People from near and far had gathered to come and see the newborn princess, Raven. She had just been born to a queen who had desperately been wanting an heir and after two long years her prayers had finally been answered. Two of the guests that had attended were the king and prince of a neighboring kingdom, King Marcus and Prince Logan. "Go on Logan," the king encouraged. The four year old looked up at his father nervously but started walking up to the crib where the baby lay.

When he got there he stood on his tiptoes and looked over the railing of the crib. The baby had bright violet eyes that lit up when she noticed the boy above her. The prince smiled and held the necklace down for her to grab, she did and held it close to her as she started to nod off, and gave a small yawn.

Marcus watched as his son gave the present to the infant and suddenly was struck with an idea. He looked over to Arella and he saw a smile grace her lips. They had been thinking the same thing. The prince walked up to his father and smiled up at him, he noticed that he was wasn't looking at him and looked over to the baby's mother, she was looking at Logan with a small thoughtful smile. Logan had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Unbeknownst to them there was someone else in the back of the crowd that had his own plans for the little princess.

***** Five years later ****

"Raven, today we are going to my good friends kingdom to discuss someā€¦things. But don't worry he has a child close to your age," Arella said seeing the look on her daughter's face. Raven and her mother were in a carriage that was now taking them up the road to the castle. She looked out her window to see a short and pudgy man trying to blow a horn that would announce their arrival.

Raven stayed quiet as she rolled her violet eyes at the theatrics. Her amethyst hair was shoulder length, she couldn't stand for it to be any longer. She hated the way people would bow when they saw her and her mother come their way. She really didn't see the point in it. The carriage came to a stop and they gracefully stepped down. Near the gate, Raven could make out an older man about her mother's age and a small boy standing beside him. Raven sighed. "Lets just get this over with," she thought.

*** Logan watched as the two girls made their way over and he looked up at his father with his forest green eyes and groaned. Marcus looked down at his son, rubbing his green tinted hair, and chuckled as he pushed him forward to greet Raven as he and Arella walked into the castle. Logan forced a smile as he greeted her. "Hello Princess Raven, I'm very pleased to meet you." Raven fought the urge to roll her eyes at the green skinned boy as she curtsied.

"And I am very glad to meet you as well," she said through gritted teeth. Logan looked up to the window and saw that their parents were watching them. He sighed as he grabbed Raven's hand, remembering what his father had told him. He saw her glare at him threateningly and quickly kissed her hand and wiped his mouth. Raven jerked her hand away as if it were on fire. "I can't believe I'm stuck with him for an entire summer," she whined in her head. Logan was thinking something very similar.

**** "The children seem to be getting along quite nicely," stated Arella in a singsong voice. Marcus nodded in agreement.

"If this goes according to plan, our kingdoms will be joined." Arella looked down at her daughter and sighed. Though she didn't show it, she was worried. Her daughter was not the kind to be forced into something and she was very stubborn. She pitied Logan, he didn't stand a chance.