John Cena sat across from his best friend, Randy Orton, removing his hat and rubbing his head nervously. Today was the day his little sister finally joined the WWE as one of the new Divas part of the new Diva stable which was been formed. There was a lot of talk about it around the locker room but nobody really knew any specific details. All John knew was that his little sister, Chrissy Cena was going to be a part of this new stable along with 3 other new 2/3rd generation Divas. It was all a plan to bring the Divas division up seeing as though it had been suffering a lot lately with the loss of Mickie James & Maria who had been released, Beth who was injured and Melina who was injured also but luckily enough she had made her debut just last week. Randy glared at John.

"What's wrong with you today? You're all nervous. Its annoying me," Randy commented taking a sip of the bottle of water he had in his hand.

"Dude, for the past few weeks ive been telling you about this day. Today is the day my little sister joins the WWE. Do you not listen to anything I say?" John rolled his eyes. Randy never really did listen to John most of the time.

"Is you're sister hot?" Randy smirked. John looked at him disgusted.

"That's my little sister you're talking about. Keep your dick in your pants where shes concerned. You've seen her before anyway Randy. Blonde hair, green eyes, about 5ft 9, quite bossy but a real sweet kid. Kinda like me except she doesn't have these amazing dimples," John smiled, pointing to these dimples while Randy pondered.

"Oh, I remember her vaguely. She was only about 15 when I last saw her though. How old is she now?" Randy asked as John was still pointing at his dimples, crying out for attention.

"Oh, shes 21 now. All grown up, well shes not and she never will be in my eyes.." John stopped smiling and plastered a serious look on his face.

"Okay, dude I get the message. Stay away from Chrissy. Who are the other girls who are gonna be in this stable with her?"

"Im not even sure. All I know his there fathers have worked here before so really it could be anyone. Speaking of which I need to go meet my father and little sister. I'll see you in a bit Randy," John patted Randy on the back as he walked out of catering. Ted DiBiase sat down where John had been sitting previously and looked at Randy.

"Where's he in a rush to?" Ted asked. Randy pulled a funny face at the younger superstar.

"Gone to meet his little sister and dad. Shes in that new Divas stable.."

"Oh yeah. Theres been a lot of talk about that. It'll be interesting to see who they get for it. Ive heard its gonna be like a female version of Legacy," Ted remarked as he waved at Evan Bourne, also known as Matt Korklan, as he walked past the table.

"Yeah, lets be honest though Ted. Nobody's really gonna compare to Legacy though. I mean we were pretty amazing!" Randy chuckled.

"You got that right buddy!"

Chrissy Cena sat in a swivel chair spinning around much to the disapproving looks she was getting from her father, John Cena Sr, otherwise known as Fabo. The door to the room opened and Chrissy stopped spinning expecting to see one of her fellow stable members but it was only her brother John.

"Oh. I thought you were one of the new girls. I'll go back to my swivelling," Chrissy grinned, swivelling around on the chair.

"Nice to see you too sis. You know, you'd think seeing as though I havent seen you in about 2 or so months you'd be running to me," John chuckled as Chrissy stuck her tongue out at him. They were so alike which is why they were so close.

"I'll be seeing you everyday for the rest of my life. I think that's enough for anyone," Chrissy giggled standing up trying to catch her balance. John ran over and put her in a headlock while Fabo watched on.

"Christine and Jonathon Cena. If you don't stop that right now I will take my belt off and give you the beating of a life time," Fabo glared at his two siblings. They were always handful growing up.

"Yes dad," the two Cena siblings answered at the same time.

"Chrissy, this is your first day at the WWE act like a grown up for once in your life and you John Cena, you should be setting a better example for your baby sister," Fabo scolded them once again.

"Sorry dad, im just really excited and nervous. You know I act like an imbecile when im nervous," Chrissy smiled at her dad who sighed. He was about to answer the door when a tall tanned man entered the room with a young brunette girl. Chrissy recognised the man as Dwayne Johnson or The Rock as he was known to the WWE Universe. She guessed that the girl with him must be his daughter, meaning the 2nd member to the stable they were forming. John and Fabo hugged Dwayne and said there hellos before Dwayne introduced his daughter.

"This is my daughter Emma Johnson. The newest member of this stable," Dwayne beamed as he introduced Emma. You could tell that he was obviously very proud of his daughter.

"Im Chrissy Cena. Sister of John Cena and daughter of John Cena.. Senior," Chrissy stuck her hand out for Emma to shake which she did.

"Nice to meet you. So, is there anyone else here yet or are we the only two?" Emma asked sitting on one of the chairs next to Chrissy.

"We're the only two. Ive been here ages though. I blame dad for that. So you're The Rock's daughter. That must be rather amazing," Chrissy smiled, making conversation with Emma.

"It really is. Although I must say having John Cena as a brother must be rather epic too. He's really cool," Emma smiled as John looked over at the mention of his name.

"He's a huge dork but yeah hes a great brother though. Dad's really cool too."

"Have you heard about anyone else whose gonna be in this stable?"

"No, I actually havent. Im just hoping there all nice. I don't want to have to put up with any bitchy people. I mean, I can be quite bossy at times but if everyone's nice then we should all be able to get along better."

"I totally agree! You seem nice enough though so at least that's one nice person," Emma smiled at Chrissy.

"Thank you! You seem nice too. Lets hope we get two other nice girls!"

About 10 minutes had passed. Chrissy and Emma had been chatting about random things just getting to know each other. Fabo, John and Dwayne had been talking about wrestling, of course. The door to the room opened and familiar face stepped in the room with a dark haired girl who was obviously his daughter.

"Hunter? I didn't know your daughter was joining this little group. Nice to see you again, man," John and Hunter had a manly hug.

"Im guessing you're here because that adorable little sister of yours is in this group, right?" Hunter commented, waving at Chrissy. He's met her a few times when she'd visited John. Hunter was the cooler old guy on the roster according to Chrissy.

"You would be correct!" Fabo smiled as he and Dwayne said hello to Hunter. The dark haired girl walked over to Chrissy and Emma, smiling.

"Hi Chrissy!" Ashley exclaimed, pulling Chrissy into a hug. They'd met each other before seeing as though Chrissy had visited John on several occasions and Ashley visited her father often.

"Nice to see you again Ashley! This is Emma," Chrissy introduced Ashley and Emma just as the door to the room opened again and in walked the legend himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin with his daughter Alex.

"Steve!" Dwayne exclaimed as the men said there hellos once again. Alex walked over to Ashley, Emma and Chrissy.

"Hey, im Alex!" Alex smiled brightly at the girls who returned it.

"Im Ashley, this is Chrissy and that's Emma! Its great to meet you," Ashley said, excitedly pointing each of the girls out.

"So, whose your dads then? I always miss everything. Dad was running late.." Alex rolled her eyes at her father.

"Well, my dad's Fabo which makes my brother John Cena," Chrissy smiled.

"My dad's The Rock or Dwayne Johnson. Whichever floats your boat," Emma answered.

"Mine's Paul Levesque or everyone calls him Hunter," Ashley smiled at Alex.

"So, I guess this is it!" Hunter commented walking over to the girls. Each of the girls smiled at their fathers and John.

"Excited girls?" Steve asked the bunch of them.

"More nervous than anything," Emma giggled, whilst the other girls nodded not really knowing what to say at the moment.

"You're gonna be amazing," Fabo smiled at the future of the WWE sat in front of him. The Divas decision was about to change.. In a big way.



Thanks to my Rhodies on Twitter for actually giving me the idea for this. There actually the characters in the fanfic along with me, of course ;)

So yeah. ENJOY :)