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Epilogue – Axel's Memoirs

I – Perpetual Wonder

A tiny daughter gives parents a life in a climate of perpetual wonder.
~ Pierre Doucet

Roxas' mum gave birth to his baby sister a while after the Moguri accepted the adults in their communications. The baby had a shock of jet black hair when she was born and her eyes were a brilliant blue to rival her brother's. The look on Roxas' face when he first held his baby sibling very nearly made me cry. And I don't cry. He put off visiting Lily and her baby for a week; I think he was hesitant because of how long he'd been avoiding his family. In the end he caved in because of the cajoling I put forward. I remember how cute Roxas was as a three year old and was incredibly eager to meet what I knew would be his adorable little sister. In the end we made the trip back to 'Oblivion' with another assortment of plants that the Moguri were revealing to us. They'd even gifted us with a prized seed called a Kupo-nut. This was given to us with great reverence and Roxas hoped his mother and Marluxia would be able to cultivate the plant so that we could return some to the Moguri when we went back to the planet.

Back to Roxas meeting his baby sister. We arrived and went to the hydroponics to drop off the first load of carefully packed and insulated plants. Then I, taking Roxas' hand (You have no idea how good it was to be able to make such small fond gestures and know they were returned in kind), led my boyfriend (never going to get bored of that) to my cabin. We paused there long enough to clean off and change clothes. Using the sonic shower after so long washing with water was an odd feeling! And then we informed my parents of our new relationship status. Mum practically squeezed the air out of Roxas and dad very nearly shook his arm off. Then I was tackled by the pair of them, mum sobbing against my shoulder. We sure shuffled out swiftly after that.

I could tell that Roxas was nervous. His fingers tightened around mine, he shuffled closer to my warmth and attempted to slow our steps. I let him and we paused outside his family cabin. He was shaking slightly as I drew him into my embrace, running my fingers through his hair and whispering to him until he calmed. Whilst he was still nestled in my arms, I reached out and buzzed the intercom, letting Cloud and Lily know we were there. Cloud opened the door, his electric eyes taking in his sons' position in my arms, raised an eyebrow and then simply nodded at me, showing he recognised our new closeness. I felt slightly uncomfortable but hid it and ushered Roxas over to his father. Cloud went from seeming very calm and almost aloof to incredible gentleness and warmth. He enveloped Roxas in a bear hug and talked softly to him, coaxing small answers from the petite blond before leading the pair of us into the cabin.

The whole main room was filled with pink and white ribbons, balloons and stuffed animals. And settled in a rocking chair, moving back and forth in soothing motion was Lily, practically glowing with motherly warmth. Roxas halted momentarily before shuffling over at him mother's beckoning. He kissed her cheek and peered down at the snuffling babe in Lily's arms. The girl was very doll like, pale skin and delicate features. Her hair was a surprising colour compared to her family's blonde locks. Soon Lily and Roxas had swapped position, my boyfriend sat primly in the rocking chair, holding his sister in a manner that made it seem like she were delicate spun glass. And that was when the magic happened. The tiny child was snuffling softly in her sleep, but being passed from hand to hand woke her up. Her giant blue eyes blinked up at her brother, who held his breath waiting for tears. But instead she shifted, nestling closer to the boy, and lips parting in contended sleep. The boy's posture changed with this minute movement and his expression altered from discomfort to wonder. I smiled at Lily who was cuddled against her husband. She returned the smile and I softly stepped closer to peek down at Roxas' sleeping sister. She was a beauty and I glanced up at Lily. "Is the AGS pod working now?" I asked, quite anxious. I received a nod.

"Naminé is going to the AGS pod tomorrow, we wanted to let Roxas hold her first though. Thank you boys so much for all your hard work!" Before Roxas or I could comment on the baby's name, Lily had thrown herself at me and was clinging to my top, crying in what I assumed was gratitude for collecting the supplies needed to power the AGS pod. I awkwardly patted the little woman's back and was thankful to be rescued by Roxas who asked if I wanted to hold Naminé before we left. I nodded and ended up with a cute little bundle in my arms. She blinked at me sleepily but soon resumed her soft breathing as I rocked her, undoubtedly completely goo-goo eyed over her. I was very glad that I had convinced Roxas to come to 'Oblivion' for a little while.

