seeing the sun for the first time but this wasn't it. I was seeing my whole future. The two little girls running around the yard as an older me chased them. The one boy who looked just like me helping Bella bring food out to a picnic table. And then I saw her, she was gorgeous as always but she had the biggest smile on her face as she saw the children in the yard. This was what my life was meant to be. I was meant to be with Bella, and we would have those children and we would be happy and laughing.

Finally I whispered, "Bells….tell me you saw all that."

"Oh Jake it was wonderful! I….I just can't believe it!"

I grabbed her and kissed her with everything I had. It was wonderful the way our lips molded together, perfect matches.

She pulled away and said, "My brother and your pack should know about this Jake."

"Can you blame me for not wanting to share?" I said pulling out my puppy dog eyes, they worked well on Emily.

"Fine…we can stay here a while. Just don't look at me like that again…geez I knew you were a dog but that's excessive." and then she giggled. I loved the sound of her voice.

We sat on the beach talking the day away, catching up on things we missed. She asked me to tell her how Leah really was because she didn't believe that she was okay. I told her it was rough but that Leah would find her own soul mate one day and she would be happy too.

"Jake….do you think I'll dream good stuff too and not just the bad?"

"What do you mean honey?"

"I mean to do you think I will dream of future happy things with the pack, like Leah imprinting or weddings and child births and stuff like that or will it just be the bad stuff like this battle that you have to face?"

"I honestly don't know Bells, we can talk to my dad and ask him. He's one of the Elders so he should know. Will you….share with me when you dream something? Is that allowed?"

"I hope its allowed I wouldn't want keep anything from you."

The sky was starting to darken so we decided it was time to head back to Sam and Emily's and talk to the pack. We walked hand in hand in silence, I loved just having time with her. I had missed my Bells, she was one of my best friends. Quil and Embry were my best friends and they were good when I needed a laugh but Bells, she knew me better than anyone. She would be able to tell if I needed space, if I wanted to talk, and she would push me if I needed to get something out. She was an angel and she was all mine forever. Embry was right I'd been in love with her this whole time, I just didn't know it.

We arrived back at Sam and Emily's and the everyone all at once yelled out, "did it happen" or "did you imprint" and Paul so greatly yelled, "did you fuck her yet!"

"Geez Paul, could you be anymore crass!" Bella yelled at him.

"Yes she is my imprint thank you very much…but…Sam it didn't happen right….you guys all said it was like seeing the sun for the first time…it wasn't like that."

"Well what happened Jake"

"We both saw….our future….kids and playing in the yard and laughing and smiles" it didn't make sense to them but it did to me. It was everything I had seen and felt, it was amazing.

The pack started to go their separate ways and I lingered, trying to prolong my departure from Bella.

"Jake….you have to go home sometime." Sam whispered to me.

"I know…I just….can't" I strangled out. The thought of being away from her was killing me.

Bella was finishing saying goodbye to everyone and Brady and Colin were the last to leave, I could tell they had grown attached to her. She came over to me and whispered, "are you going home now?"

"I have to Bells, I gotta go talk to my dad and help him out you know?" I had lifted her up so I could put my face back into her hair, it calmed me down. She was so small though, it was funny to see her feet dangling in the air.

"Okay Jakey…I'll see you tomorrow….goodnight." she kissed my lips sweetly and then I put her back down.

"Night Bells…I'll be back I promise." I said goodbye to Sam and Emily and started the walk to my house. My dad was waiting on the front porch for me.

"So….who is it Jake?" I knew he wanted to know about Bells and who imprinted on her.

"Who's what dad?" I tried to play it cool but was failing miserably becaause the smile on my face totally gave it away.

"YOU!" he yelled, "Oh thank God! I didn't want to hear you whining if it was someone else!"

"Dad….yes I imprinted on Bells, is she gonna be okay? Is this dream catcher thing….bad?"

"No it's not bad Jake. It will be hard for her and she will need you." he said with a thoughtful look on his face.

"So she is gonna be able to share with me? We weren't sure if she was going to be able to. She was upset, she asked which wolf I was and said I was always hurt in her dreams…I hate this Dad, she's hurting."

"Jake…I don't know what to tell you, but it will be difficult for her, she will see happy and sad things, good and bad things, but you will always be there for her, just like she will be for you. I have something else to say but I don't know if you don't want to hear it."

"Just spit it out Dad."

"I think you will become Alpha sooner than you want." I recoiled like I'd been slapped.


"The Council will see that you are imprinted now….and especially with the Dream Catcher, they will want you to step up."

"Dad, that's another thing…..when it happened….we both saw us playing with kids in the yard….a boy and two little girls Dad, it was amazing, and we were laughing and smiling…"

"That's what you saw?"

"Yes….got anymore pearls of wisdom?"

"Jake….I really don't know what to tell you, but know this….love her with everything you can."

"I know I will Dad."

"I always thought she would be the one for you." and with that he walked away.

I sat on the front porch for a little longer, breathing in the night air. I missed Bells, I felt like I was having a panic attack. I needed to be near her. I yelled to my dad and stripped my clothes, phased and ran for Sam's.

I knew where Bella's room was and I laid under her window. I just had to be near her. I heard the back door open and heard Sam yell, "Jake just come inside. It sounds like her dreams are starting, she might need you."

And I moved faster than I thought possible. I walked up the stairs and to Bella's room, climbed in the bed with her and she cuddled into me. I braced myself for what was to come with her new dreams. I just hoped that the imprint changed what happened in the battle.

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