Chapter 4

The Awakening

It feels like forever, but I still can only see black. Though it feels like a dream. "Ron? Ron! Wake up." That sounded like my sister. As my opened, I say my sister's face in front of me. We were in a room I never seen before. "You're finally awake. I was asleep in the room across the hall." Julia mentioned. "Where are we?" I questioned. "I don't know." She responded. "But at least were alive. Also our clothes somehow changed." She was right. I was wearing my normal street clothes before; now I'm in a large white robe with something that looks like a large Z with a line connecting the 2 points on the left side on my right chest, one zig-zag stripe on my left sleeve, and on my back there was a large 7 with an XIII underneath. Same with Julia, but had an XIV instead; so I guess its means that were number 13 and 14 in some group 7.

We left the room and looked around. We were definitely not in Boston anymore. We were standing in a floating, white castle in the mist of space. Right below us was the planet Earth. "So, you're finally awake." We both turned and saw somebody wearing exactly what we have on, but his hood was up so we couldn't see his face. "You're needed in the conference room."

He walks us up a staircase with a see through floor so we can see more of the castle that's underneath us. "Since you tow are new here, you should know that its very easy to get lost here." He pointed out. "You should carry a map with you. But after a week or 2, you'll be fine." He handed us a map. The castle had 13 floors. The top floor was the sky deck, below that was the conference room, followed by the teleportation room, the training room, the assignment room, the shop, and the other 7 were labeled "squad rooms 1 – 7". "We need to go to the 2nd to the top floor. It will be a while since your squad's rooms are on the very bottom."

As we reach the "conference room", all we see are 9 pads on the floor. One labeled "L", 7 others labeled 1 – 7, and one larger one with no label. "You two stand on that one." He requested as he pointed to the large one. He walked over to the one labeled "7" and a stream of black and white lines spun around him, then he disappeared. "Either this will take us to the conference room, or this is the teleportation room." Julia wondered.

We stepped onto the large pad and the same thing happened. The next thing we knew, we were in a larger room with 8 high chairs around us. "Welcome Ron and Julia, numbers thirteen and fourteen of squad seven." That voice sounded familiar, it came from the man on the highest chair. "We are a special clan; we are individually called the 'Black Hearts'. But our clan name, we are the Death Council."