II – All Fun and Games

Love is all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant. ~Jim Cole

The Moguri were delighted in the five hastily germinated Kupo-nuts that Roxas and I bought back with us to the planet. Mog took them with a tearful expression and the whole community bustled off to supposedly plant them. Roxas and I curled up at our campsite which now had a collection of hand carved chairs and tables and bowls and such-like arranged around the tent and campfire. In the very fluffy stage of our early relationship, Roxas and I went for long strolls through the woods and collected various pieces of wood that caught our eyes, pebbles from the various streams attracted Roxas' attention more often than not and we accumulated a nice collection. It was one of the Moguri who taught me how to whittle; I first made a heart out of a pink hued wood, intricately patterned with holes through it. I was rather proud of my creation and Roxas seemed pleased when I presented him with it. Since then I'd learnt to make lots of different things, ranging from the useful to the decorative. Roxas was learning to cook and also (though you must promise to not tease him about it) how to sew, embroider, weave and knit. He was in the process of making Naminé a really beautiful patchwork quilt made from material he's woven and dyed himself when Mog reappeared a few hours after we'd seen him disappear with those kupo-nuts.

Mog asked us to follow him, to take with us some supplies since we could be gone for the rest of the day. Looking at each other we both grabbed a small bag each and filled them with various items we would need and others that may come in useful. I finished packing first and quickly nipped off to let Xigbar and a few of the other crew members currently visiting the Moguri know that we were going somewhere and may not return until the next day. With that we set off, Roxas and I walking hand in hand behind Mog who refused to tell us where we were going. When we'd traversed a great deal more of the woods, going deeper than we'd ever been before, Mog halted us in front of one of the pom-pom trees. For the first time since arriving on the planet, the tree didn't repel me. I felt drawn to in, bizarrely, and when I looked down at the little blond beside me it appeared that he felt the same way. I looked down at Mog quizzically. It seemed he had something to tell us.

"These trees are very special to the Moguri. They play a part in our mating rituals, our birthing and our deaths. It is customary that a new couple spend a night beneath one such tree, it will show you if your relationship will last." The little moogle seemed to have more to say, but instead ushered us beneath the branched (which still resembled the antennae and pompoms the Moguri had sprouting from their foreheads) his parting words were, "Do not light a fire tonight, the tree will protect you. Don't eat the fruit of the tree and I will come to collect you in the morning. Good night." With that, we were left alone beneath the previously creepy branches of the weird tree. Sitting beneath the sheltering branches, on the first patchwork blanket Roxas had made, we began to talk. We chattered about all manner of things whilst working on different projects by the light that filtered through to us. Roxas was knitting some little booties for his baby sister and I was carving her a moogle with a star shaped pompom.

We discussed Naminé for a while before talk turned to how both our parents had reacted to the news that we were now a couple. My parents had been thrilled and it was quite clear to us that our relationship had been no surprise to Roxas' parents. Before we'd left, Cloud had taken me aside and quizzed me on my intentions towards his son, threatened me if I ever hurt the boy and then softened, saying he was pleased that I'd finally worked up the courage to tell the boy how I felt. I'd decided to leave out the story of our 'confession', it still irked me that it had ended up being an accidental declaration of love, but I'm not complaining. I'm just glad that it happened. As the light began to fade we munched on a cold meal of random fruits and bread with cold slices of meat and cheese. Content and full we spread out some more blankets and our sleeping bags before curling up together and resuming talking. I won't go into the gooey details, because guys aren't meant to go on talking about how happy they are and how much they love their partner. Ahem. And I believe I would spontaneously combust if I put into words what ... activities transpired as the night wore on.

