Chapter 1

Reba Hart sighed as she walked through the backdoor of her Houston, Texas home. Her day had been terrible, her boss yelled at her and then in turn, she had yelled at her boss. In the end, she was fired. She had gathered up all her things as quickly as possible and raced home, eager to indulge in a bottle of red wine and forget all about her day.

She had set her stuff on the counter and quickly went to the cabinet to grab a bottle of red wine. Once a generous amount was poured into a glass Reba collapsed on the couch. She knew it was in the middle of the afternoon and she probably shouldn't be drinking this early but nobody was home and she really, really wanted to forget this day.

She gave herself a scoff at her thoughts; she really wanted to forget the year. It had been really hard, on everyone. Brock and Barbara Jean didn't work out and they had gotten a divorce, during the divorce they both would come to Reba, to complain. She thought she was going to go insane during that time. She wanted to strangle them both. The kids took it a little hard, Kyra especially since she was the closest to Barbara Jean. They all felt Barbara Jean wouldn't come around anymore once the divorce was finale but she proved everyone wrong when she showed up showing off her copy of the final divorce papers.

Despite the complaining Reba was amazed at Brock and Barbara Jean able to be really good friends. They were better friends to each other than Reba and Brock were during and after their divorce. It made her truly sick if she could be perfectly honest. Why couldn't they be good friends?

Reba set her glass of wine on the coffee table next to her and scoot down so she was lying down on the couch, she was feeling completely tired. She had no clue what she was going to do next. She rolled her on her side and closed her eyes, expecting a small cat nap when the front door slammed. She jumped up wide eyed and frightened a little. She calmed a bit when she saw her middle child walk over and sit in the empty arm chair.

Reba sighed as she grabbed her wine glass and took a sip. "What's wrong?" she asked in a dry voice. She really should care but her day wasn't all that great and she really wasn't feeling any compassion for anyone else's problems at the moment, not even her kids. That can seem kind of cruel but she was tired.

Kyra waved it off, like she didn't want to talk but then she went into a rant. "My crazy English teacher kept me after school today. I didn't even do anything!"

Reba rolled her eyes and looked to her daughter. "Kyra there must have been a reason. A teacher wouldn't punish you if you hadn't of done anything."

Kyra paused to glare at her mother. "I didn't do anything!"

Reba was tired and really didn't want to get into another argument with Kyra. That's all they did lately, was argue, then she would run to Barbara Jean and stay at her house for a while. "I'm tired and I need to get dinner started. As soon as I do I am going to bed."

Kyra pulled her backpack into her lap, ready to get her homework done. "Fine." Kyra then looked up in confusion at her mother. "What are you doing home so early anyway?"

Reba looked shyly away and mumbled, "I got fired. Dinner's in an hour." Reba tried leaving but her daughter kept her.

Kyra knew her mother thought she didn't hear but she did. She laughed a bit. "You're yelling at me about being kept after school and you got fired! What did you do, call your boss a monkey's butt?"

Reba turned sharply and glared at her daughter. "Watch it. I already had a bad day." Kyra rolled her eyes and just stomped up the stairs in her usual child like manner.

Reba knew that Kyra was the only other adult she really had in this house besides herself but sometimes she could forget how childish Kyra could be. Reba sighed as she walked into her kitchen and started on preparing dinner for her family. As she started cutting up vegetables her mind began to wonder to what she was going to do now that she didn't have a job. She was the only one who paid any bills around here. Van and Cheyenne helped when they could but they had a baby girl to take care of and they were trying to save money for their own place to live. Kyra was still in high school and Reba didn't want to have her get a job just to help out the family and of course Jake was only ten.

She was just trying to relax when the two people she really didn't want to see decided to pop into her house through the back door. "Hey buddy!" Barbara Jean said as she walked through the door holding a pie. Brock smiled to her as he followed in behind Barbara Jean. Barbara Jean sat on one of the stool chairs at the counter and gave Reba a sad look. "We heard about you loosing your job."

Reba stopped chopping and looked to Barbara Jean. "How did you know that?" She had only just gotten home less than an hour ago and she only told Kyra. How she could possibly know?

Barbara Jean just smiled. "Kyra called us." Reba rolled her eyes and resumed chopping up cucumbers for dinner. She could always count on Kyra to send over the two most annoying people in the world to try and cheer her up. Barbara Jean didn't notice the eye roll or the annoyed tone of voice Reba used and she placed the pie in front of her. "I baked you a pity pie. My grandma called it that because she always gave it to people she pitied and of course that it's pie."

Reba stopped chopping and stared. "You do know I am holding a knife."

Barbara Jean still being oblivious to anything about that statement nodded happily and just kept on smiling. Reba turned to Brock and raised an eyebrow in question. He just rolled his eyes as well and sat next to Barbara Jean on one of the stools. "You have any idea what you're going to do now?"

Reba shrugged. "I have no clue. I suppose tomorrow I'll get up and start looking for a job."

