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Epilogue: 5 year later

Life was different now, Erik and Christine where still living in Coney Island. Phantasma had become one of the most popular and infamous shows on the whole of Coney. Christine still performed occasionally on the stage, she performed classical opera pieces as well as pieces by both Erik and Gustave. Gustave now partially managed Phantasma along with his father. Writing had become his passion and his music entranced audiences from all over America.

It was a sunny afternoon with Gustave about to play for his family, his mother was warming up and was about to sing. She walked over to the piano and stood by his side smiling down at the 15 year old. Behind her a small girl ran up, her hair long and brown like her mothers, eyes shining and bright, she was 5 years old. The music began and Christine and the child started to sing along.

Life wasn't always perfect. Erik still suffered from tempers and nightmares, though both were few and much further apart than before. When their baby had been born it was not easy, Fatherhood did not come naturally to Erik, Gustave was 10 years old when he had come into his life, he was mature and could look after himself. The baby had been difficult, Erik was confused as to what to do with a crying baby. This was not made any easier by the rules that Christine passed. Erik was commanded that he had to spend the evenings with both Gustave and his daughter and that he was not allowed to wear his mask. Christine wanted the baby be used to his appearance. However, Erik had found it hard, but it had gotten better. Erik stood looking upon the scene his mind wandered back. …

The building was glowing in the evening light, as the organ began to play the slow music. Erik turned looking down the isle to see the most beautiful sight in the world. An Angel was walking towards him, her dress flowing all around her beautiful white laces weaved into elegant patterns. Her hair was half tied up in a bun with pearls placed around it and the rest flowed over her shoulders. Christine smiled at Erik through the vale that covered her face. She walked up to him taking his hand as the service began. Few were there that day, only Madame Giry, Maria, Remy, Fleck, Squelch and Dr Gangle and of course Gustave who stood beside Erik as the best man. Erik's smile never left his face as he swore his life away to his Angel and as they walked down the isle as man and wife and he gently touched the swollen lump on her stomach, which was concealed by the gown, tears formed in his eyes.

Erik slowly came out of the memory looking over at the scene smiling. The child in his arms stirred slightly. "Hush Anthony it is all ok son," As the music grew the small two year old laughed and settled down in his fathers arms.

"This is to dreary Gustave, make it faster and more major key and less minor,"

"Be quite Emma I am an artist I will not change my piece."

"Emma Marguerite Destler stop bothering your brothers"

"Sorry Mother."

Erik began to laugh quietly, he loved these moments.

"Are you alright Father," Emma said looking over at her Father looking confused as to why he was staring at them.

"Yes Angel I am fine," He walked over to his family handing Anthony to Christine and picking up Emma spinning her to the slightly faster piece that Gustave was now playing. They all laughed loudly.

'Thank you God, for my family and for saving me' Erik thought to himself looking over at Christine again with so much love in his eyes.

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