My Little Princess

Chapter 1: Your first weird day.

The sound of birds singing was what I heard. The warmth of the sun's rays coming through the window is what I felt.

It was a perfect morning.

I opened my eyes slowly. Looking straight I saw the ceiling.


I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Then I looked around the room.

I scratched the top of my head, wondering how I got into a bedroom.

Yesterday I was in the demon forest! was more of a desert after 10 years, but that doesn't matter right now.

Was I rescued? Is Isabelle safe? Did I find her?

"Good morning, sir!" said a voice which seemed to be by the door.

I turned my head fast to the door and saw a demon boy.

"OH MY GOSH!" I yelled, shocking the demon boy, and I ran to one side of the room and quickly picked up my door and got into a fighting pose.

"My goodness, sir! You don't have to be so shocked!" said the demon boy, putting some things down on a small table that is in the room.

Why the devil is he wearing a SUIT? This isn't a ball room!

"Wha-wha-wha...W-who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Cube, sir. I'm your butler from today onwards." answered he.

"Who on earth would want a DEMON butler?" I asked, loosening my grip on my sword. He seemed to be on my side so I didn't have to be too careful.


"I honestly don't know how to answer that, sir. But Lady Isabelle sent me to work for you to help you out a little." Cube continued while pouring a drink, which looks like some sweet tea, into my cup.


Cube looked at me and nodded.

"Oh...well, if you say so. Fine, you may stay here and work for me." I said and put my sword back in it's place.

I didn't need your permission, sir, but thank you." said Cube.

I sighed. "So what did she want you to help me with anywa-"

"Papa! You're up!" said a very young voice from the door.

I looked at the door again, and saw a little girl. She had the same eye and hair color as Isabelle.

"I-I-I-...ISABELLE?" I yelled while jumping back a bit.

The girl tilted her head with a confused look. "You mean Mama?" she asked cutely.

"Wait, "Mama"?...then why am I "Papa"? We're not married, and we didn't do anything together that would've made you! What's going on?"

I could feel my stress meter raising higher and higher every second. I think I'm sweating now.

"Sir, calm down. Lady Isabelle wants you to look after her child. She's only calling you "Papa" because Lady Isabelle told her to do so." explained Cube.

"Oh...Ok. I think I get it now...sooo THIS," pointing to the little girl, "is what you're supposed to help me with?"

Cube grinned and nodded slowly. "It'll be fun, won't it?"

"HAH! Right." I said sarcastically, and began scratching my head again.

Cube sighed. "This is going to be a long day..."

"Yep..." I sighed also.

There was silence for a minute.

"So, why a DEMON butler? Do you know how many looks I'm going to get with YOU walking around next to me?" I said and had many thoughts of guys killing me because I hang out with a demon boy now.

My stress meter: Weeuup! (a.k.a.: going up)

"Calm down, sir. I'll be staying at home this whole time unless you REALLY need me out there." answered Cube, handing me a cloth.

"Oh, well that's good." I said as I took the cloth and wiped my sweaty face off.

"Is it hot in here, Cube? Or is it just you Papa?" asked the little girl looking cutely at me.

"HOW am I going to answer people when they ask how I got THIS?" I asked, pointing to the girl again.

"Just say you adopted her." said Cube, who was not stressing out about anything. It was like he had it all planned out ahead of time!


~Later that day~

I started looking at job applications.

"None of these are hiring people MY age!" I ranted to myself.

I feel really old now. I'm only 30!...or something...I forgot.

Maybe it's a good thing that I forgot...

Well, that's what I get for hunting down a girl for 10 years in the demon forest/woods/desert/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

Cube looked from behind me and said "But there are jobs the mistress could do." pointing to some for 10 and older kids' jobs.

I guess he's just going to call her mistress. Not "Lady Whatever-the-girl's-name-is."

"She can WORK?" I asked, amazed. I never heard of a 10 year old girl working to support the WHOLE family.

This is the part of the story where I feel like I've been gone 100 years and I'm finally back but it's 2010 and not 1486...Wait, that's like 686 years later...

Back to my point of ranting in my mind so all you mind reads can read it.

I didn't even get a girl!...well I got a daughter, but I don't think that really counts...

. . .

OH GOSH. EW. UN-SEE UN-SEE! [OOC: I'm making the Dad really weird, am I not? xD]

Cube nodded and we both looked down to the little girl who was playing with a dolly cutely.

"How about the farm?" I asked with a grin that stretched from one side of my face to the next after seeing how much money it pays.

