(Wilder's POV)

Who would've thought that a paper plane was so lucky? I sure didn't think so. But if my awesome paper plane didn't go into April's eye, I wouldn't have been able to show her around. And DJ said that paper planes were bad. She needed to throw a paper plane once in a while.

"So, where're you from, April?" I asked her.

I really wanted to find out about April. I never really liked a girl so much from such a short time of knowing her. Don't get me wrong, I definitely wasn't falling in love with April. I only had one love, and that was video games. Nothing and no one would replace that, ever.

"New York." She said, placing all her things on her desk.

"Ah, so you're from the states?"

"No, I'm from Europe." she laughed, stopping to look up at me, "Yes, I'm from the states."

"Hmm, someone's sarcastic!" I said.

I found her being sarcastic really cool. Well, that was because being sarcastic leaded to being funny. And a girl who was funny, was awesome.

She sat down in her seat and turned around to smile at me, "Yeah. So, tell me about yourself Wilder."

"Well, I'm a proud video game addict." That was the first thing that came to my mind.

"Video games? Seems a bit childish, don't you think?" She said, smiling at me again. I didn't mind though, her smile was almost perfect.

"No, video games are the most awesomest things ever!" I exclaimed. How could I begin to like a girl who thought video games were childish? Wait, I was beginning to like her? Well, of course I was. She was funny and not to mention super pretty.

She looked at me with her eyes open and her smile wide, "Calm down. I just don't take interest into video games as much as you do. Probably because I never played one."

I looked at her like she had five different heads. A person who had never played a video game before? She didn't know what she was missing out on! "You never played a video game before? Not even seen one? What is up with New York?"

"I've seen a video game before but I never played one. They just don't seem to be interesting." She said, spinning in her chair.

"Well, you haven't had the full video game experience before. You're lucky that you've found the video game expert here to help you with that."

"So, what you're saying is you, the gaming expert, are going to give me the full video game experience?" One of her eyebrows was arched and she was smiling a tiny bit. She smiled quite a lot. But there was nothing wrong with that!

"That is exactly what I'm saying."

If anyone was the expert on video games, it was me. And there was no one who would be better to give an extreme full video game experience to someone except me. Plus, I've been waiting my whole life to give someone a full video game experience and my dream would finally come true.

"Well, I couldn't possibly pass that opportunity up." She said.

She was also going to be a video game expert in no time. Especially with the help of myself, leading her along the way.

"Are you sure you're not just saying that because I'm the expert who's giving you the experience?"

"Actually," she said, stopping and looking at me while another smile was planted on her face, "I'm not."

I'm so ashamed of myself. I haven't been living up to my FanFiction-y duties. :( I've had major writing block with this story and this chapter isn't long at all. I'm not sure if it's good either. You, the readers, decide that. And I have to write a book report I have to do and I'm going back to school this Tuesday coming up! Then, I definitely won't have much time on my hands. But I will try my best to do my best. And that's all I can do.