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Author's Note: Takes place as Sam watches Dean through the window. Sam's thoughts.


I watch my brother as he tries to be as normal as he can. You can see that it is hard for him to do and you can see that he misses me. I am glad that he listened to me and hope that he can do what I told him to do.

Last year he was the one who sacrificed himself because of me. The only reason why he came out of where he was at was because of Castiel. If Castiel wasn't the one who had gotten him out he would have been tortured more and it would never stop. I knew that I had to sacrifice myself this time. I had to be the one to step up and do that right thing.

I hope that Dean can find some peace and wonder if I would come back to see him again. I already miss him and hope I am doing the right thing, but in my heart I know I am. I close my eyes and watch the three at the dinner table. Then I turn and walk away never looking back as I disappear from sight.

The End