Jake's P.O.V

I opened the door to my apartment with a huge smile on my face. I had only known Anna for a day, and yet there was something about her, something that saw me as a real person. I went to check my house phone. I had 17 missed calls. I sighed, and pressed play to listen to the messages. "Baby, please...we can work this out. I'm sorry for whatever I said!" Kayla's voice said, sobbing. There were 16 of those...the last message is what interested me. "Jacob Matthew McCarthy, if you don't call me back by 5:00, I will call Steve and make sure he gives you hell for dumping me." I looked at the clock. 5:45, "Crap." I muttered. Bang, Bang, Bang. I sighed and walked to the door. As soon as I opened it, Steve came barreling in. "Are you freaking kidding me, Jake? You broke up with her!" He shouted. "Do you even realize how annoying she is? This break up was long overdue, dude." I said, shrugging. "Well, dude," he said mocking me, "Do you even realize how this will affect your image? What are you supposed to do now?" At this point, I really didn't care. I stayed silent, glaring at him. Steve sighed, and then his head snapped up. "Oh my goodness, that's perfect!" He said to himself. I raised an eyebrow, now listening to what he had to say. "What are you thinking?" I asked, warily. "You're right; you need something new, something fresh...something innocent."He said, grinning. "Ok, I have no clue what you're talking about..." I shrugged. "Let me clue you in...Anna."He said, his grin turning into a huge smile. "Whoa, no, uh-uh...I'm not using Anna to get publicity." I said, shaking my head. "Why does it matter, Jake, really? You just met her yesterday...so what does it matter if we use her for a little bit?" I sighed, and shook my head again. "Listen Jake, you better do this, or I swear I will make sure your career goes down the drain, that's including Anna's. So take this deal, or everything you've worked your ass off for will be finished." He said, turning for the door. "Fine, I'll go with whatever little scheme you have, but only for my career." I said, sighing. "Ha-ha, great! Call her up, ask her out for drinks or something, just make her fall for you!" He said, walking out. I threw my hands over my head; this is going to end very badly.

Anna's P.O.V

I walked to my desk in a daze; there was something about Jake that made me smile. "Hey miss thing...how was your 'date'?" Jane asked, smirking. I rolled my eyes, "it wasn't a date!" I said. "Ok, so a super sexy athlete asks you to coffee. I think that's a date!" She said. I laughed, "Okay, maybe." She squealed and clapped her hands. "Tell me everything." She said. "He's the sweetest guy, he told me about his childhood and about how that whole bad boy image isn't the real person that he is! It was amazing." I sighed. "Aww, so are you going to see him again?" Jane asked. "Well, I have to be at the rink tomorrow after work so yeah." I said, smiling. "Anna, get in here." Marie yelled. I sighed, and walked into her office. "Yes, Marie?" I asked, quietly. "I asked you to email me your story idea, and instead, you email me this crap!" She shoved my paper at me. "This is my...story idea." I squeaked. "Yeah, well it's terrible, go write me something else!" She yelled. I nodded and ran out. I went to my desk, and saw Jane smiling at me. I raised an eyebrow, as she pointed to my desk. There was a note:

"Anna, meet me for drinks? Give me a call.-Jake"

I grabbed my phone, and dialed him number. Jane gave me a thumbs-up and I grinned.

"Hello?" A voice answered.

"Hey, Jake, drinks sound great!"

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