A Date At My Boyfriend's House

Pairing(s): Daito

Summary: Yamato has a secret 'date' at the Motomiya's Residence. Daito

Yamato gave an irritated sigh. It was one thing being a famous rock star with many rabid female fans trying to get a piece of him every concert or randomly on the streets of Odaiba, but having dinner in the house of one of the most insanely rabid of all female fans was... rediculously insane! But sadly, here he was, Ishida Yamato, gorgeously blonde and very uncomfortable, having dinner with the Motomiya family, therefore in the presence of one Motomiya Jun; rabid fan #1.

Smiling charmingly for Mr. and Mrs. Motomiya, Yamato did his best to avoid looking in Jun's direction as he tried to calmly consume his food that he had no appetite for whatsoever. Not that it was bad, far from it. The food was as good as their mother's, which Yamato had had little experience in consuming as well, as whenever he had visited, she would become annoyed with his father and end up buying take-out instead.

A heated blush attacked Yamato's cheeks as Jun decided it would be a fantastic idea to play footsies with the blonde singer. But it wasn't Jun causing the blush. Oh no. Jun just had the right riming as her little brother, Daisuke, who was the cause of having the older Ishida brother in the Motomiya household at this very moment. A small tanned hand, a bit bigger then Takeru's, but smaller then Yamato's, was caressing the blonde's thigh, inching bravely inward to a much more private area that was not appropriate to aim for in this point in time and company. It was only the latter that kept Yamato from whacking the cinnamon brunette and shouting, "Not now!"

Forcefully swallowing what little bit Yamato could put between his lips, the blonde gave the Motomiya's an unbelievably charming smile they had ever seen before excusing himself to use the restroom.

Mrs. Motomiya gave an affectionately flustered giggle as she eagerly agreed, "You're excused, Yamato-san." Mr. Motomiya flashed a large grin and nodded in his consent, as Jun pouted as her footsie-playing was cut short. Daisuke, on the other hand-

"Me, too!" the cinnamon brunette shouted, raising the same hand that was just pawing at Yamato to raise high in the air as if he were eagerly wanting to answer a question, "I gotta take a piss, too!"

"Daisuke!" his mother yelled, aghast at her son's rude manners compared to such a model son that agreed to visit them.

"Guests go first, Daisuke," Mr. Motomiya informed with a sigh and shake of his head.

"Jeez, no class at all," Jun huffed, left cheek resting in her palm boredly as she watched the rock star get up and make his way to the restroom.

"Yama-kun doesn't mind, right?" Daisuke bit back, before quickly turning to look at Yamato's retreating form. Yamato froze stiff still as he felt four pairs of eyes target onto him, two confused, one suspicious, and the other eagerly hopeful and lustful as hell. The Ishida gave a defeated sigh, shoulders drooping as he bemoaned;

"... Fine."

Daisuke gave a big whoop as he jumped out of his seat, snagging Yamato's arm as he ran past the blonde and dragged them both into the restroom. Mr. and Mrs. Motomiya continued to watch after the boys with wide, baffled expressions, unknowing to Jun who cursed into her palm, glaring after her little brother with jealousy.

'How the hell did the squirt win such a hunk over before me?'

AUTHOR NOTE: Just a minor word. This oneshot was just a test for myself to see if I could switch up the normal Taito and Daiken pairings by challenging myself to do a Daito and Taiken. This is the result of one. I hope you enjoyed the drabble.