So, I'll just outline the odd events which transpired as Roxas and I curled together for warmth, too lazy to scramble into our clothes in the pitch black darkness. As we whispered a few more mushy words, a handful of "I love you's" and so forth, something small, fluffy and hard fell from above us and hit Roxas' forehead. We searched around for it, using one of those emergency snap light glow sticks. We found the offending article which happened to be one of the pompom fruits from the tree. It was blue and green, the colours spiralling out from the centre. Shrugging at each other, remember Mog's words to 'not eat the fruit' we placed the thing in my bag and went to sleep. Roxas woke me in the morning and we hurried to get dressed before Mog came to take us back to the camp. We were slightly confused by his bringing us here in the first place, but I for one was very, VERY glad to have had some alone time with Roxas away from prying ears of the rest of the crew. It was amusing to find we'd both come prepared for the eventuality of...furthering our physical relationship. It was comforting for both of us to know that the other desired us as much as we desired him. Whilst waiting for the moogle, we packed our bags and ate an apple each. I was distracted momentarily by the pompom fruit and put it in my pocket as Roxas called out to Mog, waving.

Mog greeted us peculiarly, gazing at our foreheads as if trying to read our minds and looking rather upset before smiling at us knowingly, making us both feel like he knew exactly what went on the night before. As we all walked back to camp, Mog explained to us why we'd been left under that tree all night. It was the Moguri version of an engagement ceremony. Young couples spent at least half a day beneath the sheltering branches of one of the trees and were gifted with something if the tree believed that they were ready to become mates. If this happened the now engaged couple returned to their homes and their families would prepare a wedding for them. It needn't happen immediately but in the next year they would take their vows and become mates for life. Roxas looked bothered by this. "So the tree doesn't think Axel and I will make a good couple?" He asked, bottom lip pouting adorably. Mog shook his head.

"I don't know that it works for you humans, when Marluxia and Larxene tried, the tree didn't gift them either. It's not surprising really, you humans don't have one so it would never work." Roxas looked confused as Mog touched his antenna, not sure what he meant by his statement. I suddenly remembered the fruit falling from the tree and dug around in my pocket, pulling it out and holding it in the palm of my hand. It felt warm.

"Hey, Mog?" I asked, pausing as he and Roxas turned to look at me. "Last night, after Rox and I...ah...went to bed..." I curled my toes in my boots uncomfortably. "This fell and hit Roxas on the head." I held out the pompom to give to Mog when the moogle let out a shriek and did some kind of victory dance around us before faltering and looking from me to Roxas to the pompom in my hand.

"But...but, it's not attached. Oh my, what to do? It'll die!" the moogle wailed. Roxas and I exchanged a glance, my boyfriend swiftly enfolding the distressed moogle in a comforting hug until he could explain to us what was wrong.

Turns out that the tree is how the Moguri reproduce. The fruits, pompoms, fall from the tree when the Moguri couple are worthy of having a child and it attaches itself to their pompom which acts like a placenta, the antenna a kind of umbilical cord. The whole explanation was kind of lost on me since there was a phrase...well, more an incredulous question...flitting around my brain at the speed of light. It took me a long while, staring down at the inoffensive pompom before I could word my preoccupation. "WAIT!" I shouted at Mog and Roxas who were talking about how they could save the baby from fostering (which wouldn't work since the tree had given the child to us) to science. "We're PREGNANT!" I had never heard my own voice take on such a shrill tone. Mog and Roxas gazed at me for a second, glanced at each other and then Roxas came over to hug me.

"It's OK, Axel. We'll figure it out." Roxas soothed me. "I'm sure we can use something...we'll talk to my dad and the captain...If we can artificially incubate a foetus, surely we can do the same for the moogle baby." My face scrunched up as I rapidly shook my head.

"I...want us to carry it." I said quietly, holding the inoffensive pompom in my hands. Mog looked up at me, hope shining in his eyes.

"But we don't have an antenna Axel; neither of us can carry the baby." My eyes lit up in sudden realisation and one hand shot out to lift Roxas' top up to expose his flat stomach as I crouched before him. The blue and green pompom fit perfectly in the hollow of Roxas' navel and before I knew it the blond boy gasped and the pompom was stuck. My mouth fell open and I looked up at my boyfriend with wide eyes, fearing he'd been hurt. He smiled warmly down at me. "Yes, Axel, we...well...I'm pregnant." We both let out a small laugh, more shocked than anything as Mog congratulated us.

