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Angel woke up when the first signs of the sun raising appeared. He tightened his grip on Buffy and smiled when she snuggled against him. Angel was glad that they could have their morning after even if it was because Jenny ensured that his soul would not go anywhere… with her life.

After the memories of killing Jenny had come back, he just brooded. He did not eat or talk to anyone. Buffy had been worried sick he would do something stupid again. He had unintentionally heard Willow tell Buffy that he would not do anything because he loved her. Buffy had told her she was afraid he would eventually leave because of their disability to be a couple. That was when Willow surprised Buffy by telling her that Jenny had altered the curse so no happiness clause existed. She had also made sure the soul could not be taken by any other way.

Angel stared adoringly at Buffy, while she slept. After sometime, she snuggled against him again and slowly opened her eyes.

"Hey. Happy birthday."


"You look beautiful."

Buffy straightened her eyes and ran her hand over her hair.

"Oh Gosh! Not good! No good at all."

Angel gave Buffy a silly smile when she looked at him.

"You are a liar, a beautiful liar, but a liar nonetheless."

"You are beautiful."


She made a face and leaned over his chest again.

"It's good you know. Wake up in the arms of my creature of the night boyfriend."

"Yeah. I… I know the feeling."

They stayed there for a while basking in each other arms.

"Can you stay here today?"

"Angel, I have school and…"

"You told me that you trained on stones with Giles yesterday. Then, when you went to lift something in his office, you realized you couldn't. That was too sudden. I know Giles is researching it, but I am worried. Kakistos is still at large. I know he can't come for you during the day, but other demons can strike and you can't defend yourself."

"I know. I want to stay here too, but I have to talk to Giles. I'll go there see if he found something and come back here. Mom can write a letter telling I am sick or something later."

Angel didn't like it, but he didn't have a phone in the mansion. He had decided to move back to the place because it didn't feel right to be in Buffy's house after everything he had done. He needed to change the place to be friendlier to his wife. He had given Buffy another Claddagh the night before, which was for him a renewal of his vows made a long night ago when he had made her his.

"Ok. You go and come back. Just… just take care."


Connor woke up with a bad feeling and that was never a good thing. He was worried. He took Willow to school, but didn't see his mother there. He knew she had lost her powers the morning before and nobody knew why. Giles, her watcher, was researching, but didn't find anything.

He was driving back home from UC Sunnydale when he saw his mother in the other side of the street. He was going to call her when a car coming from the opposite direction stopped in front of Buffy. Next thing he knew was the car leaving… and his mother nowhere to be found.


Giles was tired. He did not sleep the night before worried about Buffy's safety. He knew that she was protected at night by Angel. However, during the day she was an easy target to any demon who decided to attack besides the Watcher council, which had a team ready to catch her so she could be taken to her Cruciamentum.

He was waiting for her to appear when an out of breath Steven burst through the library door.

"Giles! It's my m… It's Buffy. She was taken."


"I was driving and saw it. She was walking and some van stopped in front of her. It blocked my view, but when it moved again, she was not there."

Giles paled. The Council team.


Angel woke up with his stomach churning violently. He turned to the window to see the sun up. It was ten in the morning and Buffy wasn't back yet, which got him worried. She wouldn't be away that long and something was telling him that she was in danger.

He put on a black shirt and went into the main room of the mansion. He started passing back and forth, cursing his existence for he could not go out to help Buffy. He knew something had happened to her and in his agony, he picked a vase and threw it at the wall.

He sat down in the couch and flickered his eyes towards the curtain. The sun was up and he could not do anything. He could feet it blazing in all of his glory outside, while he was a caged animal. He was trying to decide what to do when he finally heard the sound of a heartbeat and a car stopping outside.


Steven had come to fetch Angel as Giles ordered. The Watcher had been agitated to say the last and it was clear the man knew something. Giles had asked him to get Angel and bring him to his house.

Now he was outside his father's house. He had wanted to see him since the day before, but he didn't want it to happen in such a situation. He breathed hard and headed to the house when he heard a growl and the sound of something breaking. It seemed that his father already knew something was wrong with Buffy.

He had to smile at that. His parents didn't know their souls were the stuff of wonder in The Powers helm because of their importance to the worlds, but also because the souls were linked to mortal enemies, a 250 years old vampire and a slayer.

He was taken out of his thoughts when his father opened the door. He realized the relief his father might have felt because he thought it was Buffy coming back was short lived when he opened the door to see Steven in the car.

The disappointed look in his face showed Steven that he was sure. His father knew something was wrong. Angel retreated to the house and Steven got in.

"Steven, what… what are you doing here? Where is Buffy?"

"Fa… Angel. She was taken."

Steven didn't feel disappointed. His father immediately vamped out and threw another vase in the wall.

"Angel. She was taken from the street some time ago. I was going back home and I saw it. I went to Giles and he told me to get you. He went home."


Angel had gone to Giles house with Steven, who stopped his car close enough to the door so he could get in the house without burning up… too much. Steven opened the door and Angel came running to the house while covered with a heavy plastic material. He found Giles sat in the couch.

"Angel. I am happy you came. We may need you if what I think is coming to pass."

"You… Do you know what is happening, don't you?"

"Yes. It is called Cruciamentum."

Angel knew what the world mean. He was old enough to know that vampire slayers were stripped of their powers in their eighteenth anniversary. Then, they fought some vamp. He also knew that many of them died during the brutal test.

"That means…"

Angel moved so fast that before he realized it, Giles had a furious vampire baring his fangs for him to see.

"You betrayed Buffy!"


AN: Angel is really not a happy fellow when people attack Buffy in any way. Well, he will be pissed off a lot more. The Council will also know of his presence in Buffy's life. That will start his own arc in this fic. Yep… Angel will have his own life and grow out of it. I just want to prove that he could be his own persona even living in Sunnydale.