Here we go again!


"What do you want, lower being?"

Angel was still protecting his eyes from the bright lights when he heard the voice. He looked around until he found its source, which seemed to be either a man or a woman. They were dressed in togas and stared curiously at him.

"I… I… my friend… Doyle… he, he told me that you could help me."

He had been shocked when he didn't see his own reflection in the bathroom mirror. He touched and touched and touched again the mirror unable to believe he couldn't see himself. Doyle had dragged his shaking form back to the main room and told him that was a symptom of his vampirism. Doyle thought the effect of whatever the people who wanted him was using was passing. He had called someone over the phone, whistle or something, and then dragged him here.

"What did you bring us?"

"This vase."

Angel looked at the vase in his hand. Doyle had said that these beings, Oracles for some sort of Powers, could help him. He said that these Oracles loved presents and then gave him the 4,000 years old Chinese vase he was holding. His mouth dropped when the vase left his hand and floated to the women's hand.

"Chinese. I like Chinese artifacts. This one is old and rare."

Angel avoided looking direct at the Female Oracle. She pierced him with her insanely blue eyes.

"Speak, warrior."

"I… I don't know what I should ask."

"Then, why are you here wasting our time lower being?"

Angel decided he didn't like the toga man. The man couldn't hide the contempt when he spoke. He was going to speak again when his sister touched his arm.

"Brother. He is not a lower being. He is destined to save this dimension with the Slayer."

"Sister. He doesn't remember anything."

"I am right here."

Both Oracles turned to Angel when they heard his somewhat petulant voice asking for attention.

"Look, I may not remember anything. Yesterday I was Mr. Regular Joe and today I don't even have my own reflection anymore. Let's not comment on the fact I am talking with you strange people dressed in Greek clothes in a place that is under the post office, but I need some sort of clarifying of what is happening."

"You are a warrior. You and The Slayer are destined to save this dimension of what is to come."

"Slayer… what is a Slayer?"

"She fights alongside you. You know who she is. You have to find her."

"Are you talking about Buffy? How can one simple girl help to save the world? I don't understand."

"You will. Everything is coming to a closing. You have to find her."

"How? I don't know where…"

"She is coming. You know where to find her. You should go there now. People are waiting for you. Follow your instincts. If you didn't find her, everything will be lost. You have to remember who you are."


"No more! We are not here to tell you about the future. Find the girl or else this dimension will perish!"

It was the male Oracle again. Next thing, Angel fell over Doyle.


"Hello, Lindsey."

Lindsey was walking through the corridors of W&H when Lilah decided to be his company. He was still furious with the events of the days before. The witch disappeared as well as his subjects.

"I heard your plan backfired. The Partners won't be happy."

"Not backfired. There was just a mix up, but I'm dealing with it already."

"Well, you better solve your… mix up… soon or else the Partners will mix you up."

Lindsey knew that Lilah was waiting an opportunity to take over the command of the operation required by the Partners for the grant event. He was not going to give her that. He picked his phone.

"Gavin. News?"

"Our teams were dispatched to Sunnydale. The witch was found already. She is in the house of the Watcher."

"Good. Don't do anything yet. If she is there, surely the other missing pieces will appear. Just watch the situation and only strike when the vampire and the slayer are reunited. I want the three of them alive."

Lindsey hung up the phone and smiled. The Powers were so predictable. The event was two weeks away and the only thing he could do was to keep track of the happenings in Sunnydale. He would delivery what the Senior Partners wanted and humanity be damned.


"Jenny, this is unprecedented. From what I've found and what you told me, someone tinkered with our memories."

"It seems so, Rupert. I… I have this feeling that something is coming. Whatever took me out of that place, didn't do it for no reason. We have to find Buffy and Angel. We have to prepare with everything we have."

"Yes, yes... of course. I must consult my books. See if there is any prophecy to come. Maybe I should call the others."

"Yes. We will need them. I can do a location spell to try to find Buffy and Angel, but we have to find a way to break whatever magic was used on your memories."

"I must call the others then."

Jenny shook her head. It was strange to be with Rupert when the only thing he remembered was finding her in the school with a broken neck by a vampire named Spike.


Buffy smiled. The cake that Glory had baked for the marriage of her nephew was beautiful. Glory and her family were very welcoming. Glory offered her a temporary job in the restaurant, which she took so she'd have the money to cross the country to go to Sunnydale. She had learned from Google the city plaguing her mind was a small town in California. The town was followed by Cleveland as the one with the highest number of cemeteries in the country.


"So, what did they say?"

Doyle was curious to know what The Oracles told Angel.

"They said I should follow my instincts."

"So, what are your instincts telling you?"

"I think we should go to Sunnydale."


AN: So, some big event is supposed to happen in two weeks involving The Senior Partners, Buffy and Angel, and Sunnydale. What do you think it is?

Well, it seems BA will be finally reunited. Or will they?