I didn't decide yet, but probably it will be sort of AU for season 3.

Buffy got a lot more from hers and Angel's one night together than she thought.


When Xander came back, Buffy was curled in a ball protecting her swollen belly on the floor of the mansion. She was sobbing and her body shook violently with the force of her despair. At that moment, he knew what she had done.

Xander lifted her in his arms to get her to Giles' car. He drove to the nearest hospital so she and the baby could be checked. She didn't say a word to either of them and seemed lost in her own misery. Almost everyone was now standing in the emergency waiting room, but they had no news about Buffy and the baby. Giles had called Mrs. Summers and she was about to arrive.

- How is Buffy?
- Joyce. Uh… please sit down.

Joyce Summers had one companion feeling lately. Fear. Fear for daughter safety. After discovering everything about Buffy's secret life she became a lot more protective of her daughter and had many arguments with her so she'd leave this life behind. They could move again to another city and she even suggested to Buffy she could get rid of the baby, which ensued the worst argument between them. She was told the father of the baby was a vampire. Of course, she didn't believe it and accused Buffy of lying to her because the father probably didn't want anything to do with his pregnant girlfriend. Buffy said it was her house and she could kick her out, but she would not let anything or anyone hurt her baby. After it, Buffy went to live with Giles, while Joyce closed her mind to everything else… … for a while. Then, Angel appeared, Spike appeared, she saw one of them being killed. She'd never forget the face of the beast… or the small bump in her daughter once flat abdomen.

- Buffy had… to save the world. She fought Angelus. It seems she succeed, but at a great price for her. She had to… to send him to hell I believe. She is inside, but we don't know anything yet.

Joyce remembered Angel… or Angelus. She had first met him as a student tutoring Buffy and he seemed a fine young man, old to be her daughter boyfriend, but still a fine young man. She would see him again months later and she didn't like the young man that second time. Maybe her subconscious recognized the man was not the same she met previously… but she would never expect him to be a vampire. He was the one to tell her Buffy was pregnant.

- Good! It is the place the bastard should be!


Buffy was sleeping in her bed. Dreaming.

- Hi. Love.

It was Angel… dressed in white. The color suited him as much as the black look. He was outside her window, while Buffy sat in her bed dressed only in a white gown, her swollen belly evident.

- You came.
- Of course. I have to see both of you.
- You'll never leave us, will you?
- No. Never. You and my son are the most wonderful thing in my… well… death.
- Why can't you come in? Come in. Don't you want to touch me and feel your son?
- Yes. I want. That is the thing I want the most. But I can't.
- I have to find a way to get you back.
- It can't be done.
- Yes. I know it can.

Suddenly, Angel was transparent and then disappeared. Buffy woke up.


- What are you looking, sister?
- This can't be. We lost both champions. Why The Powers don't do anything so she can use her key?
- It's not their or our concern. If she wants him back she will have to find out about the key and use it. I can't negate they are soulmate and champions. A rather rare combination. They were destined to find each other, destined to be. Because of the love she holds for him the key will work. Together they are powerful, but there will always be champions. Besides, her son will be the greatest of them and as long as he survive the balance will be right.
- That is it, brother. He has to survive. The Chosen One is broken. The baby will need her to survive and she needs the Dark Light Warrior to live. Something has to be done or the balance will shift forever. We know that she has to use the key of her own accord and when the time comes he will be human. The baby will need protection every day and she alone won't be able to do it.
- Yes, but we can't interfere.

The male Oracle left.

- Yes, brother. We can't interfere directly, but nobody said anything about clues.