Author's Notes: Okay, so just watched leaked DxG kiss scene and all I can say is that I'm just highly disappointed at both characters. How could the both of them betray Courtney like that- Duncan lying so shamelessly in front of her face after she made such a sweet confession to him and Gwen, going behind her back just when the two were becoming friends! I though Gwen would have more class than that since she, out of everyone, should know how it feels to have your boyfriend kissing behind your back. I'll be honest, Gwen and Duncan are some of my favorite characters, but after that display, they've moved down quite a few notches. If there's one trait I hate most of all in a character, it's cheating…with relationships, not with board games since…uhh…I might have done that a couple of times. Hehe, shouldn't leave your check list unattended to during Clue, muewahahaha,

Okay, so you get that I'm royally pissed about the kiss, let's move on with the story. This oneshot will be kind of new to me cause you can say that it's for the ship Courtney/Cody. After I found out about the DxG kiss, I realized that Courtney would not be the only one upset about. Cody has always had a crush on Gwen so he's be upset that Gwen has, once again, chose another guy over him. Then I got to thinking, "What if….what if those two started to hang out more because they both were upset about the kiss? What if…What if they actually started a relationship?"

And this story came out of this scary…yet kind of cute….thought.

Yes, I'm still a hardcore Duncan/Courtney shipper (though at the moment, I believe that Alejandro is right in saying that Courtney deserves better), but this scene has been in my head for a while and I wanted to get it out.

Quiet sobs and sniffles echoed throughout the vast cargo hold of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. The sad noises could faintly be heard over the deep rumblings of the moving plane as it departed from the ancient country of Greece and was flying, rather dangerously, towards the new destination for the Total Drama World Tour crew. Team Amazon had won the Greek challenge, but it had been a bittersweet ending.

During the challenge of having to perform a Greek tragedy, Alejandro had pulled the curtains on stage back to reveal to everyone the sight of Duncan and Gwen secretly kissing. Chris had rewarded Team Amazon the winner mainly because Courtney's highly upset reaction- which he made her perform in song and it ended with Duncan getting a hard slap to the face and Courtney coldly shrugging off any attempts for a desperate Gwen to explain.

Chris absolutely loved it. "Now this is a real Greek drama! Bravo! Encore!" the host had shouted, standing up in his ridiculous Greek robes and clapping enthusiastically. The rest of the contestants had been in a state of shock, except Tyler who muttered a sad, "I told you so."

Now, night had fallen and crew was all in the air again in their respective areas- Team Chris is Really, Really, Really Hot in the economy class and Team Amazon in first class…at least, most of them were.

In a lonely, shadowed corner of the cargo hold, Courtney was huddled against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest and sobbing into her arms. As soon as everyone had boarded the plane, Courtney had made a beeline to the one place where no one would look for or bother her. It was the only place where Courtney could break down and allow herself to grief for her broken relationship with Duncan in peace and quiet.

There suddenly was a sound of an object falling and hitting the ground.

Courtney stifled her weeping and slightly raised her head to fix a glare in the direction of the sound.

"Ezekiel, there's no point in hiding!" Courtney snapped irritably into the darkness. "I know you're still here! Everyone knows you're still here! Quit playing games already!"

To her surprise, a different voice of Ezekiel's strange, overly accented one answered back.

"Haha, I don't think Zeke's ever going to give up the game." The scrawny figure of Cody stepped out of the darkness, holding a beaming flashlight out in front of him.

Courtney's hid her previous expression of sadness with a scowl. "Oh, it's you." To her displeasure, her teammate leaned against the wall and slid down to sit beside here. "What are you doing here?" She asked tone still snappish.

Cody shrugged, knees raised and looking down at his moss-green sneakers. "Looking for you, I guess." He gave Courtney a sideways glance and awkwardly said, "Heather made me go. Apparently I have a thing with dealing with the ladies!" A cocky smile slid across his face as he said the last part and he looked expectantly at Courtney. The girl was still frowning at the floor, completely ignoring Cody and his pathetic attempt at a joke.

The brunette geek frowned. "Not a single giggle? Or insulting comeback?"

"How did you find me?" asked Courtney curtly, turning away from the only male Amazon on the team.

"I actually come here a lot to hide from Sierra." Cody answered, glancing around at the many wooden crates stacked all around them. "Plus, I heard you crying…"

"I WAS NOT CRYING!" Courtney screeched angrily in the Cody's frightened face. The boy held up his palms in surrender as Courtney continued, "I only came down here because rats are better company than those of a particular ogre and witch!" She furrowed her eyebrows, crossed her arms over her chest and moodily huffed, "Why on earth would I be crying?"

"Uhhh…because that ogre was your boyfriend and that witch was your friend and they both cheated on you behind your back?" Cody timidly answered, blue eyes shifting back and forth nervously as he leaned back from the vicious female.

Courtney blinked once as Cody's words slowly sunk in. Then, without warning, the strong-willed girl burst into a fresh wave of tears, loudly sobbing in a broken-hearted manner while Cody looked on helplessly.

