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This is a love story begining at the end of the play Love Never Dies

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Chapter one, DESPAIR

Christian lay there still, lifeless, her skin still warm to the touch. That one single shot cause so much heartache.

Meg sat distort cradling herself, as she cried over the lifeless body of her old friend. Some one she is grow up with, someone who had help her with all the heartache back in Paris, someone whom had been a sister to her, someone she had just shot in anger. Sobs of grief escaped her as she remembered how angry she had been and how stupid she had acted. 'How could I have done this to you?' she though as she continued to cried to herself.

Gustave stood there, the tears in his eyes seeming as though they would never end, being held by a man whom he only meet mere weeks ago, a man who's real name he did not know, a man who was his father. It was with his mother's final breath that she had told her son the truth and declared her love for this deformed man. Now crying, confused, he seemed to be the only person in the world who cared about him.

The man him self, Mr Y or as he once was known back in Paris, The Phantom of the Opera, was confused as to what to do. His mask, which normally covered his deformed face, was discarded, taken off by the small child he now held. His head rested on Gustave's, the soft hair absorbing his silent tears that where also escaping his own eyes. The white dress shirt he was warring now soaked with his loves blood mixed with his son's tears.

The Phantom looked over to his loves body, and choked back another sob of despair. How was he supposed to live on now? How could he raise their son on his own?

Sounds of approaching foot steps suddenly broke his thoughts.

Madam Giry had retuned at last, following her where three police officers and a doctor. Upon seeing them, many things happen at once. The Phantom suddenly turned grabbing his mask and placing it on his face before any of the group could see his deformities. Gustave however only left his arms for no more than a few second but now found himself in a more proactive embrace, as if worried that the police would try and take him away. This fear was exactly what was running though The Phantom's head but it quickly became clear that they where more intent on helping Christine then dealing with a weeping man and child.

Madam Giry quickly lifted Meg off the ground and two of the officers escorted her away. Meg was still shaking as they slowly led her away. Meanwhile the doctor was down beside Christine cheeking her pulse. Gustave turned to see what he would say while Phantom bowed his head knowing the answer.

The doctor quickly rose, "She is alive but barely" at this all heads where fixed upon the doctor, The Phantom could not believe it, his Christine was still alive, "I need to get her to an operating table so I can fix the wound as soon as possible". He needed no further prompting, quickly but carefully, the phantom lifted Christine into his arms. "Gustave please stick close to me" he called when seeing his son frozen to the spot he had just been. The police officer approached to boy and helped him to follow after the doctor.

Several hours passed sitting in the waiting area in the near by hospital. Both Gustave and the Phantom had been interviewed by the police, and where now waiting.

It appeared that the bullet had hit Christine in the chest, and had entered her lung, but had also passed straight through her doing her minimal damage in the circumstances. According to the doctors often the removal of bullets can cause more damage then the bullet wounds themselves. They had operated on her now and although had finished refused to let them in until they where sure she was in a stable state.

No one spoke they just sat there, they had both been given clean clothes so that they could change out of there bloody ones, and now they merely waited. Minutes seemed to pass as hours in this place. When ever anyone entered both men would look up hopefully as if wishing to hear some good new, or to hear that they could finally see her.

One of the nurses brought them a drink and gave Gustave a blanket to wrap around him. She spent several minutes trying to convince him to get some rest, however he said he was not tired. When she continued to insist the Phantom suddenly snapped, "For god sakes woman if he dose not wish to rest then leave him alone", the nurse quickly left them and did not return. Gustave however turned to look at his father, he gave a slight smile and muttered 'thank you', his voice was horse from crying but there was still the musical ring to it which made the Phantom smile back at. Now he was looking he could see so much of Christine in his son, he had her smile and he had a similar features to her. But what fixed his attention were his eyes, they where a golden colour with a slight shine to them. It mesmerised him to see them, to see part of him in his child, a child he did not know existed until weeks before.

Many minutes later the same doctor who had come to the pier entered the room. Both the Phantom and Gustave rose to meet him. Their faces where mirrors of each others, both had a pleading and desperate look to him, both where tired and both seemed to be begging that it was good news.

The doctor smiled at them, "she is fine" both men let out a sigh of relief, "she is still unconscious and could be for some time, but she is stable and you can see her now".

"Thank you for everything doctor" responded the phantom a look of joy and relief had spread across his masked face.

"Mr Y, can I speak to you privately just for a moment"

"Of course, Gustave go ahead to your mother I well be along shortly" He tried to smile at the boy, as he walked over to the doctor.

"Mr Y, although Christine will live and recover from this experience, we can not be certain what long term effects this may have upon her" the doctor paused to see if Mr Y was following him.

"By what way could this affect her?" worry had spread to the Phantom. 'Please God let her be alright' he prayed.

"We understand that Madame de Chagny" The Phantom inwardly flinched at the mention of her married name, "is a singer in your show. We fear that the wound to her lungs could cause her breathing problems, which may affect her singing ability, and could possible a permanent problem"

"O God my poor angel" the words escaped his mouth before he could stop them, a single tear leaking from his eyes.

Gustave entered his mother's room slowly as though fearing what he would see. Christine lay on the bed, her chest slowly but steady rising and falling, she seemed to be in a deep sleep. Gustave settled himself beside his mother taking one of her hand, a tear slowly slid down his cheek, both of sorrow and of happiness that she was alright. He turned his head towards the door as he heard it open, where he still saw his father standing. It was still strange for him to think of this man as his father, he after all had only just met him, and yet he already felt strangely close to him. However, he appeared to be uncertain about being there, he was shifting from foot to foot and seemed to not know whether to stay or leave them to be alone.

There was another chair in the room on the opposite side of the bed, his eyes where moving to it as though contemplating if he should or should not sit down. It was Gustave who in the end nodded at him showing that he wanted him to stay.

Gustave slowly fell asleep and it was The Phantom who placed a blanket around him and made sure he was comfortable. He as well drifted off to sleep, silently thanking God for helping him and his family.

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