III – Angels with Only One Wing

We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other.
~ Luciano DeCrescenzo

I cannot describe how nervous I was, returning to camp and telling everyone that a, Roxas and I were getting married and b, Roxas and I were having a baby. The second after that pompom fused to Roxas, I felt more bound to him than ever before. We were going to have a baby, despite the fact that it was almost certain to be a moogle child; we were going to be parents of a child that one of us carried. How many male couples could say that? Mog told us a bit about Moguri childbirth and it was kind of like ours, and kind of like a plant. Weird, I know. So, getting down on one knee I asked Roxas to marry me and presented him with the ring I'd carved from a peculiar bit of wood (which turned out to be one of the pompom tree antennae) which was a silvery colour which glistened with golden flecks in the light. It wasn't finished, and I was actually surprised it fit Roxas' finger perfectly when his beautiful blue eyes filled with tears and he said yes. It wasn't like we'd been together for very long, and I wasn't one to want to rush our relationship. I hadn't been making the ring with anyone or anything in mind, other than the fact that it'd look nice on my necklace along with the other charms and pendants I'd collected. Looking at the ring on my boyfri-...no, my fiancé's finger, I felt choked up and swept him into my arms for a kiss. Although it hadn't been a planned proposal, I couldn't have been happier.

Despite my discomfort at introducing my glowing fiancé to the crew and the awkward (carefully edited) telling of how Roxas was pregnant, we both were congratulated and cooed over by both our human and Moguri friends. Roxas would be pregnant for at least 9 months, perhaps more according to Mog, but we would know when the child was due by the fact the pompom barely showing from its buried position in Roxas' navel would change colour. Since Roxas was declared not able to fly out to 'Oblivion' in his condition due to the pull whilst flying through the planet's atmosphere, I left to let our parents know what was going on. If anything it was more difficult to tell them than it had been to tell the people on the Moguri Planet. Of course, mum and dad were both plainly thrilled and asked the Captain's permission to return with me. Since the ship was safely nestled in orbit around the planet, technically able to sustain its position without any input from the crew, the Captain said that it was fine; he'd been planning on giving the whole crew 'shore leave' anyway. Telling Cloud and Lily went fine as well, but I knew it was difficult for them to not be able to see Roxas, wanting to stay with Naminé. However, she only had two months to go before reaching the same stage Roxas did when he emerged from the AGS pod, and seeing how their son had grown up encouraged his parents to emulate the same time length with their youngest. I peered into the AGS pod before leaving, Naminé was had grown into a delicate toddler and her wispy hair had lightened to a shade very close to snow white. She was beautiful. Cloud shook my hand and told me to look after Roxas as I left. Lily gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before pressing a book and a baby blanket into my hands. The blanket had been in her family for generations and the book was to help Roxas and I in learning the ins and outs of pregnancy. Coupled with all the support from the parents already in the crew and the excited Moguri, Roxas couldn't have been in safer hands.

When I returned to mine and Roxas' tent I went into a slight tizz to find the area bereft of anything to show it had been occupied for the last month. My parents stood behind me looking quizzical when Mog's mate Millie popped up in front of me, eyed my parents with slight nervousness and then tugged my trouser leg to get my attention. "We've moved Roxas closer to the others just in case he needs help quickly, are these your parents?" she asked, politely blinking up at mum and dad. Once I'd introduced everyone, Millie led us to Roxas who was looking flustered as Xigbar and Lexaeus set up our tent and fussed around setting out our belongings. He was trying to convince Xemnas that I would want to set the fire, to please leave it alone when I stepped up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I felt like a piece of me had been given back. I hadn't realised how much I missed Roxas until I was holding him, I guess it makes sense seeing that we haven't been apart for over half a year now. The second he felt my arms around him, Roxas melted back into my chest, breathing out easily.

