Harry gingerly sat down in an empty compartment. He shifted, and hissed as pain shot through his ribs. The Dursleys beat him within an inch of his life; it was their "warning." Ron and Hermione wouldn't be joining him as they were Prefects. He rummaged through his trunk and pulled out a pain-relief potion. Harry knocked it back in one, grimacing at the taste. He poked his head out into the corridor and felt a breeze rush past him.

The trolley lady was about 3 compartments down, so he turned and walked back into his compartment. The train was nearing Hogsmeade, so Harry pulled off his shirt to change into his school uniform. He swore he heard a gasp as his bruises and scars were revealed.

Harry heard his compartment door lock and drew his wand. Malfoy then canceled his invisibility spell. His eyes were wide with shock.

"Harry, what the hell happened to you?"

Harry was suspicious, and rightly so, of Malfoy; but noticed the concern in his voice and the use of his first name.

"My relatives did this to me over the summer. Dumbledore won't let me stay anywhere else and doesn't believe me." Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Snape's voice floated through.

"Draco, you have 5 seconds to open this door." Harry looked around, panicking, for his shirt. Snape blasted the door open and stopped dead.

Harry knew the scars on his back looked revolting and he applied a salve as best he could, but it was still very nasty. "Good Gods Potter, what happened to you?" Harry smiled bitterly and pulled his shirt back over his head.

"My relatives" he let out a hollow laugh. "After all these years you'd think they'd learn that they can't beat the "freakishness" out of me." Snape looked ready to speak, but Harry held up a hand. "I've begged and pleaded for Dumbledore to let me stay somewhere, anywhere, else but he's sprouting some bullshit about blood protection. Which I believe is null and void because Voldie used my blood in 4th year!"

Snape snorted "Voldie?" Harry managed a tired smile. "Would you rather I call him Voldemort?" Both Snape and Draco flinched, "Thought not."

Harry rifled through his trunk again and pulled out a healing potion and a pepper up potion, knocking them both back in one. He threw his robes on over his clothes. Draco plopped down on a seat while Snape sat next to him, much more elegantly I might add. Harry sat down gingerly and heard feet coming down the corridor,

"That'll be Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny or Luna." Sure enough, the compartment door opened and Luna stepped in the assumed empty compartment. "Hello Harry, Draco, Professor." Luna said in a dreamy voice.

Harry canceled the invisibility charm chuckling. "I told you she would see you guys." Luna smiled benignly "Harry," she started in a sickly sweet voice. "I thought you said the Dursleys didn't hurt you very close to school." Harry rubbed his shoulders.

"Normally, however, Vernon lost his job recently, and apparently it was the freaks fault." Luna's eyes hardened and the two Slytherins were surprised, as she was known as Loony Lovegood." She sat stiffly next to Harry.

"Remind me again why you won't let us kill them." she hissed, now the shock showed clearly on the Slytherins faces. Suddenly, Hermione, Ginny and Neville barged in. "Hey Harry, Luna!' Hermione cried. "Oh, hello Professor, Draco." Ginny look at the way Harry was sitting with concern.

"Harry did they..." Harry nodded. "The bastards." Ginny and Hermione sat next to Luna while Neville, surprisingly, sat near Professor Snape. Draco frowned, "How come you guys aren't martyrs?" Harry sneered.

"I'm too "corrupted" to be a martyr, and honestly, the Dark is looking better and better." After his return, Voldemort's aims became much more strategic and his goals changed slightly, Hermione nodded. "Ronald's been a prat and the prejudices against gays have gotten ridiculous!"

Ginny smirked. "Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Moody, Minerva, Pomfrey, Tonks, Lupin, Parvati, Patil, Lisa and everyone in here has decided that, if need be, we will all switch sides." Snape's eyebrow rose "Are you serious?" The 16 and two 15 year olds nodded sagely, if not a bit worried, this man was a spy after all.

"Well, damn." Draco said "Wait a minute, what's this I hear about being persecuted for being gay" Harry groaned softly "Griffindors," He sighed "have no tact." Hermione smiled sheepishly "Oops." Harry smiled.

"I'm gay and Ron went through the roof. I wouldn't be surprised is the whole damn school knows by the feast." Professor Snape raised an eyebrow "It makes no difference to the Dark, Po-Harry, why do you speak of Griffindors as if you are not one of them?" Hermione groaned.

"Leave it to you guys to pick up on that." Harry smirked "I was supposed to be in Slytherin." Professor Snape went ashen and if Draco's eyes were to get any wider, they'd pop out of his head. As the Slytherins collected themselves, the Griffindors (and sole Ravenclaw) stood and stretched.