"Waaahhaaaa! H-How could they d-d-do that to me?"Courtney wept into the hands, tears slipping through her fingers. "G-G-Gwen was my fr-fr-fr-iend! And Dun…Oh Duncan! Boohoohooohoo!"

Besides the crying girl, Cody fidgeted, unsure how to deal with this sticky situation. Cody didn't know how to comfort his teammate like he had done with Sierra back when lunatic fangirl was upset in Paris. He and Courtney weren't exactly close. After a few long, awkward moments of watching the hysterical girl cry, Cody chose to gently pat her on the back.

"Jeez. I'm really sorry, Court." Cody sincerely said leaving his hand on Courtney's back as her shoulders shook with grief. He felt a thick pang of sympathy for her. "I kind of understand how you feel about this."

Sniffling, Courtney hiccupped and choked scornfully, "How on earth could you possibly understand how I feel?"

The chestnut-haired geek gave a downcast glance to the ground.

Courtney immediately remembered Cody's large crush on Gwen and regretted her bitter words. "Oh Cody, I'm sorry." She apologized, wiping the last of the tears from her eyes. "I forgot how you felt about Gwen."

Cody waved off Courtney's apology graciously, though his expression was still slightly on the depressed side. "Aw, forget it. After three seasons of rejection and being ignored for two different guys, I guess I've finally got to admit that I don't really have much of a chance with Gwen." Cody purposely fell silent, staring expectantly at Courtney. When Courtney remained silent, the boy frowned and said, "Well? Any objections to that statement?"

Courtney pondered over the question for about two seconds. Finally, she bluntly replied, "Nope, none at all."

The geek comically fell flat on his back, unleashing a mournful, long-winded groan at her truthful answer. "Jeez, thanks Miss Counselor-in-Training. You're so encouraging!"

Despite her depression, Courtney found herself letting out a giggle.

Cody instantly bolted back up, grinning and pointing at Courtney's face. "HA! I got a smile on there!" he cried victoriously, large teal eyes twinkling.

"Only because you're purposely degrading yourself." Courtney retorted with a chuckle.

Cody brushed his bangs back and winked at his fellow teammate. "Whatever works with the ladies, m'dear!"

Courtney playfully rolled her dark eyes, muttering, "Whatever."

A silence fell over the two Amazon teammates, though it the air was certainly less tense that it had been minutes before. Cody, Courtney thoughtfully realized, certainly had a way of lightening the dark mood she had been in since discovering about Duncan's and Gwen's secret affair. It was just hard to be bitter towards the skinny, sweater-wearing, gap-toothed boy. However, even if she wasn't sobbing her eyes out, that still didn't mean she wasn't still extremely pissed off at her ex-boyfriend and former friend.

Letting out an agitated sigh, Courtney rested her chin on the palm of her hand and blew at the stray strand of brown hair on her forehead. "I should have listened to Tyler." She confessed. Looking at Cody, she said, "He told me that Duncan was cheating on me with Gwen when we first landed in Greece. Said he saw them kissing in the confessional."

"And you didn't believe him?" Cody asked sounding slightly surprised. Courtney, did after all, accuse Duncan and Gwen of the same thing for most of season two and afterwards.

"As strange as it sounds…I really didn't." Courtney said, head bowed and staring forlornly down at the ground. She pulled her knees up and continued, "Once I actually started to know Gwen and…well…trust her…we became friends. Friends don't steal each other's boyfriends."

"What about Duncan?" Cody curiously asked. "No offense, but you two did fight a lot, and he is a delinquent for a reason."

"He's more than that!" Courtney furiously snapped, "At least…I thought so." She sadly trailed off. She glanced upward and stared at the ceiling of the cargo hold, imagining how the starry night sky looked beyond the metal walls. Amongst the stillness, Courtney looked back and remembered the one special night when she and Duncan shared their first kiss.

"I know that that ogre and I fought a lot," she said. Cody watched the girl staring heavenwards in silence, listening as she spoke with deep love and longing in her voice. "But I think that's what attracted us to each other. We challenged each other, Duncan and I, so whenever we were together, there was never a dull moment. No matter how much we fought or argued, the absolute truth was that I wouldn't want to be anywhere but with him." A tear swelled up in her eyes which she quickly wiped away. "And I thought he felt the same way."

"Well, he should."

Courtney lifted her head away from her knees, staring bewilderedly at Cody.


Cody did not know what made him speak up for Courtney. Maybe it was because he knew how unfair it was to have the one person you've always liked to not return your affections or maybe it was because he didn't want his teammate to start crying again. For whatever reason, Cody felt a rush of great compassion for Courtney as well as anger towards Duncan and Gwen. Yes, strangely enough, even Gwen, the girl that he had never had an ill-thought towards in his entire life.

"If I was lucky enough to get a girlfriend, I would never dream of cheating on her." Cody found himself loudly saying.

"You have Sierra." Courtney pointed out.

"I want a girlfriend, not a stalker." Cody said. "Duncan's an idiot for letting you go! Jeez, I only wish I could find a girl who's kind, smart, strong, pretty…"

"Wait, hold up!" Courtney raised a hand for Cody to stop and stared hard at the boy, eyes squinting as if seeing him for the first time. "You….you think I'm pretty?"