"I missed you." I murmured into his ear and received a low hum in response. My mother, not one to hang back when hugging was going on, very nearly leapt on us, cooing about how cute we were and how excited and pleased she was for us. Taking a certain degree of delight in leaving Roxas to fend for himself against my parent's well wishes I took my time in creating a fire pit and laying a fire ready for that evening. I was touched to see that someone had gone to the trouble of collecting some firewood for us, cutting it down to size and neatly staking it beside the tent under a small tarpaulin to keep it dry. Returning to rescue Roxas I directed my cheerful parents into Xigbar's care and asked him to help them get settled. The dark haired man gave me a salute and set off, flirting atrociously with my mother. Grinning at Roxas, I handed him the book and the blanket, watching my love brush tender fingers over the soft material. Leaving Roxas to sentimental memories for a while, I turned to watch Xigbar and my parents crossing the wide area dotted with tents. The scar faced man was an awful flirt, he had even been caught flirting with some of the Moguri females who tittered and nudged each other whenever he walked past. However, I would bet almost anything that Xigbar's flirting was a device to gain Xaldin's attention. The quiet man with dreadlocked hair liked to cook but was generally very withdrawn.

The wedding was completely snatched from our hands as the whole two communities ganged together and began planning for us. Things only sped up when Cloud, Lily and little Naminé arrived. The adorable child was left in our care more often than not as her and Roxas' parents threw themselves into the planning process. Before long we found ourselves in the company of Naminé and all of the Moguri children old enough to be apart from their mothers but too young to be of help. I thought at first that I might implode with the stress of caring for my pregnant fiancé (who was following in his mother's footsteps and craving the most bizarre foodstuffs possible. One of which being a type of worm which according to the Moguri mothers was full of good things and ignoring my protests fed it to Roxas) along with a gaggle of prepubescent children. However, I actually found myself enjoying the time I spent organizing games to play and sessions of drawing (which Nami loved to do). Roxas and I took the kids walking and swimming in the lake, Demyx joined us every time we went swimming and worked on teaching all of the children how to swim properly. Zexion came and told stories every so often and Xaldin teamed up with some of the best Moguri cooks to keep Roxas' diet varied.

The day before the wedding, Roxas and I were forced apart to spend the last day of our 'singleton stage of life' being pampered and celebrating the dwindling hours before we were wed. Roxas, as designated 'bride' was swarmed over by a gaggle of females and a smattering of guys including Demyx, Zexion, Cloud and Xigbar (no surprises there, where there were women to flirt with). This left me attended by a bunch of guys who all decided that following Luxord's idea of drinking and gambling would be fun. The Moguri males avoided alcohol as if it were pure poison and dragged me off to take part in various competitions of skill. After the sun had reached its height, we all ate until we fell asleep and upon waking traipsed off to soak in the hot springs. After a while, a group of female Moguri came, making all us human guys scramble to hide any bits on show. They spent a long time smothering me in various 'healthful' muds. They scrubbed and rinsed and soaked and polished at me until I felt like I was sparkling. The only thing I refused to let them do was to cut my hair. They did extract the promise from me that I would let them to style my hair for the wedding.

The next day dawned with my stomach full of butterflies, I was tackled by a plethora of women, brushing and teasing my hair into a tame...ish ponytail. I still had a few spikes escaping the confines of whatever they'd used to tie it but it was much neater than my usually disarray of spikes. Having suffered this, I was then cajoled into what I originally thought was a dress. "Woah, woah, woah!" I complained as three Moguri tried to force the garment over my head. "I thought Roxas was the 'bride'!" I was ignored but once they'd dressed me I realised it was a black tunic decorated with silver thread flames. I was then forced into what I originally dreaded to be deep purple coloured tights, however, I was proven wrong when I realised that tights had feet. So I was wearing...footless tights? Leggings? I don't know, I wasn't happy about it but was ushered out of camp and tugged along closer to the forest. As we reached the top of one of the rolling hills, I was greeted by the sight and scent of hundreds upon hundreds of flowers. Everyone was seated on brightly coloured pillows either side of a wide aisle, positioned so that the shortest guests were seated at the front and the tallest at the back. Mine and Roxas' families were seated on a raised dais upon which I assumed the ceremony was to take place due to the presence of both Mog and the Captain. My eyes raked the area but didn't spot the one person I felt I needed to see most. The Moguri accompanying me seemed to follow my train of thoughts. "It is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." I was informed before being tugged down to the end of the aisle. Then, I was left to walk it alone, eyes fixed on Mog as I tried to ignore all of the guests staring at me. This wedding business was scary stuff.