"We'll head out so Ron doesn't come looking for us." Neville said as they filed out. Suddenly Professor Snape stood "I need to finish my rounds." Soon, Draco came to sit by Harry, who by now was resting his forehead against the glass.

"You know you're not the only homosexual here. Pansy, Seamus, Dean and I are all gay." Harry lifted his head a bit, "It's the fact I'm being ousted without my permission that ticks me off." Draco's body head was making him warm and relaxed. He could feel Draco's breath on the back of his neck and it made Harry shiver. Oh how he longed to be held in those arms!

"Yeah, I suppose it would. Think on the bright side! At least you can date pretty much any guy openly." The last part was said with a wistful sadness that made Harry's heart speed up. Does he? But...I hope he does! Harry let out a mournful sigh

"But what if they date me for my fame, and not for me?" Draco grasped Harry's face in his hands. "I wouldn't understand why. You're such a good person Harry; I don't care about fame." Harry had fooled around the year before, but found his thoughts always gravitating to the blonde Slytherin now in front of him.

Harry's breathing hitched as Draco unconsciously stroked his face. Green eyes met metallic silver and widened and the warmth and the hint of something else in Draco's eyes. Harry licked his lips and leant in a bit, their faces were inches apart.

"I'm afraid the person I like doesn't like me back." Now their lips were centimeters apart. "Try him." Draco's breath ghosted across Harry's lips. Harry brought Draco's lips to his in a hesitant kiss then again a little more firmly. Draco's hands snaked around his hips while Harry's tangled in Draco's soft blonde hair. Their kiss wasn't wild with lust, it was slow and sweet, a different kind of passionate, a promise of more to come.

The kiss was broken their foreheads pressed together. "How long?" Harry exhaled, hesitant to break the mood. "Fourth year, when i saw you go against the dragon. I wanted to murder Dumbledore for letting you go through with that." The train slid to a stop and Harry pouted.

"Damnit! I have to go back to Gryffindor! The rules state no one can be resorted until a month after the feast." Draco stood, pulling harry with him.

"Don't worry my lovely lion. Give them a shock they'll never live down." Draco shut the blinds and pulled Harry to him for a rough kiss. "Be careful my drake." Harry whispered, stroking the blondes' cheekbone. "You too my lion." they separated and got into different carriages.

Hermione noticed a change in Harry. He seemed lighter, much happier. And...were his lips that swollen before? A wicked grin overcame her face as the pieces clicked into place. "You'll tell me everything right?" she whispered into Harry's ear. His cheeks tinted pink and he nodded.

At the sorting feast, several Griffindors, one Ravenclaw and two Slytherins glared at one Headmaster, who remained cheerfully oblivious. They resented him for making Harry go through what he did.

At around midnight Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak and snuck up to the Astronomy tower. He was watching the stars when a person stepped in behind him. The now familiar scent washed over him. "Draco." he whispered. "Hey Harry." Harry turned and buried his face in Draco's neck.

"Gryffindor hates me. Only the ones from the train, those on our side and Luna are fine with it." Harry sighed "They used to be my family..." Draco pulled him closer, wishing he could make them pay for hurting his Harry.

"Most Gryffindors have the loyalty of a stick. Don't let them bother you." He turned Harry's face up and kissed him. When they broke apart, Draco had a curious glint in his eye.

"I can heal you, but we need to be skin to skin." Harry nodded and pulled off his shirt, watching as Draco did the same. It took about 45 minutes, but Harry was healed. They talked the night away about their home lives.

Suddenly, Harry's scar flared. "Shit! He's calling; we need a way to tell Professor Snape that it's okay to tell the Dark Lord." Harry grabbed a pen and paper.

Professor Snape,

Tell the DL I'm thinking about defecting but unsure because I don't really want the DM and because of Dumbledore, I don't do well with taking orders.


The letter was sent off just as Harry was swept in a vision.

"Ah Severus, welcome. What news do you have of the Potter boy?" Severus bowed slightly and began his tale

"Potter's family abused him quite badly shortly before dropping him off at King's Cross. He ran into Draco and me on the train and revealed everything; he began a relationship with Draco not much later." Voldemort sent the rest of his Death Eaters out, sensing this was a delicate matter.

"Harry has agreed to an alliance with you. He's wary of following you with the mark; one because he's the Golden Child of the Light and two because of Dumbledore's manipulations." Severus continued, accepting the whiskey on the rocks offered with a grateful nod. "He has a small following already, consisting of Dean, Seamus, Hermione, Luna, and Neville. He's looking to "convert" other teachers and students."

