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"WHAT?" she screamed.

He cleared his throat and repeated the sentence. "Ronald has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, and use of an Unforgivable."

"WHAT?" she screamed again, but this time she stood. Enraged magic, pulsing around her; it was palpable.

He really didn't like to have to be the one to tell Molly Weasley that her youngest son was going to Azkaban. She was a warm and compassionate witch; a mother hen to all of the Order, but Kingsley knew that the twins sharp intellect for invention, Ginny's easy absorption of spells and charms and the fact that Molly's three oldest sons excelled at everything they set their minds to, was attributed to her. Molly was a powerful, imaginative and resourceful witch. Getting on her bad side would not bode well for anyone who dared to cross that line.

"Molly dear, let's not kill him yet. We don't know the entire story… and he is our son," Arthur reminded, gently; he was no fool.

Always the voice of reason, Kingsley thought, sighing in relief.

"Our son would not have tried to kill his only sister! Our son would not have harmed a hair on Hermione's head! Our son would be mindful of what his mother would do if she found out!" she hissed.

And just like that the angry magic disappeared in a flash. "Forgive me Kingsley, would you like some tea and muffins? I just baked them this morning," she said sweetly, making every wizard in the room nervous at the sudden change in demeanor.

The Minister looked at Arthur, who nodded in advice and which Kingsley then mirrored. She clapped her hands together. "Wonderful. Be out in a jiffy."

Once she was in the kitchen, Kingsley faced Arthur. "Is she going to be all right?" he asked.

Arthur promptly shook his head. "It isn't Molly I'm worried about."

She walked back in with a tray floating behind her. "Here we are then," she said, pouring each a cup of tea.

"So, where is he?" she asked.

"In a holding cell at the Ministry; fourth floor all the way down. He can come home until his trial, but he'll be on house arrest and you'll be responsible if he leaves the country… or, you can let him stay there."

Arthur thought it odd that she hadn't asked about Ginny, so he did. "Is Ginny still at St. Mungo's?"

Kingsley was about to answer when Molly spoke, "There was an owl waiting in the kitchen. She's at Malfoy Manor and plans to come over shortly."

Kingsley finished his tea and was eager to get home. "Will you be bringing him home or leaving him there?"

Arthur was going to say leave him there, more for Ron's safety than anything else, but Molly again spoke first. "After we speak with Ginny I'll go and get him. How many Galleons is bail set?"

Kingsley shook his head. "You can take him, but make sure he's at the Ministry, my office, in two days time at noon," he instructed.

"What happens if he isn't present?" Arthur asked.

"We'll investigate the matter, determine if you aided him in his departure and if no evidence is found that you assisted, we'll continue to look for him as a fugitive."

They all stood as he left. A moment later Ginny walked in and ran into her mother's waiting arms.

She was sobbing into the shoulder of the one person who would comfort her forever; her mum.

"Shhhhh, it's all right, dear. He'll not get away with this," Molly said.

After tea, muffins, crying, raging and general mother daughter bonding, Ginny got up to leave much happier than she arrived.

"Okay mum, so dinner tonight, just us girls?" Ginny confirmed.

"Yes, dear. Maybe we can have Hermione take us to one of those Muggle picture shows," Molly replied with excitement.

"Picture shows?" Arthur repeated interestedly as he walked into the room.

"Just the girls, Arthur," Molly chided.

Ginny giggled and kissed them both good-bye.

After the familiar pop of Apparition Molly turned to her husband and said, "Let's go get Ronald."

They Flooed to the Ministry and walked to the Auror on duty, sitting at the front desk. "Molly and Arthur Weasley for Ronald Weasley," Arthur told the young Auror.

He nodded and waved his wand towards a wall; a door appeared and opened, revealing a ruffled and tired looking Ron.

The redhead blinked in surprised and focused on his parents. "Mum? Dad?" He wanted nothing more than to rush into her waiting arms and have her comfort him the only way a mother could, but he paused. She didn't look so inviting at the moment.

"Come Ronald, it's time to go home," she said quietly.

Ron reared back a bit; his mother was anything but quiet. She didn't give him an opportunity to respond; she turned around and walked out the door with a 'thank you' nod to the Auror on duty.

