A Dark Future

. Prologue:

When Hitsugaya, Hinamori, and Matsumoto are sent on a mission

in the World of the Living, the Senkaimon is struck by lightning and transports

them ten years into the future. Now they must face a new threat while trying

to find their way back home.

Disclaimer I do not own Bleach:

MATSUMOTO! Someone shouted.

Hitsugaya Toushirou, Captain of the Tenth Squad was on the verge of freezing his lieutenant; the strawberry blonde women had caused them to be late as she had disappeared from the area completely.

They were being sent on a mission to the World of the Living and should have met Lieutenant Hinamori fifteen minutes ago.

After searching through the barracks, Hitsugaya dashed through a few districts of Rukongai until he came upon a cosmetic store. Seeing a head of strawberry blonde hair inside, he forced his way in and stood be her, listening to her complaints as she chatted with the sales clerk.

"Mou~, Captain's always so fussy; all he does is paperwork and never has any fun."

Matusumoto Complained.

"Oh, so I'm fussy am I? Well I wouldn't be so fussy if you actually did your work sometimes! We were supposed to meet up with Hinamori fifteen minutes ago and you're in here complaining about me being fussy? Get you but in gear Matusumoto; hurry up or I'll find somebody else to be my lieutenant!" Hitsugaya roared from behind.

"No Captain please don't; I'm going, I'm going!" Matsumoto pleaded.

"Then start running; we're already late as it is and I'm not wasting anymore time here!"

Hitsugaya seethed.

With that his lazy lieutenant ran off without a second thought, and surprisingly arrived before Hitsugaya himself.

After three Hell Butterflies came to their aid, the trio passed through the gate and entered the Dangai (1) ; they ran through the passageway, heading towards a light at the end, when suddenly the light disappeared. Alarmed by the sudden change, Hitsugaya skidded to a halt and grabbed onto the hilt of Hyorinmaru in case of an attack.

Noticing his actions, the other two stopped and appeared next to the white haired boy.

"Shirou-chan, what just happened?" Hinamori questioned.

'I don't know, but be ready if it's an enemy."Hitsugaya replied to focus to correct her.

"Ah, Captain the light is back…maybe it was just a fluke." Matsumoto commented.

The boy nodded and proceeded ahead with caution until he felt that the area was free of enemies; the trio exited the tunnel but was greeted by an unfamiliar scene.


Ichigo Kurosaki and his younger sister Karin had been waiting for the three to meet up with them in the park.

"Aw man it's starting to rain. Sheesh, Toushirou isn't usually late…they better hurry up;

I'm not waiting out here if the rain gets really bad". Ichigo complained.

"Shut up Ichi-nii, Toushirou will be here. It's probably Matsumoto's fault anyway; you know how she randomly disappears, especially on shopping sprees." Karin remarked.

"Yea whatever," Ichigo grumbled, they just better get here…"

They looked up into the sky to see the doors of the Senkaimon appear but, were shocked when a horrible scene played before their eyes. A large flash of lightning crashed down upon the gate and seemed to warp it form; unable to hold it's shape, the gate disappeared from sight, worrying the Kurosaki siblings.

"What the hell, I've never seen that happen! You guys…maybe they weren't in the tunnel." Ichigo silently hoped.

"No…Toushirou…Toushirou…" Karin whispered as she tried to fight back the tears.

Unfortunately for Karin, her emotions overcame her willpower and the liquid flooded her eyes and trailed down her cheeks. Guessing his sister secretly loved Toushirou, despite her hiding it from everyone's eyes; Ichigo turned to his sister and pulled her into a caring embrace. Allowing herself to be claimed by his hug, Karin pressed her face into his chest and continued to sob.

W…W…We were only to…together…f…for a…a little while. We…were…it's not fair."

Karin thought.

"Damn, I'm going to have to tell that old man that Toushirou, Matsumoto-san and Lieutenant Hinamori are all dead. Damn and the war's coming up soon; great…just great." Ichigo calculated.