Barbara Jean perked up at this. "Hey, you should apply at Brock's office again." She said nodding. She looked back and forth between Reba and Brock who both had a look of disgust on their faces. "Don't you think it would be a good idea?" Reba shook her head and still had the look on her face. "Brock said he was looking for someone because the girl he recently hired was a little too happy with the laughing gas." Reba couldn't help but laugh a bit as she saw Brock's face. He must be having a terrible time with this woman and it gave her pleasure that he was unhappy. Barbara Jean laughed right along with her. "Well, think about it. I must be going. Henry is still with the babysitter." She walked towards the door and paused. "Are you still picking up Henry after dinner?"

Brock turned to Barbara Jean for a moment and nodded. She then finally left, much to Reba's relief. Reba still couldn't stop laughing though at Barbara Jean's comment and Brock's discomfort. Brock glared at Reba. "Keep laughing; see if I give you a job."

Reba glared right back at him but giggled a bit more. "I don't want to work for you again Brock. It was bad enough that I had to work for you when we were married and then again when we were divorced."

Brock's glare turned into a grin. "We had great times together when we were married. Remember examining room 3?" he asked grinning from ear to ear.

Reba's cheeks turned as red as her hair. "No." she said flatly.

Brock still couldn't stop grinning. "Come on. It was a slow day. You said you were bored. You played the patient…"

Reba cut him off. "Ah, stop it!" Brock couldn't help but chuckle as her cheeks got even redder. "Just…go home."

Brock held his hands up in defeat but he didn't leave. His face suddenly turned into a look of concern. "If you really need a job…"

Reba smiled and shook her head. "Thanks for the offer but I don't think so. I'll be fine. I will find a new job in no time." Brock nodded and truly believed her. Reba was always determined. He knew she would find a job no problem. She was just a kind loving person and a hard worker. Only an idiot would turn her away from a job.

"You sure you're going to be all right?" he asked one last time, just to make sure. He knew what a major set back it had to seem to Reba. She always worked her hardest at any job she had. She always had pride in her work and he could only imagine what it felt like for her to not have a job, to feel like she couldn't provide for her family, even if it's only for a short while.

Reba just smiled at her ex-husband's concerns. Of course he was concerned because her loosing her job had everything to do with the kids they have together. "I'll be just fine Brock. I told you I'm going out searching tomorrow. I appreciate your concerned and all but I really need to make dinner and you sitting here talking to me is keeping me from doing just that." Brock shut his mouth immediately and mumbled a quick goodbye before heading out the door. He knew better than to continue trying to talk to her when she was in a mood.

Reba made dinner for her family but decided not to eat any of it. After she had placed the dishes of food on the table and made sure everyone had plenty to eat, she went upstairs to her room to figure out what she was going to do. She wasn't too worried about finding a job. She had a lot more experience than she did the first time she had to go out and find one. She knew she could get a job in a reasonable amount of time but it's hard when you lose a job, even a crappy one. She was a great worker but she knew her attitude could have probably used a bit of an adjustment. She was just going to have to stop worrying and relax a bit. She changed into her pajamas and went to bed early.

The next morning Reba woke up at almost eleven in the morning for the first time on a Friday in a long time. She was going to start job hunting today but she changed her mind when she awoke and decided to relax for the weekend and start Monday. She needed a day to relax. Her ex-boss always had her working and she hardly ever had a day off. She had the house to herself for the whole day and she was going to enjoy it while she could.

Her day began with a nice and long relaxing bath. Once dressed and her hair and make-up was done it was almost one o'clock and her stomach was growling. Rather than make a mess of her nice clean kitchen in order to make lunch just for herself, she decided to head out for a bite. She grabbed her keys and headed to her harvest gold colored car. Once inside she put in one of her favorite Dolly Parton CD's and enjoyed the long ride to downtown Houston to enjoy her lunch. Once finding a decent café, she entered and ordered her sandwich and salad lunch. She had just taken a sip of her ice water when the last person she wanted to see that day showed up.

"Hello, Reba." Brock said as he sat down a crossed from her. "Fancy seeing you here."

Reba rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile. "What are you doing here? Don't you work?"

Brock smiled at her beautiful smile. "I'm on my lunch break and since I'm my own boss I can go back whenever I want. What are you doing here? I thought you were job hunting."

Reba shrugged and took a small bite of her chicken sandwich. "I decided to do it on Monday. I needed to relax today. I have hardly ever had a day off."

Brock nodded and smiled. He was glad she was taking a day for herself. She did need it and deserved it. She was always working hard for other people, whether it be at work or at home. "Can I get you anything sir?" A bleach blonde waitress with a huge chest asked that just came up to the table.

Reba shook her head. "No, he's not…"

Brock interrupted her and smiled at the waitress. "Water and corn beef sandwich please."

"Right away." She said with a smile.

Reba didn't even realize she glared at the back of the woman's head. She turned back to Brock who was smiling. "Why are you staying?" she asked trying to sound annoyed.

