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Giles was tired. He spent his day rummaging through his books trying to find something. Jenny was sleeping in his bedroom, while he researched all afternoon, but he didn't find anything useful. No prophecy at all.

"It seems there is nothing threatening, Giles. At least, not for this time frame."

"Yes. It may seem so Willow, but everything Jenny told me makes me to believe that something big is going to happen…. Soon."

"What's the odd?! Giles didn't find a book on Apocalypses? Maybe the demons have one?"

Xander jumped on his chair when Willow nudged him. Giles gave Xander a wide look though.

"Ok… ok… I did one of my…"

"Useful comments. Why didn't I think of it?"

Giles walked to a truck near the wall and opened it. He took many weapons out of it, removed the fake bottom and grabbed a book. It was old, smelled of old socks and had a three horned beast in its cover page. Apocalypsion was written under one of the beast legs.

"This is a very old book. It was found by a watcher and is concealed from the demon world by strong magic and it accounts for the Apocalypses that demons know of. The book is written in Aramaic and not many people can read it."

"But you know the language, right?"


Giles put his glasses on and proceeded to read the book.

"Hey, wait a moment. Did I give a useful idea?"


The black convertible seen in the highway had black tinted windows. Its occupants were silent for most of the ride until they passed a big green sign. Welcome to Sunnydale.

Angel felt a shiver ran his whole body. He was still disgusted with himself. Earlier that day, he had the most traumatic experience of his life, as long as he knew. He and Doyle had come back the night before and he finally felt hungry for the first time in days. So much that his face kept going back and forth between its human and vampire face.

Doyle went out when he realized what his behavior may have been suggesting. When he came back, he was holding a bottle with something in it. The smell of the bottle had been enough to send his senses into overdrive. He vamped out, grabbed the bottle and drank from it. He only realized what he was drinking when some of the liquid fell in his hand and he tried to clean it. He didn't say anything after it. He was silent since.

When the convertible Doyle was driving reached the city, Angel looked out interested. He was in what he believed was the main street of the city. There were no people around given the late hour. He could see some stores and a coffee shop.

"Espresso Pump…"


"Espresso Pump. I… the name… it sounds familiar… to me."

"Do you remember anything?"

"No. Just have this sensation."


Unknown to them, a man dressed in commando gears was following the car movements.


Lindsey sat in his chair in W&H. He had been very active during the day preparing for the event to take place at the Hellmouth in two weeks. Everything should work out just fine. He knew where the gipsy was as well as The Partners. They were finally made aware that she had changed the curse so the vampire didn't lose his soul and they didn't like it. He would have killed her already to see if the adage hold true: witches' spells were reverted when she died. However, the Partners felt she was needed around if something didn't work out. So, she was still alive.

He also knew that his subjects were going to appear in that damned city soon too. He was smiling, thinking of the protection and new position he would have sooner when he heard the phone ringing.

"Talk Gavin."

"Lindsey, we believe the vampire arrived in the city. A black convertible was seen by one of the man."

"Black convertibles for a vampire?"

"A tinted window one, sr."

"Ok. Give me confirmation… and Gavin…"

"Yeah, sr."

"Do not disappoint me. Tell your men to do no harm to them. You can kill anyone who crosses your path, though."

Lindsey hung up without waiting for Gavin's answer. His humor got so much better.


"Dear God!"

Giles had read Apocalypsion for a long time. Willow and Xander were still trying to find something with the help of the now awake Jenny in other books. The group turned to the ex-librarian when they heard his agitated exclamation.

"What is it, Giles?"

"There is a prophecy in the book regarding two warriors."

"So, what did it say?"

"It can roughly be traduced as When light and dark cross path again, two will become three and the world will perish. Only the worth feeling can turn back The End of Days."

"So, this Buffy and the vampire Angelus can't be together right?"

Xander had a déjà vu. He didn't know the Slayer, but how one get in love could with a vampire, even one with Angelus's history, was beyond any sane thought.

"Yes. It should suffice, but we are talking about prophecies. They are trick and are mean to pass, Xander. If I am right light and dark are the slayer and the vampire. They surely are the two, but how can they become three. It could mean a baby, but it is not possible because of vampires being unable to reproduce. Then, there is not enough time. If there was a baby, he or she would be evil and cause the end of the days?"

Jenny had been pensive while Giles talked and her eyes got wild when something occurred to her.

"Giles. I don't think it is it. They are light and dark. They are three already."

"What are you saying?"

"Angel is two, isn't he? He has the soul and the demon. Then, there is Buffy. Three, you see."

"Yes, yes, yes, indeed. Angel was two before he met Buffy."

"So, some of the prophecy have already passed."

"Yes, Willow. If we are right, then I am afraid, Willow."

"But, we have to keep them from meeting each other again right?"

"It seems so, Xander, but we have to prepare. From my calculations, the prophecy outcome… the end of days is set to be in two weeks."



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