The Season

Daily Prophet

Golden Trio Reunion!

It's been a year since we've last seen the young war heroes. They stepped out of the lime light just two weeks after the brave Harry Potter and his loyal friends defeated the dark lord.

Well readers, they're back! …and just in time for 'The Season'.

I was lucky enough to bare witness to a night out for the now 20 year olds. They were spotted at the new dance club, Primavera, kicking up the dust and having a good time.

All I have to say is 'what a difference a year makes, folks!' (Photo's below) The previously dowdy Hermione Granger has grown into quite a pretty young witch. She's got curves in all the right places. Wowza!

Also in attendance was the youngest Weasley, Ginervra giving Miss Granger a run for her money. Both ladies seemed more interested in the club around them than the two young gentlemen panting after them!

The boy-who-lived couldn't take his eyes off Miss Weasley and much to our pleasant surprise; she didn't appear to take an interest in him in the least. The same can be said for Miss Granger and her apparent disdain for Ronald Weasley (if her constant sighs and eye rolls at his attention were any indication).

This reporter has it on good authority that both girls are still single and waiting for their knights in shining armor to come sweep them off their feet.

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley didn't leave their side for more than a minute the entire evening. One wonders how close they really are.

Mssrs. Potter and Weasley will be attending Auror training next month and we wish them the best of luck.

The sultry Miss Granger was offered a position running the Being Division in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. No surprise there! Good luck Miss Granger, we know you'll go far.

Miss Weasley just sat for her NEWTs and has not made it public what her plans are for the future.

Stay with me folks, more on the Trio later!

"Rubbish!" she hissed and tossed the paper on the table.

"You did look nice, 'Mione," Ron said stuffing his face with a forkful of egg.

She grimaced when some egg flew out of his mouth and onto the table.

Harry nodded, but thankfully didn't speak until he had swallowed, "who cares what they say anyway," he added deliberately denying the remarks on Ginny's disinterest in him.

She huffed, just like Harry to deny and avoid, she thought.

The boys shrugged and Ron looked like he was the cat that caught the canary… it made her quirk an eyebrow, "You aren't dowdy at all! …maybe once, when we were young, but not now… well maybe on Sunday mornings , but…" she held her hand up for him to stop. He did and then smiled.

Ron's smile was hopeful and flirty.

She knew he wanted her; the problem was she didn't want him… romantically, at least. She'd pined over him for years, but his tendency to leave when things got tough had her re-evaluating her feelings for him.

It wasn't just the one time on the run, he had subjected her to his cold shoulders and silent treatments from day one; and though she loved him as a close friend, one that she had endured many life altering events with, and valued his zest and passion for things, it was not something she wanted to tolerate for the remainder of her life, which roughly, would be another 100 years as Magical beings had longer life spans than Muggles.

Harry knew, but the self centered coward was too caught up trying to make things right with Ginny, so he did nothing to redirect Ron, which only encouraged him to try new approaches.

Hermione was fed up with approaches; she was on the verge of hexing someone the next time Ron started a sentence with 'ummm 'Mione?' in that worried tone of his. It was always followed by some sort of alone time scene.

"ummmm 'Mione, wanna go for a walk by the lake?" Ron asked.

Case and point, she thought miserably.

"I was planning to go shopping after breakfast, sorry," she said sympathetically. No, she didn't want to go for a walk alone with him, but she didn't feel the need to be unnecessarily rude either. Every once in a while he would catch her in a mood and she would just say no or something equally blunt to assuage his hope for a romantic future with her that involved kissing, sex and children, but usually she just came up with an excuse hoping it would dissuade him.

"ummmm 'Mione…"

She was definitely going to hex someone; she closed her eyes and counted to ten. When she opened them his eyes were pleading and the tips of his ears red.

She and Ginny had only been back a week for crying out loud! Couldn't they (the boys) just give them some space?

Apparently, she wasn't the only one frustrated at the constant barrage of whiny love sick questions, "Ronald, she isn't interested! Leave her be!" Ginny snapped walking into the kitchen.

Hermione smiled inwardly, "Morning Gin," she greeted.

Ginny smiled at her, "Morning. Shopping still?"

Hermione nodded and scooted over so the pretty red head could sit.

Ginny understood perfectly, what Hermione was feeling. To the Wizarding world Harry may be the boy-who-conquered-all, but to Ginny he was just a broody teen aged boy who'd broken her heart and had commitment issues.

When Ginny walked in Harry had stood and smiled, in return she sneered and smiled at Hermione.

Harry dropped back into his chair with slumped shoulders, "Oh stop pouting Potter," Ginny snapped again.

She had taken to calling him Potter so that he would get the hint and back off a little. It was lost on him.

The boys finished their meals and sat staring at the two lovely witches seated across from them. By silent agreement Hermione and Ginny skulled the rest of their pumpkin juice and stood. They were out the door in a flash and Apparating as soon as they cleared the boundary of the Burrow.

Harry and Ron looked at each other from the door way, "This is not going as planned," Harry sighed.

Ron shook his head in agreement.