At her question, Cody turned and stared into Courtney's mocha-skinned face, into her large, dark eyes, almost identical to Gwen's…except…at the moment…they seemed to sparkle and gleam way more than Gwen's ever did. Strangely, he found his heart beating as loudly as it did whenever he saw…er…what's her name? Something with a G?


A deep, blush rose up, coloring Cody's pale cheek a rosy red as he choked and stuttered like a fish out of water. He rubbed the back of his scrawny neck, stammering and giggling nervously as he answered.

"Uhhh…of course, you're pretty! Er… all girls are pretty! I mean, you're obviously not like every girl. You're prettier…maybe even beautiful…"

Any further unintelligent words would cut short by a pair of lips pressing against his cheek.

"Thank you, Cody." Courtney asked after planting a small kiss on her teammate's blushing cheek. "You really are the lady's man."

"You're…welcome…" Cody's face looked as if it were on fire. When the redness had died down, he was left with a dreamy, love-struck expression on his face. This, however, went unnoticed by Courtney.

"I feel much better now, thanks to you." Courtney said. She adopted an angry expression and proudly declared, "I'm still going to work to get both Gwen and Duncan voted off the next chance I get!" She then smiled and affectionately ruffled Cody's long, chestnut bangs, "but it's nice to know that I really do have a true friend on the team."

"Yeah…" Cody mumbled, still looking as if he was drugged up by Cupid's arrow. "So, friend, wanna make out?"


Cody instantly snapped out of it. "Nothing!" he said innocently. He stood up and held his hand out for Courtney, smiling. "So do you want to head back to first class?"

Courtney gently declined the offer. "That's alright. I think I'll stay here a little longer, but you go. They'll probably have some fresh cookies." She really did enjoy Cody's company, but after all that happened today, she still needed to be alone for a little while longer.

Cody looked a little disappointed, but respectfully didn't try to argue. Instead, he rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a handful of colorful candy. He placed them all in Courtney's hands.

"Here, they're all I have left from the New York challenge." Cody said, bashfully avoiding Courtney's gaze and shuffling his feet. "Since you don't want to come to first class, then you should at least have something nice."

Courtney would have hugged him, but he looked embarrassed enough as it was. She gave him a grateful smile. "Thanks Cody, I really do appreciate it." She popped a chocolate piece in her mouth and chewed, still smiling.

"No problem, Court." Cody grinned and hurried away back to the main deck of the plane, eager to speak in the confessional about his new-found crush. Of course, he would make sure the confessional was actually locked this time. Tyler wouldn't pop in on this!

As soon as the geek left, an accented voice called out of nowhere to Courtney.

"Wow, homey, you two make a cute couple!"

Courtney gave an annoyed glare and shouted upwards. "Ezekiel! Have you been watching us this whole time?"

There was a short silence. Then…

"If I say no, could I have that there candy? I haven't ate in foor'ever!"

Courtney sighed, rolled her eyes, and tossed the candy on the ground a short distance away.

Immediately, the food-deprived prairie boy jumped out from inside a luggage bag and scooped all into mouth like a starving gerbil. Cheeks stuffed with sweets, the boy scurried back into the luggage bag, hurriedly zipping it up and disappearing from sight. What an odd, screwed up kid.

Alone again, but not quite as sad as before, Courtney leaned back against the wall of the cargo area and closed her eyes. Her thoughts were still focused on Duncan and Gwen and anger and sadness gripped her. However, every second or so, a new image would flash through her mind like a shooting star. It was of a scrawny boy with chestnut hair and ridiculously long bangs, with round blue eyes and a charming gap-tooth smile.

And every time that happened, the pain in her heart eased bit by tiny bit.

I enjoyed this more than I should have. Still extremely angry as Duncan and Gwen (and still hate them as a couple) but this certainly eased the pain a bit. I think there's some part of me that's actually sort of a Cody/Courtney shipper. I've never really liked Cody that much before, but since this season, I've really grown fond of him. My sister and I have both had conversations on what would happen if Cody and Courtney become a couple this season. If this season was up to us, Courtney and Cody would become a couple and Duncan would become bitter and jealous of them, but after a while, Courtney would begin to realize that she still loves Duncan and gently breaks it off with Cody. However Duncan votes her off before she could tell Duncan the news. In the next episode, Duncan would act smug and happy until an upset Cody snaps and in raging fit yell at Duncan, telling him that Courtney had broken up with him because she was still in love with Duncan and then, basically cusses Duncan out, telling him how big a jerk he is, and ends with Cody repeatedly flipping him off. Duncan, then out of guilt, votes himself off in that episode.

Okay, maybe I just want Cody to cuss Duncan out. Lol.

But really, creators of Total Drama, if this truly is the end of DxC, I only ask one thing…..


I want Duncan and Courtney to sing a song together with Courtney singing her lyrics while Duncan raps his like in the song "Love the Way you Lie." Come on! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Anywho, hope you guys enjoyed this oneshot! Please read and review!