Brock ignored her being mean and leaned back in his chair, trying to get comfortable. "It just looked like you needed company."

Reba glared. "Well I don't need your company, so why don't you get your sandwich to go and leave me alone."

Brock just kept on smirking and loving that merely being there was annoying the hell out of her. It reminded him of when they first met and when she hated his guts. They had met in college. She was dating Parker and he was dating Lori Ann. Lori Ann thought it would be fun for all of them to go out on a double date but it was a disaster. Reba hated the arrogant jock and Brock thought Reba was nothing but a nerd and the teasing had begun that night. It continued throughout the year she had been dating Parker until one moment when Reba decided when Brock wasn't being an arrogant jock, he was kind of nice and when Brock was looking past the nerd part of her, he actually found that she was sweet and funny…not to mention gorgeous as well. The rest is history.

Reba continued to try and ignore him as she finished off her sandwich and salad. The bleach blonde waitress came back shortly with Brock's water and sandwich. "I hope you and you're…" She glanced at Reba a moment and gave her a sickly sweet smile. "Sister, have a lovely lunch." She turned back to Brock and gave him a flirtatious smile. "My name is Amy and let me know if you need anything." Then she walked away with a wink.

Reba rolled her eyes and Brock just smiled as he took a bite of his sandwich. "Do you get Henry tonight?" she asked trying to make conversation.

Brock nodded as he forced down the small bite corn beef and took a gulp of his water. "BJ is supposed to bring him over sometime after dinner. I think were making real progress." Brock said trying to sound positive.

Reba tried giving him a positive smile but it came out a bit strained. The divorce was a little hard on Henry but he was a little boy still and he didn't really have an understanding why his daddy didn't live with him and his mother anymore. She felt bad for Henry but she was sure the older he got the better he would understand about the whole thing. Barbara Jean did her best to explain to him that he would see his daddy everyday and nothing would be different except that daddy wouldn't be living at their house. Reba felt bad for Brock. He was trying so hard to get Henry to understand and to not hate him for not being around as much as he was. He spent as much time with Henry as he could during the week and Henry was always over Brock's house on the weekends.

During the rest of the lunch Reba was actually having a good time. She had forgotten how much of a good time she had with Brock when they weren't trying to insult each other. She was glad he stayed. It wasn't until the end of the lunch with the waitress Amy came back to the table that they went back to the old ways. "Will this be on a separate or one bill?" she asked politely. Reba didn't like her.

"Separate/One." They both replied to the waitress at the same time. The waitress looked confused and Reba thought it probably didn't take much to confuse her.

Brock turned to Reba. "I will pay for you're lunch."

Reba shook her head. "No, I don't need…"

Brock didn't even wait for her to argue. "One bill please." The waitress nodded and came back shortly to receive Brock's credit card. Reba just rolled her eyes. She could have paid for her own lunch. She appreciated it though and of course said thank you.

On the way out of the door they ran into the waitress. She smiled at Brock and stepped towards him, a little too close if anyone asked Reba. She took his hand into hers and shook it lightly. "I hope you enjoyed your meal and please come back anytime."

Brock smiled at her. "You can count it." Reba rolled her eyes and the waitress walked away with a swing to her hips. Brock held up the piece of paper that the waitress left in his hand for Reba to see. "She gave me her number." Reba just walked out of the café and towards her car. Brock insisted that he walk her there. "I should give her a call tonight." He said watching Reba's reaction. He noticed she seemed a little more forceful with putting the key into her door to unlock it. "Unless you don't think I should."

Reba turned to him with a look of disdain on her face. "We're divorced Brock. I don't care who you go out with anymore."

Brock didn't like that. He wanted her to tell him he shouldn't. He didn't know why he wanted Reba to do that but he did. He wanted her to tell him no but if she really didn't care maybe he should go out with her. "Maybe I will call her." He said in slightly harsher tone than he had meant to.

Reba glared and got into her car. "Go ahead. I am not stopping you." She slammed the door, turned on the car, and sped away a little faster than she intended.

Brock stood there, somewhat confused at her reaction. She seemed upset but she just told him she didn't care. Did she really care? Brock shook his head and headed back to his car. Reba had been acting weird around him ever since Barbara Jean and he had their divorce finalized. He had to admit it he was a little weird between them. He wasn't sure why but it was. Brock figured he was just being stupid and he went to his car. He better get back to the office. He made sure he put Amy's number safely away. He needed to start dating again.

Reba went home straight home to relax. She couldn't get her mind off that Amy chick who flirted with Brock. She didn't know why she cared so much. She didn't care. She didn't care at all. He could go out with anyone he wanted. He didn't need her permission and she didn't need his to go out on a date. She had to admit though she had been a little weird around him since his divorce from Barbara Jean. It was only because the last time that neither of them was married, they dated and the last year has been almost like that. They were friends again and Reba liked that but she was afraid. She didn't want to get too close. She couldn't get too close again.

End of Chapter