Suddenly two large hands clamped down on their shoulders startling them, "Give it a rest, they aren't interested," Fred said.

"But we're supposed to …you know, marry, have kids… live happily ever after," Ron whined, "We can't do that if they play hard to get for much longer."

Harry nodded and Fred frowned, "I love Mione, but do you really want to marry someone who knows …everything? …and can hex you six ways from Sunday whenever you upset her?" he asked and then looked at Harry, "and you. Do you really want a hot tempered harpy nagging you to death for eternity?"

Both wizards shook their heads, "You're right, mate. We're two thirds of the Golden Trio! We can have any bird we want, why tie ourselves down to witches who don't appreciate us?" Harry announced.

Ron nodded his head, his brows furrowed in thought, "Right! Thanks Fred,"

"Anytime, brother, anytime," he said and smiled; his job here was done. Those girls owed him… big time.


"Think Fred was successful?" Ginny asked as they tried on shoes.

Hermione snorted, "He'd better be for what I'm paying him."

Ginny's eyes widened, "What are you paying him?" they narrowed, "…not…?"

Hermione looked aghast at the idea of shedding her virginity for something so manipulative, "No! I promised two days a week for a month dedicated solely to brainstorming on new pranks and products for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes."

Ginny laughed and nodded to the sales witch, "I'll take those, please."

"Yes Miss Weasley, right away."

After a few more stores and a few more purchases the girls sat down for a bite to eat at a new outdoor café. It was owned by the Patil twins, they'd opened a few months after the war.

The girls walked in and straight to the tables outside. They were met by a smiling Parvati, "Hermione. Ginny. Out shopping today?" she greeted and set menus down after hugs and kisses were exchanged in a happy greeting.

Both girls nodded and held up bags of items.

After ordering the girls sat in comfortable silence watching the passersby walk along the cobblestone alley.

***In the Shadows

They stood inside the Quidditch store watching the two pretty witches sit down at the café. The Prophet was right, a year had made a difference, but lovely was an understatement.

Ginny Weasley had straight red hair that fell just past her shoulders in a stylish bob. Her feminine hands and elegant fingers tucked a strand back behind her ear.

She smiled and said something to Hermione. Who smiled in return.

He was pretty sure he could see her long, dark eye lashes from here. She had pale skin unmarred by freckles so common with red heads. She was tall and slender and had the most kissable lips he had ever seen.

Draco was oddly silent in his perusal of Ginny Weasley, not that it was recognized by an equally love struck Blaise Zabini, who couldn't take his eyes off her dark haired friend. Hermione's hair was no longer frizzy or curly. It fell to her waist in soft waves of chocolate. She looked like she had spent some time in the sun as her skin was aglow with olive tones. She looked across the street and then back as if she felt someone was watching her, but she found nothing.

She shivered – he could see her shoulders roll slightly; he smiled at the thought that even if she didn't know it, he had made her tremble.

She was small, that was no change, but she was toned. Her arms muscled, but not masculine. Her halter top had a V neck that accentuated the fact that her body had filled out some. He wanted to run his thumb along the side swell of her breast so clearly visible from where he stood.

***the girls

Parvati brought their drinks and smiled, "Rum and pineapple juice and Vokda with a lemon twist. Your salads will be right out."

"Thanks Parv," Ginny said and took a drink of her perfectly mixed rum and pineapple.

"Feels different being back, like we've been gone for years instead of just one," Hermione commented hmmming when she sipped her vodka.

Ginny nodded, "thanks for inviting me. I couldn't stay there with just them," she said referring to Harry and Ron.

Hermione chuckled, "It was nice talking and hanging out without the threat of death over our heads."

Their salads came and they ate in silence at first. Ginny finished her drink and motioned for another for her and Hermione.

"I don't think I'll be able to stay much longer," Ginny commented.

Hermione nodded and then stopped, "You know, the Merlins First Class came with a land title. We could take a look at the property around here, see what's available. Maybe we could move in together until you decided what you're going to do," Hermione suggested with a smile.

It was met with misery, "What am I going to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

She leveled Hermione with a serious look, "I would love to work in your department actually. I think I'd be great at working as a liaison of sorts between magical nations, like Veela, Centaurs and such."

Hermione smiled and Ginny saw the excited glint in her eyes; Hermione had a plan.

"The Ministry owled me yesterday telling me to hire an assistant…"

Ginny scowled, "Like a secretary?"

Hermione giggled, "No, like a deputy. Second in charge type of thing." After a moment Hermione continued, "We could do great things together Gin," she baited in a sing song voice.

A few seconds ticked by before Ginny smiled, "it's a deal," she accepted excitedly and held her hand out for a shake.

They talked and laughed while eating their salads slowly. Parvati picked up their dishes when they were done and dropped another round of drinks. Luckily, they'd had water in between the alcoholic drinks, so they weren't drunk… yet.

*** Across the street

The breeze blew making Hermione's hair dance, which, in turn, made Blaise catch his breath at her beauty. He realized on some basic male level that he was being ridiculous with his current fascination with the Muggle born. He was usually direct, assertive and definitely not complimentary, but right now all he wanted to do was smile at her and tell her how pretty she was; his male pride rolled its eyes and grumbled hoping that it would not suffer through any vocal indignities for the benefit of this Miss Granger!

