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Author's Note: Hey everyone! Originally 'No Promises' was just going to be a one-shot, but I got inspired to write this as a follow up of sorts. This is going to be a multi-chapter story. I hope you all enjoy it! (:

Pairing: some Becky/Dave, Drake/Dave

Dave sighed contently as he meandered the streets of New York hand in hand with Becky. He finally had the girl of his dreams, the girl that loved him for him sorcery, dorky habits, and grotsky old mentors included. Nothing could ruin this relationship, nothing except…

Dave felt himself unconsciously gulp as he caught sight of a bright neon billboard with a familiar illusionist emblazoned on it, grinning broadly almost as if to taunt him. Becky would never find about that little incident, not if he could help it. He made a mental note to never ever introduce her to the Morganian as well as never going to that particular bistro again. Not that he could actually afford to go back there again but it seemed like a good little factoid to remember anyway. He had been lucky enough that there hadn't been a tabloid reporter following Drake around that day, otherwise all hell might have broken loose.

He briefly glanced at the blonde who was currently nuzzling up against his side and wondered how she might have taken the news. Somehow he didn't think she'd be too thrilled to learn about his secret luncheon escapades with a celebrity, a male one at that, consensual or not.

He let out a small, agitated huff that went unnoticed by Becky as he recalled the situation as a small frown set in on his lips. Not only did Drake lie and say they were secret boyfriends that were celebrating their anniversary, he kissed him! His lips tingled at the mere memory of it and he felt his cheeks briefly rise in color before he quickly admonished himself for it. No, no he did not enjoy that kiss, it was against his will not to mention it was based on a lie in front of a full restaurant with another boy. Besides that, he had Becky for Merlin's sake, Becky! The very same girl he had dreamed about since he was ten years old, only now he didn't have to dream about her, he had her.

He was brought back to reality as his phone rang, briefly releasing Becky's hand in order to retrieve the object in question from his pocket. He grimaced as he saw the name 'Martin Gore' flashing across the screen in rhythm with the melody of 'I Just Can't Get Enough' and tried to discreetly slide the phone back into his pocket, ignoring the illusionist's phone call.

"Aren't you going to answer that Dave?" Becky asked him, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye as a teasing smile played across her lips.

Dave shuffled nervously for a moment as he thought of what to tell Becky. Somehow saying 'I would answer Becky but I don't want to talk the guy who kissed me' didn't seem like an appropriate response

Unsatisfied with his silence Becky stopped and looked up at him expectantly, crossing her arms against her chest.

"Well, aren't you going to answer the phone Dave? It could be Balthazar."

"It's not Balthazar Becky, I don't think he even knows what a phone is." Dave answered, a brief smile appearing on his face at the thought of a confused Balthazar trying to work a cell phone.

"Is it Bennet then?"

"Yeah, yes it's Bennet. It's totally Bennet. He's probably just trying to remind me to get some uh, uhmmm…. antacids because he uh, has uhmm really, really bad gastrointestinal problems. Not pretty, I don't even know why I'm talking about it." Dave nervously laughed, hoping that Becky would fall for his lie, as pathetic as that lie may be.

Becky eyed him for a moment with doubt before shrugging and continued walking.

"I guess we should go get him those pills then."

"What? I mean uhm, yeah we probably should but I uh, told Balthazar to get them before we left so no worries." Dave said, slightly jogging in order to catch up with her.

"Dave are you sure there isn't something you're not…." Becky was cut off mid-sentence. "BECKY! Hey Becky, wait up!"

Dave turned around and to his horror found the familiar face of the waitress running to catch up with them. He quickly grabbed Becky's arm and attempted to hurry her along, ignoring the brunette that was following them.

"Dave what's wrong?"

"I uh, just remembered! Balthazar said he couldn't get the antacids because he uh, had to get his back waxed!" Dave said, before mentally slapping himself for coming up with such a lame excuse.

"Dave, can't it wait another few minutes? I kind of wanted to talk to Penny." Becky asked, not waiting for his response as she stopped to wait for the other girl.

Dave bit his lip briefly as he watched the girl get closer and closer to them, desperately hoping that she wouldn't recognize him.

"Hey Becky! I thought for a minute you guys were trying to ditch me. Anyway, who's your friend?"

"Well Penny, he's kind of more than a friend. This is my boyfriend Dave, Penny." Becky smiled as she held onto Dave's arm while Penny didn't even attempt to hide her confusion.

"No he's not he's…." A look of realization dawned on Penny and Dave briefly wondered if he could use magic to freeze-frame her.

"Oh my god! You sleaze bag!"

Apparently while magic could kill an ancient sorceress it could not stop Murphy's Law from ruining your relationship.

"What are you talking about Penny?"

"How dare you use Becky as cover-up! Were you just going to keep it a secret from her?" Penny cried out and Dave wished he was anywhere but here.

"Keep what a secret?" Becky asked as she let go of his arm and turned to frown at him.

Penny turned around and pointed to the grinning sign. "Keep that a secret! He's cheating on you with him!"

"He's what?" Becky said incredulously, looking briefly at the billboard before fixing her gaze back on Dave who had turned ghost white.

"I saw them Becky! They were over at Chez Pierre celebrating their anniversary!"

There was a moment of deafening silence before Becky turned to Dave, eyes watering up.

"Is that who called Dave?"

"What? No, I mean, Becky please just let me explain…" he began as he reached out to her, only to have her back away from him. Becky nodded at him for a short moment, a few tears slipping from her eyes before she turned away from him completely.

"Becky please!"

If she heard his last outburst she chose to ignore it as she made her was down the street, as Penny sent him one last dirty look before chasing after her.

Author's Extra Note: Martin Gore is a member of Depeche Mode whose hair is dyed in a similar fashion as Drake's. Also, 'I Just Can't Get Enough' is one of Depeche Mode's hit songs. Murphy's Law describes that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I just thought I'd clarify those points in case anyone didn't get them. (: