"Sir, wake up! It's morning!"

"Mmnnnaaa...5 more minutes..."

"I'm very good at flipping people out of bed, sir. Do you want me to show you?"


He sure knows how to get me to sit up quickly...

"I'M UP!" I yelled and threw a pillow at him.

He dodged the pillow and turned to the door.

"Good for you. Now please come downstairs before breakfast gets cold." he said as if nothing happened, and left the room.


~Later at the table downstairs~

"My pancakes are cold, slave!" I yelled. I have the urge to throw one at him...

But I guess that wouldn't work considering he dodged my pillow this morning. Hmpf.

Cube sighed and I heard him say to himself in a whisper "And who's fault is THAT?"

Cube picked up my plate and walked away to the kitchen to get me some new ones.

"So, Papa, when do I get to go to the combat training school place?" asked Isabella from my left.

"After breakfast. So hurry and finish and we'll get ready to head over." I explained.

"OK!" she said and started eating like a hog would eat a wedding cake.

She was almost done when she paused, swallowed, and looked at me and said "Papa?"

"Yes?" I replied and looked directly at her.

"Are there unicorns at the school?" she asked. Her face was so cute it wasn't hard to get mad.

I nearly hit my head hard enough to knock myself out of my chair, but I kept my cool and said "NO, dear."

"Oh...so where are the unicorns?" she asked as if we've never talked about this before.

"There are NO unicorns in the world! They were just lies in some idiot's imagination." I explained as best I could.

Cube came back with my new pancakes and sat down next to Isabella.

"Cube, do unicorns live around here?...or at all?" my wonderful yet stupid little girl asked.

"Well so far people are looking for them, but I guess it's still a myth and has yet to be confirmed...although some people say they lived somewhere at the edge of the earth..." answered Cube. [A/N: That was before we knew the earth was round. :P I looked that info up by the way. XD]

"Well, if they did exist... Can we underline that little word "LIVED," please? Thanks." I said as if Cube were writing this down.

"Sir, it's not like anyone is writing this all down." Cube said bluntly.

"You never knooow." I said in a creepy old voice and wiggled my fingers at my daughter.

...She's looking at me like I'm a demon. Why does CUBE never get that look?

Cube sighed, probably thinking I'm an idiot, and spoke. "Sir..."

"Yes?" I starred at him like the Grim Reaper.

"Eat your pancakes before they get cold again."

Blunt as always...

~3 weeks later~

So after much leg breaking, arm twisting, and butt slamming for 3 WEEKS...

...Isabella is FINALLY healing!

She should be back in school tomorrow.

She's been breaking bones ever since her first day! I'm so proud...

Hey, wait...

They were her own bones...

Whatever, It doesn't matter. My little girl is going to be grow up to be a good slayer like her Papa!

"Hey, slave. How do you think Isabella is doing?" I asked the poor demon boy that was sulking in a chair next to me.

He must be jealous that my daughter is so wonderful and he's... so not.

"I don't know how she's still alive, sir..." replied Cube with a sigh.

"No no NO! I mean in school!" I yelled and -WHAM! hit him on the head.

"That's what I mean. She's not really accomplishing anything since she's breaking her bones every time she goes there!" replied Cube again while rubbing his head and getting ready to block another hit.

"But she told me she was learning so much..." I said in a shocked and saddened tone, now depressed by Cube's words.

"Papa..." came the sweet voice of Isabella.

I turned my head to my right and saw her standing there. She looked much better... and by that I mean she looked much better before he lessons. Right now she looks like she smashed her face into a mountain.

"Hello! Are you ready for more fun again tomorrow?" I asked cheerfully, trying to get her happy about doing it again.

"Weeell..." she said and trailed off, and started looking elsewhere.

"C'mon, Isabella! Daddy's going to be right there watching you to make sure you don't get hurt too badly! And besides, as you get older it'll get a little bit harder, so you need to learn a lot now so you don't feel anything in the future!" I encouraged and held her small hands in my big hands.

Isabella looked back at me, with a serious face, and said firmly "Daddy, I don't want to fight people! I want to be a princess!"

"A princess? That's highly impossible, Isabella." I explained and tried to brush the subject off.

"Well take me to the prince and I'll woo him over!" she said. Woo a prince over? Not with a ruined little face like hers.

"Well, if you want really want to try..." I agreed reluctantly.

"REALLY? YAY! NO MORE PAIN!" she said happily, bouncing up and down.