Climbing up onto the dais, I was kissed by Mum, Lily and Naminé and had my hand clasped by each of the men. Then I was positioned directly beneath a bower heavily laden with flowers which were emitting a pleasant scent. I breathed in deeply and watched as Naminé got up from her seat and went off on some secret mission. I felt faint, all eyes were on me, I was wearing a ridiculous outfit and Roxas wasn't here yet. I'd assumed that all the rushing was because my soon to be husband was already waiting. But that apparently was not the case. Before my steamrolling brain could work me up into a visible state of panic, I was blinded. Squinting my eyes almost closed, I realised that the sun was rising high enough to crest the gap between two hills and was now sat seemingly in the branches of an ancient pompom tree that no longer held any pompoms. As my eyes adjusted to the glare, an ethereal being stepped out from behind the hill, casting flower petals in its wake. It wasn't until she reached the beginning of the aisle that I recognised Naminé in her floating white dress. She walked to the dais, smiled brightly at me, adorable in her tiny doll like beauty, and returned to sit beside her beaming mother. A hush fell over the guests and I turned my eyes back to the sun sat in the tree. Oddly enough, it seemed to have taken on a glowing pink colour, more rosy and bright than that of the pale pink moon. Out of this blushing light stepped Roxas.

The boy shimmered as he followed the trail of petals. He'd been dressed in sky blue leggings which clung enticingly to his legs. His tunic was a deep twilight blue and embroidered with silver stars. Over that clung a gauzy material, even more floating than Naminé's dress. It shimmered with an opalescent sheen and made Roxas appear to be floating. I was forcibly reminded of Roxas, as small as Naminé, dressed as an angel for that nativity. He was stunning. Even his hair shimmered in the light, and as he came closer I realised that someone, somehow, had entwined delicate silver through Roxas' blond spikes which carefully supported dazzling opals and shinning crystals. My heart felt like it was about to burst as Roxas ascended the Dais and placed his hand into mine, warm like an ember, and turned his oceanic blue eyes to meet mine. Everything felt right. The ceremony passed in a blur. As the sun left the tree, Roxas and I turned, hand in hand and were presented to the gathered guests as a married couple. Flower petals were thrown at us as we raced the length of the aisle and climbed to the pompom tree that had watched over our ceremony. In a typical Moguri wedding ceremony, at this point the newly married couple would embrace, kiss their first married kiss and then flutter into the branches of the ancient tree, each only using one wing. This symbolised the fact that they now would always need the other to be whole. Luckily, Roxas and I were spared this ritual and simply hugged before I lifted Roxas' chin with one finger. He smiled up at me and whispered, "You may now kiss the bride." And I did.

IV –Till the Day I Die

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.
~ Mary Mason

A week after our wedding, Roxas and I returned from our 'honey moon' camping near the hot springs and found the whole campsite devoid of life. We pitched our tent in the spot it had been moved to for the period of Roxas' pregnancy and collected our various pieces of furniture from where we'd stored them. I laid a fire but didn't light it and, since no one had shown up yet, the pair of us traipsed our way down to the lake for a swim. I'd gotten over my distaste of the water and raced my husband to the water's edge, stripped down to my skin and dashed into the frigid water with what I like to imagine was a manly yell. Roxas splashed in after me a few seconds later with an adorable squeak at the temperature. I spun around to give him a hug and floundered to a standstill, arms outstretched, until Roxas stumbled into my chest and snuggled in close. It took him all of two seconds to realise I wasn't enfolding my arms around him and his beautiful blue eyes came up to capture mine. "What's wrong babe?" he asked me, obviously slightly worried by my stationary position. I blinked at him, finally rousing myself and carefully placed my hands on his shoulders to keep him still as I took two steps back from him. Roxas was about waist deep in the water, I looked down to where the water lapped at his flesh and goggled like a fish, mouth gaping open and closed as I tried to form words. At first Roxas blushed at the direction of my gaze, but soon he followed my line of sight and stared down at his navel. Where the pompom carrying our child had been a swirling pattern of blue and green, it was now a deep red glimmering with gold. Mine and Roxas' eyes met for a split second before I scooped him into my arms and streaked back to our tent yelling.

