E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: dude

Happy Birthday to Katydid43 who wanted some happy, smiling Winchesters. How about laughing Sam and slightly annoyed/amused Dean?

This is set in season four after Heaven and Hell and before Family Remains. Remember how Sam said Dean had them chasing cases for a month straight? Well, during that month a certain movie came out. Dean should have gotten a few more facts on this one. :)

Sam's feet pounded the sidewalk.

Dean glanced over his shoulder. "Come on, Sammy!"

"Are you sure they said vampires?"

"Yes!" Dean rounded the corner, skidding to a halt. "What the hell?

Sam barely kept himself from slamming into Dean's back. He peered over his brother's shoulder and burst into laughter.

Dean gave him an annoyed look. "You mind sharing with the class?"

Sam tried to control his laughter but it felt too good to stop. He wiped tears from his eyes. "Dean, these kids are lined up for a movie."

"Dude, what the hell kind of movie has sparkling vampires?"

Thanks for reading! The next part of Sound of Madness was posted Thursday. Thanks to everyone who's been reading that also!