Voldemort looked slightly triumphant and in awe. "It seems like our young hero has been busy. I will accept." Severus bowed and left the castle as Harry slid out of the vision.

Draco's worried face shimmered into view "You alright? That vision lasted over a half an hour." Harry smiled as he picked himself up off the ground. "Let's head to the Room of Requirement."

The couple slid under the invisibility cloaks and walked hand in hand to the room. It was decorated in back and white, symbolizing the contrast in their relationship and the personality.

The only color in the room was the bed which was an almost blood red; the two boys fell onto the bed in each other's arms soon dead to the world. They were uncaring to the trials that would face them tomorrow, content to relax in the arms of their lover for one night in peace.

The next morning, the two lovers woke up smiling for the first time in months. "Good morning love." Draco whispered as Harry stirred.

Sleepy green eyes stared in content grey as the two kissed leisurely. They spent the better part of a half an hour just holding each other, unfortunately all good times must come to an end and this one ended with the alarm set for 7:00.

The two boys dressed and left the room, making their way down to one Severus Snape's chambers. Once they got to the chambers Severus didn't look all that surprised, he merely smirked and allowed the couple through.

"What news do you have Professor Snape?" Harry enquired after receiving a cup of tea. "Call me Severus Harry." the older man said after some deliberation.

"Lord Voldemort is quite content to enter an alliance with you. He says your terms are acceptable and was quite angry at your treatment at the hands of the muggles." Harry beamed.

"Perfect, now I need to inform the others, and we'll start on the plan we had made to take Dumbledore down a peg. If you want, I can send you and Lord Voldemort a copy of it before we go through with it." Harry and Draco turned to exit,

"Oh! That reminds me, Severus it would do good to tell Lord Voldemort that whenever he gets excited/happy/really mad I get sucked into a vision. This is usually at Death Eater meetings, and I can feel all curses inflicted on the victim."

The boys left for the Great Hall on hesitant kisses and wistful promises to meet again in the Room of Requirement that night.

Classes passed uneventfully and Harry had another conflict with Ron during Charms. Hermione and Harry had been discussing about final plans to bring others to the Dark side and discrediting Dumbledore, when Ron -being the hotheaded idiot he is- got the wrong idea...

"How dare you corrupt my girlfriend you two-faced bastard!" Ron shouted as the two pulled apart, "What are you talking about Ronald?" Hermione asked irritated. "I'm not your girlfriend and even if I was, I would most certainly not be treated like some possession."

Ron's face went as red as his hair as he bellowed "You want nothing but the fame Potter! You don't care about others as long as you're in the limelight. You may have given up on the Light side because they haven't got enough glory for you, but I will not stand by and let Hermione be used."

Gasps echoed throughout the classroom as Harry stood, body tense, eyes narrowed. Anyone but Ron would be able to tell that messing with Harry right now would not be a good idea.

"Listen here Ron; you have no right to accuse me of what you have accused. I'm sick of this whole jealousy thing; I've put up with it and put up with it but all I get is grief. Consider that second chance blown. I've had it Ronald Weasley and you better watch out in case that temper actually hurts something for once."

Harry sat back down. He knew the Slytherins knew he didn't actually deny the accusations, but he sidestepped them enough to get the Griffindors off his back. Well if that didn't start the rumors, nothing will. Harry thought smugly as he sat back down.

He and Hermione exchanged winks; their plan had been set in motion. As Severus settled the class down he kept shooting interested looks at Harry, wondering how the boy had gotten so Slytherin.

He and the Dark Lord had gotten the owls concerning the plan that Harry's little group had come up with. Even he had to admit the plan was quite genius. The first part had been acted out right then and there in his Potions class. The next few weeks were about to get very interesting...

Meanwhile, up in his office, the Headmaster was absolutely furious. How dare the Potter brat ruin my plans! It had to be him; no one could rile the school up like Potter. Dumbledore needed to get control of his pawn before something decidedly disastrous was set in motion.

Unbeknownst to the Headmaster, plans were brewing and coming to fruition, battle lines were being drawn and a school once openly Light was branching out and embracing the darker side of society.

By now, Harry and Draco had made their way back to the Room of Requirement. They had each grabbed a glass of fire whiskey the room had provided and sat on the couch, Harry sitting in between Draco's legs with his back against Draco's chest. Each boy told stories of their youth and shared several on the fights they got into. Soon talk moved over to the war and Draco was able to provide very insightful comments and suggestions.

"Draco, if your world was completely turned upside-down what would you do?" Harry queried later. Draco swirled the whiskey left in his glass.

"I think I would turn to the people who I thought could understand me best, even if they did hate me. Where are you going with this?" Harry just sank into Draco's embrace with a relaxed sigh.

