Chapter 2-

Huffing Kagome ran through the hallway from Sesshomeru's study and down the stairs. At the front door a butler was waiting but as she got to him he stepped in her way. "What are you doing? I need to leave now."

"I apologize Miss Kagome but master Sesshomeru has asked that we don't let you leave the premise. Please return to the study." Listening to what the butler said Kagome began to panic. Spinning around she ran for the back of the first floor where she knew she would find the kitchen and hopefully some help to get her out of there. Kagome flung the swinging doors open and bolted inside but was almost instantly pushed out again.

"No, no Miss Kagome! You can't come in here, besides Sesshomeru said you can't leave and you wouldn't want to cost any of us our jobs would you?" Kagome's friend Mikage who also worked as a chef for Sesshomaru. With a mischievous smile Mikage pushed her out of the kitchen and back into the hall way. Desperately looking around Kagome tried to think of another way to get out without being detected since she now knew even her friends wouldn't help her escape.

The only place she knew of was off the balcony of Sesshomaru's room but she didn't want to risk going into his private quarters… where he would most likely be… with a bed in the same room. Unfortunately she also knew that was the only way she would be able to leave undetected. Sighing she made her way back to the marble staircase and silently slipped up the steps. Her shoes made soft thumping sounds as she moved as quietly and as quickly as she could without being detected. She began to get nervous the closer she got to Sesshomaru's room. As soon as she reached the door Kagome pressed her ear to it and listened for a couple of minutes before quietly pushing it open. Taking a quick look around she assessed that Sesshomaru was not in the room and before he arrived or she found otherwise she decided to make a mad dash for the balcony. Before she could make it four feet her foot caught on the white shag rug and she face planted into the soft fabric.

In shock she stayed frozen waiting for a deep chuckle or laugh before feeling warm hands along her sides… but the feeling never came. Slowly Kagome pushed herself off the rug and took another look around. Legs shaking slightly she made another bolt for the balcony. Clutching the railing she looked for the thick vine that she had always used to get into Sesshomeru's room when she needed to get away from her mother. Spotting the vine less than a foot away she slipped her boots off and dropped them to the ground below before she grabbed the vine with both hands before swinging her legs over the railing and gently lowering herself to the ground. Before she could reach the bottom her hands slipped on oil released from the vine.

Gasping Kagome gripped the vine till her knuckles turned white. Breathing deeply she slightly relaxed her grip so she could continue to slowly inch her way to the ground, almost gasping in relief when her feet touched the silky softness of the green grass below. Realizing that she shouldn't be wasting her time on that now she rushed to where she dropped her boots… but they weren't there. Spinning in a circle she looked for all the places where they could possibly have landed before she froze finally realizing what was wrong, he was there. She stayed frozen for a few more seconds until she forced her legs to move, pushing them to be as fast as possible for a human. She ran to where she knew there was a hole in the wall, she had used it many times before coming to visit Sesshomaru and she was hoping against all hope that it would be her savior now.

Reaching the wall she pushed all the greenery that was in her way aside... that couldn't be right… there was no hole! The pounding in her heart got faster and faster as she realized she was trapped, there was no escaping this man, no getting away from his warm hands and hot breath and soft skin and silky hair and golden eyes and… he was there.

Large hands slid up her legs and around her waist as he pulled her to him, her back to his chest. Again she could feel the fire his touch ignited as his hands moved under her shirt and roamed the flat plains of her stomach before coming up to fondle her breasts. She felt his hot breath along her neck as he trailed soft kisses from the base to her jaw. Unknowingly Kagome turned her head towards him and he captured her mouth with his again.

Moaning into his mouth at the feel of his soft lips against her own Kagome didn't even realize when he turned her around or when she unconsciously jumped to wrap her legs around his waist. She did notice, however, when she was crushed between the concrete wall and his hard body. Willing herself to take her mouth back she spoke.

"Sesshomaru we can't! Not here at least." All Kagome received was a growl as his mouth took possession of one of her hardened nipples. Kagome gasped as she felt his wet tongue penetrate her shirt and bra. He bit down on the pert tip and let a pleased growl vibrate through his chest as Kagome voiced her pleasure. Before she knew it her shorts and panties were gone and Sesshomaru's pants and boxers were down by his ankles. With no warning griped her ass with one hand and his throbbing member in the other before thrusting into her hard.

Kagome gasped at the mere size of him but he gave her no time to adjust. He pounded into her relentlessly reveling in the feel of her and the sounds she made as he pleasured them both.

Kagome was trying to get a grip on anything, she grabbed at his shoulders and clawed for purchase on the wall supporting her as a tremendous orgasm hit her full force. But again he gave her no time to recover for she could already feel the second one building.

"Sess… Sesshomaru!" she screamed as another orgasm tore through her and she could feel his hot seed shooting jets inside. Breathing heavily Sesshomaru leaned against her resting his forehead against her own. Gently he pulled out of her as he set her down smiling at her groan of protest. Pulling his pants up he helped her find her own before lifting her into his arms again and jumping to the balcony outside of his room. Walking inside he laid both of them on the bed holding Kagome close as if to prove to himself everything that had just happened was real.

"Sesshomaru I have a confession to make… I found my mom's plans for me when I was looking for her address book." Kagome looked up at him worry on her face. "I knew I was going to marry you from the beginning I just didn't know if you knew and I was too afraid to ask so I decided to find out how you felt about me." Kagome tried to look away but Sesshomaru forced her to look at him again.

"Kagome… I also have a confession to make. I have been in love with you ever since I met you. I was just too afraid you would reject me so I set up this whole marriage thing so that no matter what I would get to be with you." Lowering his head his lips pressed softly against hers. He expected her to kiss him back but he didn't expect her to flip them over so that she was on top.

"Ho w could you even think that I would reject you? Sesshomaru I was in love with you before you even met me! I should hit you for even considering that I might reject you! I can't believe-" Sesshomaru cut her off before she could go any further, crushing them together and flipping them over again before releasing her again.

"Well than I suppose it's a good thing we were so in lust with each other when we first met."

"You were in lust puppy, I was in love."

"Who are you calling a puppy! I'm a big dog!"

"I know, it shows in the sex." Sesshomaru growled before covering her mouth in another kiss.