Puppy Lust… Big Dog Sex


Kagome decided to stay at her best friend's house for the night… well you're just going to have to read to find out what happens next.

Chapter 1:

Kagome drove down the street in her forest green Jeep Wrangler. The roof was off, the wind was blowing through her waist length black hair and it was hot! Her hands griped the steering wheal as she swerved through traffic to angry to care about the screaming drivers behind her. Her eyes were tight as she glanced from the rear view mirror to each of the side mirrors and to the front as her eyebrows twitched. Never had she been so angry in her life, and it was all because of her stupid mother. Damn that woman for forcing her into this, for god's sake she was only 17 she wasn't even legal yet! Kagome hissed as she accidentally hit the curb while turning a corner. Taking deep breaths she tried to calm down as she pulled up to the gates of her best friend's house. Rolling down the window she stuck her head out so the guard could see her face.

"Hello Miss. Kagome! How are you doing today?" the guard was Shoji one of the regulars and a friend of Kagome's when he wasn't working.

"Considering how my day has gone so far I could definitely be better… but don't let me ruin your day, just let me in so I can go bother Sesshomeru." She gave him a tight lipped smile, which was the best she could manage, and drove through the tall metal gates. Driving around the giant water fountain Kagome waited to stop until she pulled up to the stone steps of the front porch. Stepping out of the car she gave her keys to the vale before pulling her faded jean mini skirt down slightly and pulling her loose white happy bunny shirt out to give herself some ventilation. Sighing she began the short trek up the steps and through the front door which a foot man held open for her. Kagome's brown leather cowboy boots softly thumped on the marble floor (if you have seen the music video for Tic-tok by Ke$ha then you will have an idea of what Kagome's outfit looks like). Walking to the left side of the foyer she took the stairs three at a time before turning left at the top and swiftly moving towards a large oak door at the end of the hall. Stopping in front of it she took two more deep breaths before reaching for the large brass knocker and bringing it down. Before she could get a second knock in the door swung inward and she was pulled into warm strong arms.

"Kagome why did Shoji tell me you were in such a bad mood you couldn't even smile at him?" Kagome relaxed as she recognized the deep majestic voice.

"Sesshomeru you scared me… I thought you were one of your enemies come to kidnap me and hold me for ransom for some unreasonably large sum of money! You really should warn a girl before you decide to jump her bones." Kagome giggled as she was turned around to face Sesshomeru, she flung her arms around him and buried her face in between his neck and shoulder.

"You still haven't answered my question Kagome… what's wrong?" Sesshomeru gently pried her off his shoulder only to see tears running down her face. Sniffling she looked away from his wide eyes and scowled at the linoleum floor instead.

"It's my mom… she went and decided to… oh Sesshomeru she decided to set up and arranged marriage for me! She said I was too indecisive and all the previous boyfriends I brought home weren't even close to meeting the family's expectations so she decided to take things into her own hands and set me up with someone… I don't even know who it is!" Kagome launched herself into Sesshomeru's chest and wailed, Sesshomeru just stood there and held her stroking her hair and whispering comforting words into her ear.

"Kagome…" Sesshomeru chose his next words carefully, "out of all your guy friends who do you think is the most suitable to be your husband?" slowly her sobbing stopped and she looked up into Sesshomeru's face.

"What? Why does that matter?" Sesshomeru wouldn't meet her eyes.

"Just answer the question."

"Well it definitely wouldn't be Miroku; he's too much of a pervert… besides he's totally in love with Sango. Koga doesn't know the meaning of restraint when it comes to controlling a relationship, besides he and Ayame are great together. Inuyasha doesn't know the meaning of control period and he's in love with Kikyo. I love Shippo but he's a little too immature and I know Rin has a crush on him. All the Kotsu's with the exception of Bank are way too crazy… and then there's you." But Kagome looked down as her face got red and she started to fidget.

Seeing this Sesshomeru internally smirked while keeping his outside appearance level. "What about me Kagome?"

"Well your kind, caring… even if you don't always show it, you're strong and dependable. I know I can always count on you for anything… and you're my best friend." Suddenly Kagome seamed to find her feet very interesting and seeing as she was already two heads shorter than Sesshomeru's six feet four inches it made her seam even shorter.

Now Sesshomeru was curious, removing his hands from her shoulders he slipped them into his pockets before leaning down so they were face to face with each other. "Kagome are you telling me that out of all the guy's you know I would be the best candidate to be your future husband?" Kagome's cheeks went from the color of a peach to the darkness of a tomato in the time span of about .59 seconds.

"NO that's not what I meant… not that I'm saying you're not qualified to… what I mean is" Kagome's ramblings continued and Sesshomeru's smirk grew wider.

"So what your saying is that if you had the choice you would marry me?" suddenly it felt as if Sesshomeru was everywhere and Kagome began to back away from him.

"I didn't mean that either! I think… what I meant was…" it was getting harder and harder for her to think and with every step she took back he took one towards her. Before she knew it her back had hit a wall and Sesshomeru's hands were on either side of her preventing her escape. "Um… Sesshomeru, what are you doing?" she asked as his face seamed to get closer and closer and her breath seemed to come in short gasps.

"Relax Kagome I'm just testing a theory." With that his mouth gently touched hers in the most fleeting of kisses, but just as soon as it came it was gone and he was looking her in the eye again. Without thinking Kagome reached out to pull him back and again their lips pressed together but this time was different. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and slipped one hand into his long silver tresses as he tilted her chin for better access to her full mouth. Fire seamed to ignite every where he touched her and as their kisses became more frantic Kagome was pushed against the wall. All too soon they had to pull apart for air but Sesshomeru was relentless and covered her neck with little nips and licks while Kagome could do nothing but hold on.

The distant sound of beeping broke through the passionate fog they had closed themselves off in. Sesshomeru paused in his menstruation's but he refused to take his mouth off her skin for even a second. Both were coming down from their highs as they realized the beeping was actually his phone… on his mahogany desk… twelve feet away. Gasping Kagome was the first to speak.

"You should probably get that, it might be important." Sesshomeru chuckled.

"Nothing is more important than this." Kagome gasped as his hands began to roam her front and giggled as his fingers brushed her sides but both froze when they heard the voice coming out of the answering machine.

"Sesshomeru are you there? I'm looking for Kagome, she ran out after I told her she was being set up for an arranged marriage. If your there please pick up! I never told her she was marr-" the message cut off. At hearing her moms voice Sesshomeru had placed Kagome on the ground and was about to pick up the phone when it cut off. Now he turned around to finish what he started only to find that Kagome was gone and the door was open.

"I hope she doesn't think she can get away from me that easily… not after I'm finally about to catch her for the first time." Picking up the phone Sesshomeru made an announcement to all the servants not to let Kagome leave the premise. "Just wait little minx, I'll find you, and I'll have you."