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Pale blue sky mornings and a cup of tea.
It's a morning walk ritual, a time to think about the past, a time that nobody can interrupt.
So much has changed.
No more Marc Jacobs outerwear or Louis Vuitton clutches.
Just pure, natural Kurt.
So much has changed.

Your eyes open wider when you meet your soul mate. It doesn't matter who they are, what they've done, who they've done it with. All that matters, honestly, is that they exist. Soul mates are never meant to have perfect relationships. Love will hurt you, scar you, and make you have regrets. Love is not kind; love is violent; but violent in such tender, beautiful ways.

He fucked girls to prove he was straight.
I made myself up to show I was gay.
We were both fake, we were both liars, we never saw anything coming.

It happened the day he slapped me. The day he looked into my eyes and told me he could see through the act I put on. The show that was Kurt Hummel. That collision, his skin touching mine, it relaxed. His hand stayed placed on my cheek, and slowly and carefully he kissed me. It was so soft, unlike the Noah Puckerman everyone seemed to know. He was so gentle, so loving. When he pulled away I reached out for more, and more came and went.
Our love was not easy.
Our love opened up old wounds, showed us that our outer cores needed to be broken into.

He told me stories. They were full of detail, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. He told me I needed to stop pretending. I needed to quit being a stereotype. I needed to find myself.

So I did. I never liked singing, I was just good at it. Noah could see through my act – he saw that I hated what I did. What I loved, really loved was art. The feeling of holding a brush to a blank canvas and creating something beautiful, that's what I loved. I just never thought I would meet someone there, I never thought I would be able to fit in with that group. They looked and seemed too cool for me, so I tried Glee. I tried something that wasn't me at all, and nobody could tell. Or so I thought.

Now I paint, I sketch. I show my emotions in a way where people can see it all.
Noah taught me it was okay to be whoever I wanted.
Fuck the standards, he said.

When I discovered myself I painted Noah, I painted him in the way I saw him. I remember how his eyes lit up and he wrapped his arms around my waist, he kissed my earlobe and whispered: "Thank you, thank you for this and for what you have created yourself to be." I couldn't stop smiling for days.

Now I drink my tea, I photograph the nature in the early mornings. Then I quietly sneak back into my apartment. I remove my clothes and sneakily get back in to bed. I kiss my partner's cheek and we lay there together, remembering the days when we were liars. Now, we're in love. Now, things have changed. They have changed for the better. I have never been happier.