Draco was sure that if Lucius were to see his son in a state of mesmerized lull because of a young red head, no less, he would hex him back into reality; though, Draco's logical brain quietly pointed out that Narcissa only ever looked unhappy when the dark lord had occupied Malfoy Manor, other than that, she was content.

His brain went so far as to pull pictures of times when Narcissa merely sighed in boredom and Lucius was on his feet in a moment gathering his wife up and taking her away. He noticed in one of the memories that she had a smirk, worthy of her husband.

Draco mentally shook that thought away and refocused on Ginny.

They both felt the presence walk up behind them, "We're all set…, what's this?" Marcus asked taking in the picture.

Draco and Blaise stiffened.

They had all come together; in fact, Flint and Pucey were the reason they were looking out the window. They'd been bored waiting for the business transaction to complete.

"Who's the red head… she looks familiar," Adrian asked.

"Ginny Weasley," Draco responded the entirety of his body language telling the older wizard to turn away.

Adrian smiled, "Well isn't she the prettiest little thing."

Marcus grunted, "She's nothing compared to the lovely Hermione Granger. Gentlemen, care for a bite to eat?"

They all agreed to a bite and started out the door intent on getting a table near the ladies in question, but stopped short watching wide-eyed and anxious as four elegant women crossed the street and headed straight for the table housing the two young ladies.

***what a surprise

The ladies stepped out of the Twilfitt and Tattings and walked gracefully down the cobblestone street.

"Is that Hermione Granger?"

"Yes. And Ginvervra Weasley."

"Surprising to see them alone. The Potter and Weasley follow them around like puppies!" she laughed.

Snort (ladylike), "From what I've read, they aren't interested. Maybe they wanted to get away from the meddling crew," the other suggested.

"Shall we go and say hello?"

Each lady smiled, "Indeed."

*** Wizards

"What are they doing?" Flint asked

They remained quiet, watching and worried. They weren't ready for a scene just yet.


"Miss Granger?" Narcissa asked, standing at the foot of the table.

Hermione looked up, recognizing the voice, but not believing. She blinked and looked at each lady; she only recognized two of them.

Narciss stood quiet and patient. She was aware the young woman needed time to absorb this, though she hoped it would not take long. It didn't, "Mrs. Malfoy, How… How are you, Ma'am?"

Narcissa smiled, "I'm positively famished, my dear, thank you for asking."

She remained standing and waiting. It dawned on Hermione what the witch was waiting for, "Won't you join us then?"

Ginny finally snapped shut her mouth and joined the invitation, "Oh yes, please. I'll get Parv, she can pull two tables together," she said standing and smiling.

Narcissa and the others smiled and looked, to Hermione, like they approved of the invitation, "Thank you Miss Weasley. That would be lovely."

Once the drinks had been delivered and an awkward silence had settled among the unlikely group, Hermione decided enough was enough.

Ginny watched as Hermione's inner lioness emerged, courageous, but wary, "I'm sorry, but I don't know some of you. I'm Hermione Granger."

She slowly held out a shaky hand, fully expecting to be embarrassed by rejection. She pushed the negative thought aside and leaned towards positive. The women came to them, not the other way around, so that was something, right?

After a very tense moment a dark haired beauty smiled and grasped her hand in greeting, "Camille Nott, I'm Blaise Zabini's mother," she said.

Her voice was deeper than a normal witches voice. It was raspy and seductive. Her face was exotic and her penetrating eyes a wide almond shape. She was the most beautiful woman Hermione had ever seen.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Nott. This is Ginny Weasley."

Ginny smiled brightly and reached a hand to the beautiful witch. After their greeting, Ginny turned to Narcissa, "It's nice to see you Mrs. Malfoy." Ginny was thinking similarly about Narcissa Malfoy. A sunshine blonde with clear blue eyes and flawless skin, the woman was breathtaking.

Narcissa tilted her head and took up the rest of the introductions, "My apologies Miss Granger, this is Alexandra Flint and Elizabeth Pucey."

Both women lent a hand and smiled at Hermione and Ginny.

***The wizards

"Why aren't they talking?" Blaise asked.

They tensed a second later as they watched Granger square her shoulders jut her chin slightly and hold her hand out for greeting. They knew what could happen. Hermione was a Muggle born and though none of them had ever heard their mothers speak derogatorily about Muggle borns it still didn't mean they didn't support the idea.

Each released a breath they weren't aware they were holding when Blaises mom shook Hermione's hand and smiled. Blaise noted that it was a genuine smile.

As if Camille knew her son was watching she looked directly at him and smirked then focused back to the conversation.

"I hate it when your mother does that, Zabini," Draco grumbled.

Marcus smiled, "Maybe its time for us to get that bite to eat."

Adrian snorted, "They'll never let us sit with them."

Draco smiled, "Who said anything about sitting with them; they're plenty of tables!"

Blaise nodded and was the first to turn to walk out the door.