That's when Draco realized that Harry's world had turned completely upside-down on him and he hadn't reacted that badly. He turned his ebony-haired lover to him and kissed him thoroughly.

"I will always love and protect you, now and forever." Harry smiled, unshed tears glistening in his eyes "And I will love you also my Dragon." Harry whispered back. All too soon, the lovers had to part for the night.

As they stood outside the Gryffindor common room Draco pulled Harry close "Spell your curtains shut and don't turn you back on the ones you cannot trust. Keep your wand with you at all times."

Draco whispered ferverently before kissing Harry breathless "Be safe and sweet dreams my lovely lion." Harry kissed Draco's forehead "And you as well my dragon." They fell into bed, dreaming of each other that night. A war may be raging around them but their love shone bright as ever, a forever-lasting star.

Harry woke up before the other boys in his dorm, as he got ready for the day he went through his occulmency exercises. Casting tempus, Harry realized it was 7:15, a little too early to go to the Great Hall.

He grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder as he walked down the stairs greeting Hermione who fell in step with him. "Harry, I was thinking. We should probably have weekly meetings in the Room of Requirement; do you think you could invite Draco? He'd do well with explaining the customs of the dark side." Harry couldn't help but agree.

"I can ask him later today, what day do you think? I would try for either a Saturday or a Sunday because it's less unusual for students to be gone for a while."

They parted ways then, Harry headed for the Room of Requirement to meet Draco, Hermione headed to the library to research upcoming issues the little group might have to face. When Harry got to the room Draco was already there "Hey love!" Harry greeted pressing a kiss to Draco's temple.

"Hermione and I were wondering if you and Severus would like to come and plan with us Saturday nights so we can cover things like converting people, Dumbledore and Ron, among other things." Draco smiled and kissed Harry

"Of course, I'd love to help out. Severus on the other hand might not, but we may be able to convince him." They spent another 45 minutes cuddling and talking about their respective houses and their personality.

When the couple broke apart, they headed to the Great Hall separately so no suspicion would be aroused. Harry headed to the Owlery so he could send Professor Snape the request to help explain the morals and goals of the Dark side.

Professor Snape was surprised to get a letter during breakfast, as were most of the students and staff. The letter read:

Dear Severus,

I would like to ask you to come join my little group for our weekly training sessions to help explain the goals of the Dark side. It would make us look good when we finally meat Voldemort.

I would much appreciate it.

Many Thanks,

Harry Potter

P.S: The letter is charmed so that only you can read the true contents.

Professor Snape smirked and nodded once in Harry's direction. Harry smiled in reply and began to form a plan for discussion for their next meeting. These meetings were not new to Harry Potter and his friends. Two years ago they ran the D.A and all of Sixth year was spent learning what the Headmaster had hidden from Harry.

Harry pulled something, which looked suspiciously like a galleon, out of his pocket and changed the time, date, and location; he also charmed one into each new Slytherin's pocket, making them start slightly.

Sat 10:00 RoR

All members of his organization nodded at him, and the two new members quickly interpreted the message and nodded their acquiescence.

The rest of the day passed slowly for the students, but not for Hogwarts' esteemed Headmaster; he was busy plotting.

Up in his office, the most respected man in the Wizarding World was considering ways to take back his pawn. Dumbledore knew he couldn't send the brat to Azkaban as then he wouldn't be able to defeat the Dark Lord.

The stupid Potter brat ruined everything! How the hell am I supposed to keep control, subtly of course, of the Wizarding World if the brat won't cooperate with my plans? Something must be done!

Unfortunately, for said Headmaster things were about to get rather sticky, and things that had been kept in the dark for a long time were about to come forward. Albus Dumbledore had a lot of skeletons in his closet, and one boy was going to reveal them all.

Saturday arrived quickly for the 8 students and one professor meeting in secret. The only people remotely calm were Harry, Draco and Professor Snape. Then again, they learned how to act from a very early age.

Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Ginny spent the day doing homework; at least that's what the students thought, what they were really doing was researching the Headmaster and figuring out a way to leave Hogwarts without the Headmaster knowing.

This was going to be the most difficult part of the plan, and they all knew it. Harry was secretly entertaining the idea of linking them all together somehow so that they could communicate through their minds.

"I don't see how we can leave the grounds without the portraits or the wards sensing us! This isn't going to work if we can't leave!" Hermione cried exasperatedly. Harry smiled at his ruffled friend.

"There's no need to worry, I think I have a plan; but we need to talk to Professor Snape and Draco first so it can wait until the meeting tonight."

To be continued

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