Chapter 12

Everyone just sat in silence and in shock for a moment. When they finally realized what Reba had said everyone went into panic mode. Reba then clutched her stomach and said what everyone was thinking. "It's too early." Tears of pain and sadness came to Reba's eyes at the thought. She didn't want to lose this child.

Meanwhile everyone was scrambling to their feet, their half eaten food left behind. Brock was at Reba's side in an instant and was picking her up into his arms. He ran as fast as he could to the car and put Reba in the back with Cheyenne who was trying to comfort her mother. Kyra hoped into the front with her father. Van would be staying behind with Jake and Elizabeth and would be called later once they knew anything.

Brock drove almost like a madman to the hospital. He couldn't drive completely crazy either because of Reba in the back. She was already hitting the back of his seat because of his driving.

Once arriving at the hospital Brock pulled in and hurried over to Reba's door. He quickly, once again, pulled her into his arms and he ran in through the emergency room doors.

When he ran in he must have looked like a madman because the nurse behind the counter jumped a little and a child with an ice pack to his head eyes widened and he clutched to his mother for dear life.

Brock turned to the nurse and ran up there. The nurse then saw the pregnant woman in his arms and her face softened into a smile.

"Hello, sir. What can I do for you?"

Brock tried to catch his breath. "My….wife…pregnant…water broke."

The nurse just smiled like it was ok. "Sir, you should just calm down. Woman go into labor all the time. Now, I need you to fill these out." She said setting a clip board and pen on the counter.

Brock shook his head. "You do not understand. It's too early. She's only seven months…"

Brock didn't get to continue because the nurse had immediately called a doctor in and demanded a wheel chair.

A male orderly brought a wheel chair around and Brock set Reba in it and she was quickly wheeled to a room.

By the time Reba was set up the room the contractions were very close. Brock was pacing the room Reba was in. Reba was, of course, laying on the bed. She was trying to control her breathing but it was becoming very difficult. She didn't know what was going to happen. She really didn't want to think about it.

Finally the doctor arrived. He was checking out her chart and Brock immediately stopped pacing the floor.

The doctor looked up toward Reba and a look of sadness came across his face. "Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop it from being born…"

"My son." Said Brock with an angry tone

The doctor confused turned to Brock. "Excuse me?"

"It's a boy, a child, my child. Not an it. You go me?"

The doctor nodded nervously and turned to Reba to avoid the angry gaze of Brock. "Now what we have to do is take Reba in for a cesarean."

Reba swallowed the lump in her throat and trying to hold back tears she asked, "What will happen to the baby?"

"He could be perfectly healthy and he could be fine but there is also the chance that he will need to be put on a machine to help his breathing. There could be so many problems associated with a pre-mature birth. That's all I can really tell you for now. We really will not know anything until we get the baby out. Right now, we need to get Mrs. Hart into the room where we will perform the cesarean."

Reba nodded and she squeezed Brock's hand which had found its way into hers as the doctor continued talking.

"The nurse will be in soon to take you in."

As soon as the doctor left Reba broke down into tears. Brock did the best he could to comfort her. "The baby is going to be all right. Don't worry."

Reba didn't say anything at all. She just sat there, tears running down her cheeks, and her thoughts carrying her to somewhere else. She didn't know what she would do if she lost this child. Was God trying to punish her for what she did with Brock? Her affair with him. Breaking up his marriage. Why would God take his anger out on an innocent child?

A few minutes later the nurse had come in to take Reba way. The doctor told Brock it would be best if he stayed in the waiting room with the rest of his family.

He didn't agree to it but he didn't argue it either. He kissed Reba on the forehead and headed towards the waiting room to talk to his children.

Cheyenne and Kyra were sitting in chairs, quietly sitting, nervously waiting for news. As soon as they saw their dad enter the room, they jumped from their chairs.

"What's going on dad?" asked Cheyenne in a shaky voice.

"They have to give her a c-section. The doctor said the baby could be fine but there is also the possibility of him not being able to breath on his own. He said that they will know once they get him out."

Silent tears ran down Cheyenne's face and they all hugged. From that moment they just sat and waited for the doctor.

A few minutes after her dad told them the news, Cheyenne had made the break to call Van and tell him. He practically broke down from the news. He couldn't see anything happening to his little brother. Yes, little brother. To him, Mrs. H was like a mother to him. She took him in when his parents kicked him out and she has been taking care of him ever since. He couldn't bare anything happening to either one of them.

Van hung up the phone after his conversation with Cheyenne. He quickly wiped the tear that dared to escape his eye as he had heard the news. He walked back into the living room where Jake and Elizabeth were sitting on the couch.

Jake looked up when he saw the tall football player enter and sit in one of the chairs next to the TV. "What's going on?"

Van smiled. "Everything's going to be ok." He didn't want to lie to the boy but he didn't want him to know that something serious could happen to both his mother and his little brother.

Jake of course didn't believe Van. He was never good at lying. "Tell me the truth, please."

Van paused before he began. "Now Jake, something could happen to your mom and little brother but you don't need to worry because the doctor is going to fix them both up and they will be fine."

Jake again didn't believe Van but he didn't say anything more. They just sat in silence staring at the TV, never really watching what was on.

Everyone's thoughts were soon interrupted by a knock at the door. Van was the first up and out of his seat. He opened the door to see non other than Barbara Jean standing there.

