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Prompt/Scenario: Bella sees Alice and Jasper kiss for the first time.

Alice POV

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you look?" Jasper murmured, nibbling on my ear.

"Yes," I giggled as he kissed my cheek. "About a million times a day."

"It's because you are," he explained and I ran my hands through his golden locks.

Below us, I heard the door open and Bella's footsteps. I smiled. Edward was gone on a hunting trip with Carlisle right now and Bella was lonely.

I moved to get out of the covers, but Jasper clasped his arms tighter around me.

"Jasper." I shook my head and looked at him, warning him with my eyes.

"Stay," he whispered, burying his face in my short hair. Jasper kissed the nape of my neck and I sighed.

"If you want my company, come downstairs and hang out with Bella and me," I said, breaking free of my husband's grasp.

"I want to hang out with you . . . alone," Jasper grinned.

"You can read me more stories later," I said, trying to humor him. I motioned to the books that were next to his side. He had read me all of them this morning. I loved it when he read to me.

"That's not what I meant," Jasper said, getting out of bed as well.

"Edward wouldn't approve," I objected as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "You know he doesn't like us doing that when Bella's in the house."

"Can I at least have one kiss?" Jasper asked and my eyes narrowed. He could really be tricky when he wanted to.

"Fine," I finally decided.

Jasper smiled and leaned down to kiss me. What I expected to be a short, quick peck grew into a deep and passionate osculation. Jasper's tongue wandered into my mouth and I bit back a moan. He started to edge his hands up the back of my shirt.

"Jasper—no," I said between kissed. Jasper groaned and put his hands back on my hips.

Nothing intimate was going to happen—I could see it. That is, if Jasper didn't make a snap decision.

The kiss was growing even deeper than I thought possible and Jasper grabbed my thigh before hitching it around his hips. He rubbed all along my leg while he felt all around my body with his other hand. I moaned and knotted my fingers into his hair, forgetting about everything.

Suddenly, the door crashed open.

"Hey, Alice—oh!" Bella exclaimed and Jasper and I pulled apart. "Oh my God! Holy crow! I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" She continued apologizing as she shut the door and ran down the stairs. "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Ugh!"

"See what you did?" I said and smacked Jasper lightly across the chest. "Now she'll never be able to look at us without blushing until she becomes a vampire!"

Jasper snorted, his laughter threatening to burst out of him any moment.

"Did . . . did you . . . did you s-see . . . her face?" he howled, doubling over. I rolled my eyes.

"Men," I grumbled.

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