"The baby's coming!" I shrieked at the top of my lungs, completely oblivious to Roxas' struggling and cries of 'Our clothes!' I did not care that we were both absolutely stark naked, galloping past horrified men and women from both the Moguri and the humans. I was in panic stricken father mode. I screeched to a halt in the space where we'd set up our tent about half an hour ago. There was nothing there to say the bit of land had ever been occupied. I shakily walked a circle around the space, still holding Roxas in my arms. "But...where...why!" I wailed, ignoring what I assumed to be Roxas tapping my leg insistently.

"Hey!" Roxas huffed, removing his arms from their strangle hold around my neck to cup my face and force my eyes to meet his. Once the gorgeous boy in my arms had my undivided attention, he directed it downwards. My gaze was met by a young Moguri male who resembled a rabbit more than Mog's feline appearance. Once he had my attention the moogle let out a relieved sound and swiftly turned from the naked spectacle before him, skipping away towards where our original camp site was. Meeting Roxas' gaze for a second, noting he was blushing as much as I, I followed the moogle.

When we crested a hill I had to stop and stare. The area where Roxas and I had made camp upon first arriving on the Moguri planet had been abandoned once Roxas became 'pregnant'. Now, sitting roughly where our tent had once stood was a beautiful log cabin with a wide porch at the front. It was two stories tall with a gorgeous gabled roof and huge picture windows. Our family (mine and Roxas' families were now considered one and were very close) was stood on the porch, originally beaming up at us but slowly their expressions were transforming either into embarrassment or horror. Our friends were ranged amongst the carefully sculpted garden, probably designed by Lex and Marly, all of them showing similar expressions to our family (except for Demyx and Xigbar who were both grinning). It was after I noticed the two grinning idiots that I realised Roxas and I were standing in all our naked glory, highlighted by the sun's 'helpful' rays. Blushing, I charged down the slope and onto the porch. "THE BABY'S COMING!" I practically screamed.

The next events transpired in a blur. I was whisked into the house and convinced to deposit Roxas onto his feet. A pair of soft, stretchy pyjama bottoms were shoved into each of our hands and we wasted no time in donning them. I clasped Roxas' hand tightly in my own as we were shoved unceremoniously on a comfortable chair big enough for the pair of us to curl up together on. Lily rushed over to tuck a large blanket around our legs and my mum came to press a steaming mug of some drink into our hands. After sipping about half of the drink, I began to calm down enough to actually appreciate the taste. I raised an eyebrow at my mother, recognising the distinctive flavour of a calming tea. Roxas flopped against my side, his head lolling comfortably against my bare chest. Our family gathered around the room, copying the calm poses of Mog and Millie. The thought fluttered around my mind that childbirth was meant to be a messy business, full of pain and screaming. I glanced down at Roxas to see a content smile gracing his lips as he trailed fingertips across his stomach. I eyed the glimmering pompom nervously, wondering how the baby would be born...considering the fact Roxas didn't have the necessary anatomy...although; he didn't have the anatomical features to actually carry a child. I was about to speak my concerns when Roxas let out a breathy chuckle, his hands pressing to his stomach as he squirmed a little.

I watched in absolute amazement (tinged with slight horror) as the pompom settled in Roxas' navel slowly began to unfurl like a flower bud. The blond by my side turned wondering and slightly anxious eyes up to mine and I smiled reassuringly down at him, curving my fingers around his. All eyes turned to watch the pompom unfold slowly, slivers of golden light emitted from it until the light blazed bright enough to force everyone to close their eyes. A low wail made me snap my eyes open, automatically searching Roxas out. I stared at my husband who was gazing down at his stomach. Sat there, wailing louder now, was a tiny moogle. It appeared to be more lupine than any of the Moguri I'd met, but it also had some human features. Instead of a pompom the little thing had two silvery white horns. It's hair was red like mine but shot through with golden streaks. It had tiny floppy ears like a puppy and a tail curled tightly around it's body, coloured to match it's hair. The tiny thing's eyes were scrunched up as it wailed, but when Roxas reached out to tenderly scoop it into his hands, it opened it's eyes. They were dazzling, coloured as the pompom had originally been, a subtle swirl of blue and green, the outer iris being blue and shading to green around the pupil. The babe blinked at Roxas and let out a smaller wail, obviously demanding food.

