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Mind Links (through tattoos)

:Phoenix Speech: (Harry's replies will be like this as well)

The next day dawned with Luna and Ginny still unconscious in the Room of Requirement. The students went to breakfast, somber and quiet; but for the rest of the school that was to be expected.

None of the scans would tell them if the girls would wake up anytime soon. All they could tell was that they were in a healing coma and would come out when they were healed. Madame Pomfrey had said in a somber voice that there was a chance they would never wake up and need to be fed potions to sustain them for the rest of their life.

None of them wanted to consider this possibility, but with that thought weighing on their minds, the group was silent during breakfast.

Not even Ronald Weasley was rude enough to say something, his little sister was kidnapped and he wasn't that much of a heartless bastard.

However, he had come to the conclusion that Harry was somehow involved; even though Ginny and Luna were part of the little group he created. Ron Weasley was slowly becoming consumed by his jealousy of Harry and it was slowly eradicating the brilliant strategist he was in first year.

Harry saw Ron glaring at him and mentally shot him the finger; he so did not want to deal with Ron today.

Harry ate about half his breakfast, before he lost his appetite. He pushed his plate away, stood up and walked out of the Great Hall amongst the stares of his classmates.

Hermione looked across the hall and met Draco's eyes, she looked like she wanted to go after Harry; but after a minute shake of Draco's head, she relaxed back into her seat.

Harry wandered around the school for a while, but his thoughts kept returning to the Room of Requirement and its occupants so he made his way there.

The girls were exactly the same as he had left them before breakfast, but he couldn't help but notice the color had returned to Luna's cheeks.

He went by Luna's bed and pressed a shaking hand to his friend's face; it was warm. Harry grabbed the cloth they'd been using to give them water and let a few drops fall into Luna's mouth. She seemed to whimper slightly, and her eyelids began to flutter.

Harry gripped Luna's small hand in his and desperately hoped she would wake up. Luna was like his sister; she didn't fill silence with meaningless chatter, she understood. As Harry's thoughts wandered over his and Luna's friendship, the object of his thoughts was slowly waking up.

With a gasp, Luna shot awake, pausing when she realized she was no longer in the dungeon. Harry's eyes widened as he saw one of his best friends awake once more. Luna smiled at Harry and pushed a lock of hair out of his face.

"You came for me." She stated softly, smiling at her friend. "Dumbledore got nothing from us. We're not in horrible shape because he wanted us to talk. I don't understand why he didn't use Ventiserum."

"Of course I came for you Luna. You're like a sister to me." Harry replied, equally as soft. "I think he did it because he knew it would affect me greatly. I don't know if he would've killed you, but I think he would've snapped your mind. He would've sent the two of you back to me; broken beyond repair, so that I too would break."

Harry's voice was choked off with emotion, and he could no longer look Luna in the face. Despite all he's done and learned in the Wizarding World, the abuse of his relatives still stuck with him. A soft hand turned Harry back to Luna and she smiled at him.

"There is nothing you could've done, Harry. Dumbledore would've taken us or somebody else eventually. You managed to rescue us very quickly and for that I am grateful." Harry smiled at Luna, amazed, once again, that she could be so insightful.

Snapping his fingers, Harry sent Luna a sheepish smile. "I've forgotten to tell everyone you're awake!"

Luna just woke up! Harry sent triumphantly.

Ginny's still in bad condition though. She hasn't woken up, but she's stirred every once and a while. That's good news according to Madame Pomfrey.

Expressions of joy filled the heads of everyone in the group and those that could, rushed to the room. Tears and hugs were abundant, and Harry relinquished his place so that others could greet Luna.

Draco made his way to Harry, who was staring out the window. His arms wrapped around Harry's slim waist as he peppered kisses along his neck.

"You did it baby." Draco whispered in-between kisses. "She's alright; and Ginny is making progress. Our family is together again." Harry turned and buried his face into Draco's neck, trembling ever so slightly.

"She's safe." Harry whispered. "And I will do everything in my power to keep it that way." He continued harshly. Dumbledore would pay for hurting his family. Of this, Harry was certain.

After everyone had greeted Luna, they all sat in a circle to plot. They needed a way to get to the mainstream media; the Quibbler wasn't taken seriously enough to be the only way the news was spread.

"What if we had Rita Skeeter 'investigate' the story and let us know before it printed, that way both the Quibbler and the Daily Prophet printed the same story at the same time." Luna suggested quietly. They all agreed and Luna said she would talk to her father as soon as possible.

As everyone was getting ready to leave for classes, Draco paused and looked back. "I don't think Luna should come back to classes just yet. It would make Dumbledore instantly suspicious of us and we don't need that right now." He said.

As much as everyone disliked the fact Luna would have to be out of their sight, and therefore protection, they saw the merit in Draco's idea and went along with it.