"That's too hard, sir." answered Cube. He fails to see that it gives the most cash.

"How about she work around the house?" he suggested.

"How much will you pay her?"

"Pay her? For helping me around the house?"

"Screw that then."


"She needs some strength! C'mon!" I protested, trying to avoid the fact that I just need more money right now.

"Fine. You ARE the boss..." said Cube rolling his eyes.

I made a fist pump into the air as a sigh of my victory while Cube tried to get the little girl interested into farming.

"Oh give up, Cube. You're lieing to her. And for cryin' out loud there aren't UNICORNS on a FARM!" I growled while hitting my forehead.

Cube sighed and the little girl started whining about how she wanted a unicorn.

"That's it! Young lady, you're going to work on the farm or else we're selling that dolly of yours so that we can freakin' LIVE SOMEHOW!" I ordered.

Cube was amazed how I got her to say that she would work so quickly. Honestly, this demon boy has a LOT to learn from me.

~Later at the farm~

"Hello good uh...farmer man...sir. My daughter would like to work here at your farm so she can pay for our food and...stuff." I said to the farmer. I'm such a sorry excuse for a father...

Well, I guess it's not MY fault since I didn't ASK for any of this.

"Sure she can. But let me warn you youngin'," he said looking to the girl next to me, "it's a scaaaary world out there near the barn."

"Kyaa!" she squealed and clung to my arm. Sigh.

"Well, uh...moving on. What's your name, mr. farmer?" I asked. He looks like a real hill-billy.

"Hamuru. Farmer Hamuru. Don't you forget it, youngin'!" he said while looking back to the little girl. [OOC: This really IS his name in the games.]

"Nice to meet you, Farmer Hamuru..." I replied. This is gonna be a looong day for her...

"Now, what's the lil' girl's name?" he asked looking back to me.

"Oh uh..." I said, my stress meter going up, I looked over to Cube.

"Oh right! Sir, I need to talk with you for a minute, please." said Cube. I ran over to him with the little girl who was still holding tightly to my arm.

"WHAT'S HER NAME? Jeez you never told me!" I whispered/shouted in his face.

"I'm afraid she doesn't have a name, sir. Lady Isabelle wants YOU to name her." he replied.


I looked down at the girl who was cutely looking up at me.

She reminded me SO much of Isabelle.

. . .Lightbulb.

"How about Isabella?" I said. I'm a genius.

Cube gave me a look that said "Wow. THAT was well thought through."

"That sounds fine, sir." he said and rolled his eyes again.

Heh. I could get used to winning against a demon boy everyday like this.

And if you wanted to know why HE'S here...I let him come with me in case I had any trouble.

I'm totally psychic.

Anyways, he's wearing a dark robe with a giant hood hanging over his head. Yes, he looks like some old hag that was a witch at some point of her life.

Yeah. Really.

So anyways, we went back to Farmer Hamuru, who was now half asleep from waiting for us to finish are utterly long chit-chat. So much for a MINUTE, Cube.

"Farmer Hamuru, her name is Isabella." I told him after we got him to come back to earth.

"Ah, Isabella, huh? Nice name for a cute lil' girl. Alright, she starts tomorrow morning." he said and turned to his doorway.

"Ok, she'll be there. Oh, and what time?" I asked.

"Dawn." he answered and shut the door.

. . .


"Yes, sir?"

"You're waking her up in the mornings from now on."

"I ALWAYS wake her up in the mornings, sir."


"Where are the unicorns, Papa?"

"THERE ARE NO UNICORNS HERE. Get that in your head PLEASE."

"Ok Papa..."

This is ridiculous.


I've loved Princess Maker 4 since I was 12(when I first found out about the awesome game, which was probably almost 3 years ago from now), and I just started writing a story about it today. I liked it, and here I am! Posting it up for all to see!

I've palyed the Nintendo DS version of the game. It's AWESOME!

I'm currently working on raising my daughter to be a Queen. Although I think I'm totally going to fail because I'm still not an expert on how to get her stats high enough for many diffrent things in only a matter of 8 virtual years. XD (Still testing...)

I've palyed this game through once, and I'm still working hard to get it right!

Wish me luck on both the game, and this story! I hope you all liked this little story!

I know this chapter is short, but I think I'll just make this story filled with mini-chapters... o_o

Also, I'm gonna try to get that farmer to speak more cowboy-ish next time he's shown. XD

I'm gonna (hopfully) have the next chapter up soon. ;) Look forward to it!