Millie gently patted my knee and passed me a tiny bottle filled with a pinkish coloured liquid. She smiled as I passed Roxas the feeding implement and spoke softly, "Congratulations on the birth of your son. He is beautiful." I goggled at her for a few seconds before smiling shakily and wrapping myself around Roxas, careful not to jostle our nursing son. Roxas' shinning eyes met mine and I felt a tear run down my cheek. The child was nothing like I had pictured him, he was better; a blending of our heritage and that of the planet Roxas and I had decided would be our home.

V - The greatest happiness

When you look at your life, the greatest happiness' are family happiness'. ~Joyce Brothers

Faolán grew up quicker than anyone expected, and I don't mean that in the way normal parents mean it. Considering our 'little wolf' fit in the palm of one of Roxas' tiny hands at birth, he was the size of a large two year old in a fortnight. The little tyke's wings unfurled in this time, revealing one to look angelic and one to look bat-like, rather similar to the hilts of Roxas' two keyblades. He was the most energetic, happy child I ever had the joy to witness. And, although he was a bit of a trouble maker (taking after yours truly) he was also a very well mannered boy, polite to a fault and always willing to lend a hand. As he got bigger, Faolán looked less and less like a puppy chibi doll and more human in his childlike chubbiness. He retained his floppy ears and soft tail, but his hands stretched out of their paw forms and became proper little hands. His feet were still paws and he distained the use of shoes, but her really didn't need them. Roxas and I doted on the little guy, he brought a sense of family into our little married life and we really couldn't imagine living without him. 'Oblivion' couldn't stay orbiting the planet forever, and left us behind; the crew still had a job to do. We knew they'd visit again soon and were content in bringing our little boy up.

When the starship next visited, Marluxia and Larxene had been married and now had a beautiful daughter with pink tinged blonde hair that Marly insisted was natural. Roxas had a baby brother named Sora who shared his big blue eyes but had brunet hair rather than blond. Sora adored Faolán and the pair of them caused havoc amongst the campsite of the visiting space farers. Roxas was worried that the adventure of open space would tempt our son away from us and his home, but – although he nagged and pestered hundreds of stories out of Xigbar – he always came home chattering about wanting to build a tree house with me that summer, or how maybe we could all go and camp in the mountains some time soon. Demyx and Zexion were the next couple to choose to settle down with us, Demyx shyly showing off the pompom secured in his navel and blushing as Zexy wrapped a possessive arm around his waist. Their daughter was a gorgeous creature when she was born, all fragile and birdlike as she shook her mane of blue hair back from her delicate face and brushed the little spiky hairs atop her head against Demyx's chin, demanding food. Aleta was a very amusing little girl, she was exuberant and joyful like Demyx, loving to sing and dance. But she was also wise and quiet like Zexion and adored to curl up with a book. She and Faolán grew up together, teasing and fighting each other, but also standing up for each other and sharing secrets.

The next time the starfarers landed, Xemnas and Saix settled down together as did Xigbar and Xaldin. The eldest of us space children was looking older than all of us, his hair shot through with silver streaks. He had mellowed down in the intervening years and Xaldin kept him in check. The eye patched man adored the children still and, though he and Xaldin never had their own, their home was always to be filled with shrieking children and nothing made the two men happier. Rox and I met were introduced to Sora's wife, Kairi, who he had met on a rare return trip to earth. They had a son together named Riku who was stunning with his soft silver hair and almost glowing aquamarine eyes. They decided to remain in space, at least for a few more years.

We were content. We'd made a home among the Moguri and had family and friends. We never did have another child, but adopted orphaned Moguri children when it occurred that there was no family to take the bereft little ones in. Faolán and Aleta provided Roxas, Zexion, Demyx and me with a veritable horde of grandchildren before any of us even began to show any signs of age. We were overjoyed to welcome our great-grand-kids into the world as we hit the stage in life that begins to mellow you slightly. Roxas and I could often be found watching the sunset from the hill behind our home. We didn't feel old per se; we just started to take life at a more relaxed pace, enjoying the little things, taking excitement in short doses when the family descended upon us. We were as close as we always had been, right from the moment I had fallen for that little angel, way back amongst the stars.

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