Classes passed uneventfully, and after dinner everyone made their way back to the room; this time including the teachers. Ginny looked much more healthy with the color coming back to her cheeks; and Luna was walking around, trying to work the stiffness out of her limbs.

"How was it?" Luna asked softly. "Uneventful." Hermione said, sitting on a couch with a heavy sigh. "Dumblefuck was watching us the entire day though. I think he's really suspicious of us now." Draco said in a voice laced with annoyance.

Unfortunately, that can't be helped. The voice of Lord Voldemort filtered down their links. Lucius did make some progress on the Dumbledore files though. Apparently he and Grindelwald were performing experiments on young wizards in an attempt to further their goal; in doing so, they inadvertently created people with multiple personality disorder.

The entire group looked at each other with horror and dawning realization on their faces. Harry and Hermione looked at each other, smiling grimly as they realized they were on the same page.

One of those people wouldn't happen to be you, would it? Hermione asked Lord Voldemort. By the tone of her question, you could tell she thought she already knew the answer.

Yes it was. Apparently when Dumbledore forced me to make my horcruxes, he essentially created seven split personalities. The personality most in control before Harry defeated me was the stark-raving lunatic version of Tom Riddle. Harry destroyed the 17 year old Tom Riddle and Dumbledore has destroyed five others. Harry himself is my last horcrux; which I figured out about half an hour ago.

Harry frowned thoughtfully. That's why my scar has always hurt when you were near and I kept having those visions. Lord Voldemort nodded.

Lucky for me, and the rest of the world, I came back much more sane than my previous self, which is useful for achieving our joint goals.

Severus drummed his fingers along the arm of the couch, lost in though. Is there any way you can find proof of Dumbledore doing this to people other than yourself? There have to be records somewhere right?

Everyone paused, as they thought about where the files would be hidden. Well the boxes Lucius found are a good start, they may be mentioned there. What about asking Grindelwald, he's still alive; and probably very bitter about the fact his once partner betraying him. Harry suggested.

I'll have someone look into it. Lord Voldemort promised before shutting down his connection to them. The room descended into a thoughtful silence, it was a lot to digest. Dumbledore was basically responsible for the reign of terror Grindelwald created and Lord Voldemort at his most terrifying.

Hogwarts: Headmaster's Office

Dumbledore was plotting. This in of itself was nothing new; he was often coming up with one plot or another in his attempt to further his very subtle and behind the scenes domination of the world. This time however, he was plotting to get one Harry Potter back under his control.

In his opinion, Harry had been allowed to run unchecked for too long, never-mind the fact that Dumbledore was the original person to give the boy such a long leash.

"He must be stopped Fawkes. But how to do so is the question." Dumbledore thought aloud. He often did this, so that he could work out his plans. Unknowing to Dumbledore, Fawkes had just about had it. Phoenixes were the epitome of all that is good in the world; not necessarily the Light, but what was fair and just. What Dumbledore was planning was most definitely not Light, fair, or just.

"Some kind of potion in his drink must be used." Dumbledore continued to muse, unaware that his once familiar was fed up with his machinations. "I have to see if Severus would be willing to brew me something, even if he didn't know what it was for. It would need to be some kind of binding potion, so that he would come under my wing quietly and not arouse suspicion. I have to see how much the brat knows, I may need to lock away his memories…" As Dumbledore trailed off into thoughtful silence; Fawkes flamed out of the room. Dumbledore paid no heed to his once-familiar, so caught up in his plans. A detail he would soon be kicking himself for missing.

Hogwarts: Room of Requirement

The entire group jumped in shocked surprise when Fawkes appeared in a burst of flame. He immediately flew over to Harry and the group watched in awe as a golden glow surrounded the two.

:Hello Harry Potter.:The magnificent bird said, bobbing his head in respect. :I'm afraid I have some very grave news. Dumbledore is plotting to get you under control through the use of a very ancient, very outlawed potion.:

Harry relayed the information to the rest of the group, smirking at their slack-jawed shock. "Why tell me this Fawkes, I thought you were Dumbledore's familiar?" Harry asked the phoenix in English.

:I represent all that is fair, and just; not the Light like most people assume. What the Pretender has been plotting is neither of those things. So I am choosing to aid you Harry Potter so that balance may be restored. I cannot bond with you fully, because Dumbledore speaks freely in front of me, and that is a useful thing. However, I can give you the ability to speak in my tongue.:

Harry had just told the group what Fawkes had said, when the golden aura surrounding Fawkes began to glow brighter, until everyone had to cover their eyes. There was a loud crack, and suddenly the glow disappeared.

:When the time is right. I will bond to you young Harry. Until then, I will tell you everything Dumbledore mentions in front of me.:

:Thanks Fawkes.: Harry replied, startled by the trilling noises that he produced.

When Fawkes had flamed from the room, Harry turned to the others and grinned. They had Dumbledore now. All they had to do was make the manipulative bastard pay. They were going to beat him at his own game