Author's Note: Hey there! So this is a series of...drabbles? Oneshots? Drabble-shots? Note sure of the correct terminology here...anyway...from the tributes of the 74th Hunger Games' point of view, telling their opinions of Katniss. Doesn't sound great, I know, but worth a shot, right? Enjoy!

District One: Marvel Hoff

District Twelve didn't bother me too much.

Sure, sure, they were the tributes on fire. That got them sponsors, but hardly anything else. Fancy costumes don't matter when killing is concerned. District Twelve seemed like the worst of the worst; I, being from District One, was quite certain I was the best of the best.

Katniss Everdeen got the highest training score. Big whup. If anything, that was bad for her. Told us she was a threat, to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Plenty of high-scoring tributes don't make it past the first day.

And the whole doomed love thing is utterly pathetic. It won't give them anything when they're facing the piercing point of my spear, breathing their last terrified breath.

Katniss meant nothing. I was going to win this.

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