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Famous people with hearing, vision and speech impairments: Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johnny Ray, Goya. Whether they were deaf, dumb or blind, these people's talents were all recognized despite their disabilities.

And then there are all the rest of us. Those who don't have any specific genius.

I don't have any brilliant talent. I'm not a brilliant scientist like Edison, I don't have great courage and patience like Helen Keller, I'm not a genius musician like Beethoven or Johnny Ray, and I'm certainly not a wonderful painter like Goya. I've probably read more books then all the students in my junior year put together, but then again, that's no hard feat to accomplish considering you're lucky to find a student my age who has even read one book.

So people don't look at me and say 'Bella Swan – she's so talented'. People look at me and say 'Bella Swan – what a freak'. Bella Swan who never speaks. Bella Swan who doesn't talk. Well, they never even bothered to ask me why. And they don't care anyway. At least they don't pretend to. If there's one thing I hate, its people pretending to take an interest in you for their own selfish motives.

There are definite advantages to being dubbed 'weird' in high school though, and I've come to appreciate them. Little things like no matter what you do, people already think you're weird, so it doesn't matter what you do anymore. Things like the fact that people never look at you, because after the initial weird stares, people will just forget you exist, so there's no fret in the morning worrying about what to wear. Things like the way teachers somehow catch on that the entire student body thinks you're weird and start taking pity on you – maybe not intentionally, but at least there's no worry that they'll pick on you in class.

Those little things are what make my life normal. As normal as it can get for me anyway. And I revel in them.

I revel as I slip on my faded jeans, my dad's old college t-shirt, and my faded rolling stones hoodie on another cold crisp September morning. I don't event think twice about slipping on my dirty black Chucks, or my mom's old old old leather jacket from the seventies. I revel in not lathering my skin with makeup because no one's going to be looking at me, so why bother? I smile as I throw my rucksack on my shoulder because it's comfortable, and because no one looks at me, so I don't need to spend a thousand bucks on a designer handbag that'll give me back problems by the time I'm thirty.

These are the things that make me happy, because not much else does. They keep my world in its orbit. Little did I know, that my imperfectly perfect world that I was just getting used to was about to come crashing down around me. I didn't know that, so I smiled as I slipped into my Chevvy from the sixties that backfires every time I rev up the engine, because you know what? My name is Bella Swan, and I'm mute, but who, the fuck, cares.

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