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Across the field you see the sky ripped open
See the rain through a gaping wound
Pounding on the women and children
Who run
Into the arms
Of America

He was flying. Remus Lupin was holding on to some sort of oval shaped sports ball and he was flying. Below him, a battle raged. He could see flashes of green light and hear the anguished cries of the combatants. He tightened his left hand around the source of his flight and tightened his right hand's grip on what he valued most. In that hand was the hand of his wife, who clutched their infant son tightly as they both soared above the conflict. They flew out over the sea and he heard someone calling his name, he looked down at Dora, but she had not said a word. The call got louder and louder. It was a male's voice, one he had never heard before. "Remus Lupin! Leave here, Remus Lupin! Save your family!"
Remus's eyes flew open and he sat up. He looked around the room trying to find the source of the voice, but there was no one around. No one other than his wife, who rolled over in her sleep and muttered something incomprehensible. He debated waking her up, but decided that there was no reason to do so, especially when sleep was so precious. He picked his wand up from the bedside table and stood up. "Lumos," he whispered causing the wand's tip to glow a bright blue. He checked under the bed and in the closet, he checked Teddy's room and the bathroom, he checked every room downstairs and even checked the garden. There was no one there. Not even a trace. It had to have just been a dream.
Yet, there it was. As he walked back into the house, he noticed something on the table. Something that he had not paid any attention to before, used to things piling up on the table in the entry way. However, this was very out of the ordinary. It was an oval-shaped, brown leather sports ball. It had laces up part of one side and a white stripe close to the point of each end. He thought about where he had seen something like this before. Then he remembered, it was a Muggle sport that was played in the United States. It troubled him because he not only knew that they owned no such ball, but that was not the part that troubled him the most. No, what troubled him the most was that he was absolutely sure that there was no such item on the table before he went to bed. Propped up beside the ball was a folded piece of parchment that read Lupin
He picked up the note and read:

Evidence has lead us to the conclusion that wizarding Britain is on the brink of war. At some point within the coming weeks, Voldemort will move his army into an all-out attack. We know that you have promised the Order of the Phoenix that you will fight back alongside them, but we have provided this in the event that you would like to see your wife and son to safety. This football is a portkey that will transport Nymphadora and Ted safely to Newfoundland where a group of trained witches and wizards, in alliance with the American Magical Peace Society, will bring them to a secure location for the duration of the war. From there, they will be free to return or stay depending on the outcome of the war. You are also permitted to join them, should you choose to do so. Please, take this very seriously. Evil is coming very soon and there is no time to delay.
The portkey departs at 4 a.m..
- Juliet Trent, Professor of Transfiguration- Arkansas Magical Academy

Remus looked suspiciously at the note. It had to be a trap. There was no way that someone could have gotten into his house and planted a portkey. It was too convenient. Further more, who (other than Voldemort's most faithful) would know when he was planning to attack. The Order would be the most informed in Britain. Yet, Remus could not help but hope that this could be a way out for his wife and son. He had barely slept in the past few months in fear that a Death Eater would break down the door and kill them where they lay. This dream had taken precedence over the one where he transformed into a werewolf and mauled them both as they screamed out in fear; which is saying something, because he had been having that dream since he learned of Dora's pregnancy almost ten months ago.
Something shook him from his thoughts. A scratching sound. He looked over and saw a gigantic owl at the window. It was moving its large talon against the glass and Remus noted the letter tied to its leg. He sat the note down by the football and went to open the window. The large, brown owl stepped inside and allowed the letter to be removed, but showed no intention of moving.
He tore open the envelope and read the letter inside:

I know that by now, you've probably found the portkey. Listen, you have to trust us. I've been working undercover in surveillance for the past 4 years. Voldemort is ready to move now and there don't need to be any foolish casualties. You know what it was like in the first war and you know that there is potential for this to be far worse. For the love of God, get the hell out of the country. Take your wife and take your son. There's no reason for you to be here and I'll gladly fight in your place. I know that you don't want to get your hopes up and have them crushed down. I know that you suspect that this is all a ploy to get you into a trap, but I swear on my life that it isn't. Remus Lupin, you've never met me and I've never met you, but I would give my life if you would get your family and grab that portkey. There's no sense in dying when you've got a way out. There's no call for making any more orphans in this world. God knows, we've got enough as it is.
I hope that I meet you one day. I hope you heed my advice and get out of here. Please, please get out of Britain. You'll be safe with the portkey. I swear. An American auror will meet you there. His name is Cyprian Howse. I'd trust him with my life. Please, please, trust him with yours.
- Ian Washington