They Apparated to the Burrow and walked inside to the kitchen where Ron plopped down in a chair, elbows on the table, hands holding his head. "I'm hungry, mum, and I have a head ache," he whined, hoping she would feed him.

She silently prepared sandwiches for him to eat. She shook her head, indicating she didn't want to hear it, the few times that he tried to speak, so he just ate and waited until she was ready to hear what he had to say.

After he finished, she cleaned up and sat down across from him. Arthur being Arthur disappeared not comfortable with the discipline of their children. He'd always left that to Molly – and for the most part, her methods had been successful, except with Ronald.

She finally sat down and pierced him with her cold, angry eyes. "Explain yourself," she said curtly.

He gulped, suddenly at a loss for words. "I… she …. Hermione was supposed to be my girlfriend, my fiancée, the mother of my children. She didn't accept my petition and I kept seeing her with …them." He sneered the word.

"I went to visit her at work and I was angry." He took a deep breath and continued, hoping his mother would understand.

In truth, she did feel a teensy amount of sympathy for him. Her youngest son had never taken to change very well and she blamed herself for not working more with him to accept change gracefully.

"You hurt them… twice, Ronald. That is unacceptable. I know that you were hurt too, but you put blame where it didn't belong – on Hermione's shoulders. She didn't let them do anything to you. In fact, her and your sister took it upon themselves to make sure you were all right.

You could have killed your sister!" She was close to shouting now when she pulled her wand and cast a whispered spell.

His form transfigured into a large corner chair complete with ginger upholstery. She smiled at her handy work and went back to baking and humming a tune she'd heard that morning.

An hour later Arthur and the twins walked inside and sat down at the table. "Mum?"


"Is that new?" Fred asked, pointing to the chair.

She smiled sweetly. "A bit," she said deliberately being vague.

"Where's Ronald, Molly?" Arthur asked still staring at the chair.

"He's around, dear," she answered, placing sandwiches and tea in front of the three.

Two day's later Kingsley came back to the Burrow, asking for Ronald, only to find that he was not at the Burrow and that Molly Weasley had a new chair. Strangely, it was the same color as Ronalds' hair, and Arthur avoided it like the plague.

Kingsley found that he was strangely comfortable with the new chair. He nodded his goodbye and walked out with a small smile playing around his lips. Molly's punishment would serve nicely. Ronald Weasley would no longer pose a threat to anyone; Kingsley was certain of this.


Hermione woke up sore and happy, huddled between two very warm wizards.

"Hi," Blaise said, nuzzling her neck. She giggled. "Hi," she said back. His hand stroked her bare thigh softly. They stared into each other's eyes, noses almost touching; just far enough apart so they weren't cross-eyed.

A second later a large warm hand slid around her waist to cup her naked breast just as Blaise took the opportunity to move his hand in between her legs to cup her womanhood.

She was wet and swollen, as if her body had anticipated their advances.

Marcus was squeezing her plump breast, brushing his thumb over her nipple while laying butterfly kisses on her neck and shoulder.

Blaise was slowly pushing his finger inside of her, relishing in the feeling of her walls clamping down in rhythm with Marcus' ministrations to her breast.

His thumb moved slightly and she hissed as Blaise put pressure on her bundle of nerves. "Oh, please don't stop," she begged, bucking her hips slightly.

Marcus groaned at her plea. He decided right then and there he really liked it when she begged.

Blaise shook his head. "I won't, love, now come for me." His silky smooth voice warmed her to her core and they watched as she fell apart from their touch. Blaise leaned in to kiss her open mouth as her eyes closed and body stiffened with pleasure.

They all sat upright, Hermione's body still reeling from the shock of her climax, when pounding at the door tore them from a morning of sexual exploration and mind numbing orgasms.

"Marcus!Blaise!" Castor yelled.

Both wizards huffed and moved quickly out of bed. They dare not leave the elder Flint waiting, or any elder anything waiting – it's just how they were raised.

Hermione barely had time to pull the sheets over her body when Marcus flung the door open.

One look at Hermione and Castor growled, eyes shifting from his son to Blaise and back. "Your mother is not going to be happy. Clean up. Come down stairs. You too, Miss Granger," he barked.