"Barbara Jean…what are you doing here?"

Van could tell she was nervous because she wouldn't look at him. "Umm…is Brock here. I need to speak with him."

Van shook his head. "No…he's at the hospital with Mrs. H."

Barbara Jean's head snapped up at the word hospital. "What happened?" her voice full of concern.

"Mrs. H went into pre-mature labor."

Barbara Jean's eyes widened. "Is she going to be ok?"

Van shrugged. "I don't know. Cheyenne called and said they had to get the baby out through a cesarsiany or something."


"Yeah…that's it."

Barbara Jean didn't say anything more. She just left the house and headed towards the hospital. She knew it was probably inappropriate but she had to talk to Brock and Reba. It was important.

She walked through the hospital and up to the maternity ward. She saw Cheyenne and Kyra sitting on a couple of chairs. Brock was by the window, just staring out at nothing.

"Brock?" He turned sharply to the voice behind him. "Can we talk in private?" she asked motioning to Kyra and Cheyenne.

Brock wasn't sure if he wanted to talk to her. He didn't want a scene and he wasn't quite sure if she was going to yell or not. "Barbara Jean…I don't know…"

"Please…I really know it's not the time or the place but it's quite important. I promise you I am not going to yell at your or anything. Just please. Five minutes."

Brock sighed and took a moment. He nodded soon after and turned to Cheyenne and Kyra. "Girls, why don't you go to the cafeteria and get yourself something to drink?"

Cheyenne nodded and she dragged Kyra away who wasn't moving an inch but just staring at Barbara Jean and daring her to start anything.

Once they were gone Barbara Jean and Brock were in silence for a few minutes. Barbara Jean was the first to break it. "Is she going to be ok?"

He shrugged turning towards the window again. "I don't know.

"The baby?" she managed to get out.

Brock turned at the mention of his child. "Why do you ask? Are hoping something will…?"

Her eyes widened and she shook her head. "Of course not. I wouldn't want that for anyone." She sighed and took a few steps towards him. "Look I'm sorry ok. You were right." Brock turned to her shocked. "I was wrong. We were not working." She took a couple more steps towards him. "I have been seeing someone, a professional, to talk to about all this. Everything that has been happening this past year. Not just with you and Reba but with us. All the fighting and arguing. He has been opening my eyes to a lot of things that I have never really thought of."

"And what's that."

A tear escaped her eye. "That you never really loved me."

Brock's felt so much sympathy for her. He reached towards her but she pulled back. "BJ, that's not…"

Barbara Jean shook her head. "No it is. Your marriage to Reba was never truly over. I was just an escape for you, for all the problems you were currently having with her. You have to admit Brock that if I hadn't gotten pregnant you would have gone back to her. If I hadn't decided to "pursue" you then you two would have worked things out." She stopped for a moment before her emotions ran wild with her and she dabbed her eyes with a tissue she took out of her purse. "I do love you Brock. Know that. I will get over this. Don't you worry about me." She then put the tissue back into her purse and composed herself. "Now, I better get going. I thought of talking with Reba but I think it would be best if I just stayed away for a while. Of course you can see Henry and talk to him whenever you want but for now I have to stay away. It's best for everyone."

Brock understood what she was saying and before he could say anything more, she gave him one last smile and left the hospital.

Brock couldn't believe it was over between him and Barbara Jean but he had to admit she was right. He didn't love her like he wanted. He would have worked things out with Reba and they would go on together. Now, that was all in the past. He had a second chance now.

"Mr. Hart?"

He turned sharply to see the doctor standing in the waiting room. Cheyenne and Kyra were just coming back and they immediately went to their father's side. Brock hadn't even realized how long they have been waiting. The time went by pretty quick for him.

"Well?" Brock asked waiting for the doctor to continue.

The doctor looked down to his feet and looked up towards him once more. He stepped aside from the entrance to the ward and said, "Why don't you go see."

Brock really the doctor would just tell him but he ran to Reba's room. He opened the door and the sight before him almost made him weep.

Reba was sitting up in bed looking well and in her arms was a small squirming child. Reba smiled as she saw her family enter. She motioned for them to join her. "Come see."

Brock immediately went to her side with Cheyenne and Kyra in tow. He moved the little blue blanket and saw Reba's blue eyes staring up at him. Brock's heart practically melted because when he moved the blanket his little boy had grabbed a hold of his finger. He smiled as he looked on. He saw ten fingers, ten toes, and a little fuzzy mess of red hair on his head. He was gorgeous.

"What are you going to name him?" asked Cheyenne looking curiously down at her new baby brother.

Reba smiled. They had decided on the name a long time ago. "Matthew David." Reba looked down at her child once more. How could she doubt her Lord? She wasn't being punished. When she looked into this child's eyes she could tell he was truly a beloved gift of God.

The End

Epilogue: Reba and Brock were married soon after his divorce was final. Matthew grew up to be a very healthy little boy. Reba couldn't ask for anything more. She finally got her family back.

Barbara Jean was soon over Brock. She and Reba had a long talk and when they were finished Reba declared Barbara Jean her best friend, which she regretted immediately because BJ decided it was best to pull her into a bone crushing hug. Reba hasn't had the chance to keep her from her home since. Barbara Jean soon also got married again as well, to a wonderful man named Jack Morgan.