Remus read over the letter twice. He just could not believe that it would be this easy. There had to be some catch. This had to be a trap.
He gathered both letters and went upstairs to show them to his wife. Maybe she could make something of this.
Remus walked over to her side of the bed and gently shook her, "Dora."
She tried to roll over and mumbled, "'S too early, Remus."
"No, Dora, you need to see this. I need to know what you think."
"What I think of what?" she asked, resigned to the fact that he was not letting her go.
"These," he held the letters out to her. She lit a candle and read over them slowly. He watched her read and tried to gauge her opinion based on her facial expression. Unfortunately, his read was made difficult by the fact that she kept a un-Tonks-like stoic face as she read. Once finished, she looked up.
"So, what do you make of them?" he asked.
"I know Ian," she said, "He did some training with us. Specialized stuff that they didn't do much in the States. Stuff we started doing in response to the last war. He came to study it because he was part of a special force or something. They were trained to defend in the event that You-Know-Who attacked the U.S. the next time."
"So, what do you think?" he reworded.
"If it really is Ian, there's no reason not to believe him. He mentioned something about doing some underground work. Spying and that sort of thing," she breathed deeply, "We just need to be sure that it really is Ian."
"The owl's still downstairs. We could send him a security question," Remus offered. Tonks nodded and they went downstairs to the awaiting owl. She looked at the bird.
"That's what all the Americans used when they were working with us. Great Horned Owl. Said they could fly further and faster. Stood out a lot more, though. You'd think that being undercover they'd use something moreā€¦native," she mused. He nodded and handed her a sheet of parchment and a quill. For a moment she thought, before writing something down and reattaching it to the leg of the owl.
Then they waited.
They read over the notes, but mostly they took turns staring at the football and out the window. Then the owl swooped back down to the window ledge and, before it could begin knocking, Dora threw the window open and allowed the bird entry. She took the response from the great bird's leg and smiled, "It's him. Remus, it's him."
He took the parchment from her and read:

Ian, you understand that with the world in the state it's in, we can't just go and accept everything we read. I need to know if it's really you sending this. Only the people who were there would know this, but what did I trip over on the first day your team joined us at training?

Tonks! I thought I recognized that name! I mean, there surely can't be too many Nymphadoras running around in the world, can there? Of course, I understand your skepticism. If I recall, on the first day of our training, you tripped over my owl's cage, a table in the mess hall (the captain's table, if I'm not mistaken), and the shoelaces on your completely ridiculous orange combat boots.
In that order.
Please, Tonks, I'm begging you, take your husband and son and get out of the country before it all goes ape-shit. The auror waiting in Newfoundland is a younger guy, but he's good, I promise. He'll get you where you need to be and he'll get you there safely.
I hope that the next time we talk it's on more pleasant terms. I hope to see you once this whole mess is worked out. Keep safe and keep your family safe.

"So," he began, "We're going?"
"If Ian thinks that we need to leave, then we should leave," she said with a tone of finality, "You go get dressed and throw a few things into a bag or something. I'll send a response to Ian and then get myself and Teddy ready."
He nodded briskly and moved upstairs.
She scribbled at the bottom of the parchment:

We're going.

She tied the note to the owl and watched it fly away before she ran upstairs to get herself and Teddy ready.

At 3:57, the three Lupins stood around the football. Tonks held Teddy closely and Remus held the suitcase they had thrown together. They both had their wands close by in the event of an ambush.
Remus turned to his family and said, "If something happens when we touch that portkey-"
"That's the point of a portkey, Remus," she stated, trying to break the seriousness a bit.
He refused to let the solemn ambiance leave, "Dora, if something happens to us, I want you to take Ted and run. Don't worry about me. I just want the two of you safe. I love you both so much."
He took them into his arms and pressed a soft kiss to the top of his son's head then dropped a loving kiss on his wife's lips.
"I love you, too, Remus. If something happens on the other side of this portkey, I can die happy knowing that I died loved by you," she pressed a kiss to his lips, "and by Teddy," she pressed a kiss to the side of the baby's head.
He looked at the clock and then back at his wife, "Are you ready?"
"No," she said, "but I reckon that this is as close as I'll ever be."
He nodded shortly, then picked up the suitcase. She put her hand on the football, then he put his hand beside hers, little fingers crossed. A violent tug behind their navels let them know that the portkey had worked.
When the world stopped turning, they were in near complete darkness. All they could make out were the tips of wands pointed at them from all directions.

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