The raven-haired man named Zero stared at the party a moment before sitting down somewhere alone. One of his comrades had drug him along to the soiree and so far it was boring, only mingling with a few select people before taking a glass of champange and sitting in an area to watch the whole place as the night unfolded. He only moved his eyes from the party when another raven strode in the doors. Just the sight of something so beautiful almost caused Zero to drop his drink as he stared.

Eventually he caught himself and ran a hand through his hair slightly and set the glass on the table in front of him while he contemplated getting the raven to talk to him. He was talking with the person he came in with, a brunette with curly hair and shimmering green eyes. Eventually Zero stood and walked closer to the two, trying to make his presense known to the raven a little more before brushing a hand against the raven's back as he walked out into the garden.

He stopped by the fountain and looked behind him to confirm that the raven was indeed following him.

"Hello." The raven's voice made Zero shiver.

"Good evening." Zero said gently.

"My name's Lelouch."

Zero smirked. A fitting name. Elegant but striking in his ears.

"That's a soothing name." Zero turned around, his eyes meeting the Lelouch's violet ones. In the moonlight the boy's eyes gleamed and his stature was more intimidating, all the more irresistable. Zero's fingers yearned to carress the boy in some way, to touch his lips with his own.

"What brings you to a soiree?"

"I was brought here. I'm glad I did tag along." Zero reached out and touched a some sort of flower beside him.

"Why do you say that?"

"No reason. I just met someone interesting."

"Is that so?"

Zero's smirk widened into a smile as he plucked the iris he was toying with. "Oh yes, indeed." He walked closer to Lelouch and leaned into him, whispering "I met you." he leaned even closer and touched the boys lips with his own as he had fantasized and wove his fingers with the boys for a moment to exchange the iris before touching Lelouch's face gently while pulling away and finally stepped back and strode off into the night, an air of mystery surrounding him.

Lelouch's mouth opened in surprise as he looked at the iris in his hand and smelled it. It smelled just like that man...

"I never got to ask his name." Lelouch murmmered. Perhaps...they would meet again.