Could Be Worse

Pairing(s): Taiken

Summary: Taichi and Ken have a date in the park... and Ken feels ill. Taiken

"Taichi-kun, this isn't really the place..."

"Oh, come on, Ken-chan! Just open up and-"


"Does it taste that bad...?"

"I-it's... different... ugh..."

"Ah! Ken! Are you okay?"

"I... I think... I'm going to be.. sick..."

"Ack! H-hold on, Ken!"

Yagami Taichi, star player of the Odaiba's soccer team, ran around the park like a headless chicken as he tried to find, blindly, something for Ichijouji Ken, genius prodigy, could throw up in. As he continued this pointless act, Ken struggled to get himself to head for the harmless waste bin in the center area of the park the two were in. Noticing this, Taichi paused to watch the raven haired teen, expression blank as he tried to wrap his racing mind around what he was seeing.

Snapping out of his stunned state, the older teen rushed back over to Ken's side, allowing the younger to lean his weight onto the brunette as he helped guide the Ichijouji towards the waste bin. Once there, Ken leaned heavily against the can, raven locks falling over his face as he emptied his uneasy stomach. Taichi quickly, fumbling a bit, pulled the silky locks out of his face, holding it back as the younger emptied the rest of his stomach.

"Ken... I'm really sorry," Taichi sighed as Ken's vomit finally settled into the waste bin, "I shouldn't of forced you to-"

"I-Its alright, Taichi-kun..." Ken's soft voice responded, limply raising his head to lock eyes with Taichi's chocolate brown. Releasing a pleased sigh as the older teen began to rub soothing circles on his back, Ken continued with a gentle smile, "But next time, let me fix up the picnic lunch, alright?"

"Eheh, okay by me!" Taichi laughed off even as a blush attacked his sunkissed cheeks at the thought of eating Ken's homemade bento.

Happy with the gloomy mood over the older Yamagi sibling's head no longer present, Ken's mind wandered back to the said picnic lunch that Taichi had fixed up himself. The rice was burnt black here and there, with crimson red, lumpy, fried-at least Ken hoped it was-fish, mushy octopus legs that looked very under cooked, and what appeared to be a brown, shriveled up cockroach leg, or hopefully, though doubtfully, was really a frog's leg. Wincing at the thought of that piece of... inedible food, the raven wasn't able to hold his curiosity as he questioned the wild brunette, "By the way, Taichi-kun..."

"Hmm?" Taichi hummed happily in response, head obviously still in the clouds of eating Ken's personally cooked food, all for him.

"What was that... er... brown thing that I ate?" Ken asked, trying hard not to insult Taichi's food even if it caused him to become sick from just one bite.

"Oh, that?" Taichi blinked, turning his eyes over to the mentioned bento box that lay abandoned under the tree they had been cuddling under, "Its a daikon radish. Why?"

Ken's complexion turned suddenly pale at the image of such a large vegetable shriveling that drastically! And to the point of looking like a burnt frog-cockroach leg, too!

Taichi snapped out of his pleasant thoughts at the sound of Ken wrenching again. Panicking, the older brunette shouted out, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" over and over again, holding Ken's hair back as he did before. 'Guess I'm no better at cooking then Mom is...' Taichi thought with a pitiful sigh. How depressing...

AUTHOR NOTE: Just a minor word. This oneshot was just a test for myself to see if I could switch up the normal Taito and Daiken pairings by challenging myself to do a Daito and Taiken. This is the result of one. I hope you enjoyed the drabble.