He left and they all looked at each other. "Are we in trouble?" she asked.

Blaise and Marcus both nodded and closed the door.

They walked downstairs, after cleaning up. They took one stair at a time, slowly making their way to the dining room where they heard the voices of their families. Someone was getting a dressing down and Hermione felt the urge to run to the rescue. She was held back by her partners in crime.

Marcus was walking crooked and reached subtly down to shift the hard on straining against his trousers. Before they rounded the corner Marcus bent down to whisper in Hermione's ear. "Right after we're done here, Princess, I want you to suck me until I come," he said.

She blushed scarlet just as they became visible to the large group of wizards and witches sitting at the table.

"Glad you could make time in your busy schedule to dine with us," Pyxis snapped sarcastically.

Marcus received a glare from his father and Hermione met the thoroughly regretful eyes of her best friend Ginny Weasley, who sitting in between her fiancés.

"Have a seat, dears," Camille told them without looking at them. It seemed, to Hermione, that they were about to be scolded, and she never liked being scolded by anyone. She jutted her chin and sat stiffly.

"You can put your Gryffindor stubbornness away, Miss Granger. It's unnecessary," Lucius admonished, giving her a mischievous expression.

She put her head down and took a sip of the steaming tea set before her by Blaise.

"We need to make arrangements for two quick weddings," Narcissa told the group.

"Why?" Ginny asked, reaching for a scone. She was back to being her happy self.

"You could be pregnant," Castor informed her and then looked at his soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

"But we… ah, well we… they… Blaise cast a, well, a …." Hermione was stuttering. This discussion shouldn't be so open, so casual.

"Contraception charm?" Alexandra supplied.

Hermione nodded once and looked at a now guilty looking Ginny. She gasped and narrowed her eyes. "You didn't?" she asked, forgetting her discomfort for a moment.

Adrian and Draco shifted uncomfortably and avoided eye contact. Ginny licked her lips nervously and lifted her hand to scratch lightly at her temple. She cleared her throat and spoke, "We were ummm… we were," she huffed. "We haven't been to sleep yet," she said hurriedly.

Hermione heard Marcus and Blaise snort in humor and watch as pink tinge the pale cheeks of Draco. Adrian just sat proudly.

Hermione felt the urge to laugh, but thought better of it. "Oh, well, okay then."

They turned to all face the unusual sound of laughter coming from the other end of the table. Hermione smiled as Lucius and Castor could no longer contain their mirth at the situation.

The younger relaxed and Ginny spoke. "Can we do it in next weekend?

"A double wedding?" Hermione asked.

Narcissa, Camille, Elizabeth and Alexandra perked up. "Where?"

Castor spoke, surprising everyone. "Here," he said confidently, but then cleared his throat and looked at his smiling wife.

"I mean, if you're amenable to that," he amended.

"I think it's a splendid idea," Lucius conceded.

Narcissa took advantage of the topic, hoping the wizards continued to be in the mood to talk about such details. "What colors?" she chirped.

Hermione was about to give her opinion, one color and Ginny could pick the other, but Pavo interjected, "Slytherin green and cream," he said, proud of himself for the great idea.

The wizards, of course, all liked his suggestion and started nodding their heads, however, the two Gryffindor witches, who happened to be the brides frowned and opened their mouths to speak. And once again, they were interrupted by Lucius, "Perhaps we should pick a color less …. Divisive. What about purple?"

It was comical the way that every head turned sharply to gage the witches reaction.

Hermione and Ginny eyes' met and after a moment they nodded. "Lavendar and cream," Hermione said.

The women smiled and stood. "Let's go dress shopping!" Elizabeth cried excitedly. She really loved shopping. Pavo rolled his eyes and smirked at this pretty wife.

"Lucius, find a magistrate to perform he bonding, won't you? We also need to file the parchments at the Ministry, perhaps you would take care of that as well?" she asked sweetly.

Castor snorted and Alexandar took up where Narcissa left off. "Castor will you please buy the gifts and invite Arthur Weasley over for … male bonding and the sort," she said, waving her hand at him dismissively.

Castor mock-glared at her for her choice of phrase. It made Lucius, Pavo and Pyxis laugh, as well as Draco, Adrian, Marcus and Blaise. Hermione turned to Blaise and kissed him on the cheek. "Come dress shopping with us?" she asked.

His face screwed up in offense. "What about Flint?"

Marcus was smiling smugly, but at Blaises question, his smile fell abruptly and looked worriedly to Hermione. Of course he would go if she asked, he would do anything for her, but he really didn't want to go dress shopping. Really.

"Don't torture them, Hermione," Camille chided with a smile.

Blaise sighed in relief as did Marcus.

Each kissed their loved ones goodbye and set off to make the necessary arrangements.


Daily Prophet

Triads, Triads! This Season ended with not one, but two triads bonding rituals! Ginevra Pucey-Malfoy nee Weasley and Hermione Zabini-Flint nee Granger married Saturday the Flint Estate. Mrs. Zabini-Flint moved her husbands into Ladyslipper crossing and filed parchment with the Ministry to rename the Manor to: Marlaise Manor.

Mrs. Pucey-Malfoy and her husbands moved into Pucey Court until they (and by 'they' I mean the Mrs.) find an agreeable place of their own.

Comment from Harry Potter revealed nothing of his feeling on the matter of his 'best friend' and ex-girlfriend marrying so suddenly. 'I hope they lived happily ever after.' Fairytale anyone? This reporter wonders if he shouldn't have been sorted into Slytherin House.

On another note, Ronald Weasley hasn't been seen in days. The Minister refused comment and his mother was too happy to be bothered with our questions during her only daughter's wedding.

Good Luck married couples… er, triples! More Later.


Daily Prophet

Babies, Babies and more Babies! One of our esteemed colleagues ran into 'Ginny and Hermione' at Magical Bundles yesterday, shopping for baby furniture. Mrs. Pucey-Malfoy was sporting a rather large bump while picking out a layette, heavy on the pink. She declined comment with a smile and a protective hand covering her bump.

Mrs. Zabini-Flint had disappeared until our persistent colleague found her in the back, quietly ordering curtains and crib coverings. With some persuasion the sales clerk revealed the bedroom will be decorated with fairies and dragons: lilac, sage and cream are the colors of the room with not one, but two cradles. Twins, anyone?


"Rubbish!" Hermione said as she tossed the paper on the table and plopped down in the chair.

Marcus immediately moved to massage her shoulders. "You shouldn't get so tense," he said as she moaned and relaxed under his ministrations.

Blaise kneeled in front of her and rubbed her growing belly lovingly. He kissed and the babies kicked. He chuckled and kissed her stomach again.

"Blaise, you're making them go crazy. Stop that!" she giggled, sliding down in her chair and pulling his head closer.

All at once her relaxation turned into heat as Blaise pushed her thighs apart and kissed the insides of her legs as he lifted her skirt.

Marcus' hands slid down to her breasts, kneading gently – they were sore these days.

Blaise swiped along her labia with his tongue, delving inside her folds. "Oh Blaise!"

She wanted both of them. They hadn't tried it yet as Marcus was worried about hurting her, but she felt like her body needed both of them. She didn't know if they would try it now. "Marcus? I… I want both of you," she whispered, taking her hand and pulling his head down. "Please?" she asked.

Blaise had stopped and was watching Marcus carefully. Marcus stood tensely. "I don't think…"

She was prone to fits of frustration as her magic had been wonky since they had found out she was pregnant, so this demonstration was not a surprise. She stood quickly and poked him in the chest. "I want this," she almost shouted, stomping her dainty foot. "Marcus," she leaned forward and pressed her larger breasts against him. She knew he was a breast wizard and since hers had grown he could barely keep his hands to himself. "Princess…"

She pulled his head down and kissed him urgently. When he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around she Apparated them to the bedroom, knowing Blaise would follow.

Before he could scold her for Apparating, she dropped to her knees and unbuckled his belt, letting his trousers drop to the floor.

He hissed as her warm mouth encased his throbbing erection.

He pulled her up after a short time and walked her to the bed. "No Marcus," she said and turned him around so that he was on his back.

She waved her wand, murmuring Divesto, making their clothes disappear. Her body was full with their children and always made their breath catch in wonder; two babies in her small body, feeding and caring for them.

She mounted Marcus and his hands immediately sought out her breasts. She sank slowly onto him, impaling herself on his hardened member. She couldn't breathe, so she panted and squeezed his forearms.

Once settled she felt Blaise behind her, his hands cupping her. Marcus watched the emotions cross her face and fought against the building pressure to release his seed inside of her small passage.

"Hermione, yesss!" he said, pinching her nipples.

She stiffened as Blaise insert a finger inside her back entrance. She felt the cool, slick liquid make it less painful as he added a finger and scissored the two.

She was panting and moaning and moving, making Marcus buck upwards, thinking of Quidditch statistics.

Blaise replaced his fingers with the head of his cock and pushed forward slowly, making her still her movement.

"Princess?" Marcus asked concerned.

She shook her head at him and pressed back against Blaise. "Sweet Circe, 'Mione you're so tight!" Blaise said as seated himself fully inside of her and began moving.

They found a rhythm, puling and pushing and moaning and panting and gripping and crying out in release.

Blaise pulled out of her, his now flaccid member looking as exhausted as he felt.

Hermione snickered as she rolled to her side and heard Marcus' softly snoring as his body accommodated hers unconsciously.

"Love you, Hermione," Blaise said as he too, drifted to sleep.


Hissing she sat up right and tried to regain control of her breathing. "In, breathe deeply. Out, slowly…"

"Princess, you all right?" Marcus asked sleepily.

"I think it's time," she said with clenched teeth.

Both wizards jumped out of bed and got dressed, grabbed her bag and called a house elf.

"Wait!" she said before Blaise started telling the elf to alert everyone. "I want a shower first," she said. "And I need to shave," she added sheepishly.

Marcus and Blaise both looked at her like she was a bit daft, but she didn't appear to seem to be joking. Her hiss in pain brought them out of their disbelief.

Marcus didn't really know what he was supposed to do with that information, but Blaise came to the rescue and stepped forward. "How can we help?" he asked, though his normally smooth syntax was stilted and uncertain.

Her eyes were starting to burn, not because she was afraid of asking for help from them, they had been more than accepting of her quirks, but this was a bit of bad timing. She had trouble keeping things in perspective sometimes.

"I can't see over my stomach," she said with tears falling from her eyes.

Marcus hated to see her cry and stepped forward to brush the tears from her eyes. He kissed her tenderly and said, "Don't cry, Princess, Blaise will help." With that he left a giggling Hermione and dumbfounded Blaise.


Castor Flint held his granddaughter Camilla Alexandra Zabini-Flint while Camille held Alexander John Zabini-Flint.

It just so happened that Camilla most resembled Marcus, with his jet black hair and charcoal eyes, but her pert nose and angelic lips were all her mothers. Alexander had the same olive toned skin and almond shape Indigo eyes that Blaise had, but again the pert nose and angelic lips belonged to his mum.

Beautiful babies, who would be spoiled and adored by their parents and grandparents.


Eleven years later Camilla Zabini-Flint and Justina Pucey-Malfoy waved good bye to their parents and their extended family. "Bye Uncle Theo," Camilla said, giving him a kiss on his cheek. "Bye love," he said, propping his son up against his leg.

Baby Xavier Nott was only just a year. Theo had married a Spanish witch some years ago, much to the sweet relief of his father and Camille.

Hermione was large again, her second pregnancy and at the moment she just wanted it to be over. "Bye mum," Alexander said. He had been a mama's boy since the day he was born.

"Bye baby. Take care of each other, okay?"

He nodded and then smirked. "She'll have all those boys panting after her. I'll have to fight them off with a stick – both her and Justina," he sighed as if the burden of the world had been set upon his shoulders.

She smiled and then hissed in pain. "I think it's time." His fathers were there in a flash.

"Go son, we'll owl you when their born," Marcus said.

Blaise added," Owl us first after you're sorted."

Alexander smirked and nodded.


The quiet room was interrupted by a tapping at the window.

Marcus stood and stretched before he let the bird inside with its message. Melanie and Talia were sleeping soundly in Blaises arms.

Marcus smirked as he read the parchment. "Slytherin, all three of them."

Blaise chuckled and Hermione's eyes closed, drifting off to sleep with a smile on her face.

The end.