Not until he breaks your heart, kiddo.

"First things first...we need a doctor to fix your screwed up-er...I mean your bruised face." I explained. Almost let the cat out of the bag that time! She would hate me if she saw her face right now...

Isabella felt her face and looked at me like she didn't know what was wrong with it. Good thing we don't have a mirror (except I have a pocket mirror, but that's different) or she would have screamed. Her mouth was stuck on one side of her cheek, her eyes were half open, not to mention her left eye had a black ring around it due to her wanting to pet the back of a horse for an unknown reason, and her nose had a dent.

This could take awhile to fix...

If we're lucky the prince will have read "The ugly duckling" and understand how she must feel.


Fat chance of that happening.

~At the doctor's office~

"Excuse me, Doc, but my daughter needs her poor little face fixed. She got in a big fight." I explained and tried to sound like a desperate father.

"Big fight indeed." muttered Cube from behind me. Cloak, bluntness, and all.

The doctor turned from his desk and toward us to look at my daughter. His eyes bugged out when he saw Isabella.

"That must've been a BIIIIG fight you got yourself into, little miss..." said the doctor, trying to be brave. Poor guy must want to be dead. Isabella nodded in reply to the doctor. I told her to play along with whatever I said.

I hope this'll turn out cheaper then it would've been if we told him I got her into that mess by my own will.


~After a lot of fixing~

"There! All finished!" announced the doctor.

I came into the room with Cube in tow to check on my daughter. My eyes bugged out when I saw her.

She tilted her head cutely while starring at me. She looked as good as new! Maybe even better than when I first got her... if that's possible.

"Oh THANK YOU, Doc! She looks even better than before that fight!" I said happily and picked her up like a good daddy would.

"Oh no problem, sir. That'll be 10,000 Gold, please." he said and gave me the check.

"WHAT? I SAVE THE KINGDOM AND HAVE TO PAY ALL OF THAT?" I yelled and put on my most desperate face for the doc.

I explained to him who I was and he was shocked because he had pictured me a little bit different then I looked.

"That's what happens to you when you have to raise a child, I guess!" the doctor chuckled.

I laughed sarcastically and replied "Yep!" I don't even want to know what happened to you to make you look like you do, doc.

After some time, and much talking, he just had me pay 10 G and I was outta there.

~On the way home~

"See that, Isabella? It PAYS to be a warrior!" I said, raising an eyebrow at her and smirking.

"And to be a lier." she replied bluntly and cutely.

"True." I sighed. This kid is catching on to my tricks fast!

...Should I be happy or upset? I'm not sure.

"I quite agree with her." added Cube from behind.

"Quiet, slave." I grunted.

"Daddy, daddy! Look, look!" shouted Isabella as she pointed to the castle.

"No." I replied firmly and continued to walk and holding her hand tightly.

"WAAAAAHHHHH!" she cried loudly and threw a big fit. We got many unwelcome stares from people.

"FINE! GOSH!" I yelled and turned around and walked to the castle. Isabella was quiet and happy at the same time.

I know this because she had a victory grin on her face.

Quit the whole princess thing and become a devil will ya? You'd be great at it, kiddo.

We got to the gate and found the gate keeper asleep. I didn't want to wake him up so I waltz-ed into the castle.


Once I was in I found my way to the thrown room.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed the king. He had no idea he was having guests... which he wasn't going to until SOMEONE cried so loudly that I HAD to come.

"Relax, it's me. You're hero, remember?" I said with a charming smile. I put my daughter down and bowed to the king.

"Oooh! Yes, I remember! Why haven't you been back sooner than this?" he asked cheerfully.

"Well, uh...I don't know if you remember this, but your daughter and I didn't get along well so I stayed away." I answered a bit worried if I should've not mentioned her.

"Hm? Belle?" he asked, puzzled.

"No, the other one." I replied, but I knew I would regret saying that because...

"Oh! My darling daughter, Darleen?" he asked, beaming in joy. It's his youngest, favorite, and spoiled daughter.

She was all over me! In love, actually. But I think she's annoying so I've been trying to stay away from her.

"Darleen! Come quickly! Sir Farre is here!" called the king. [A/N: The name of the warrior/daddy is revealed! :D]

My mouth dropped open.


"REALLY? YAY!" cried out the wonderful(not) voice of Darleen from up top the millions of stairs close by. To most people she would sound like an angel, but I know her too well to believe that kind voice of hers is angelic at all.

"Hide me!" I said to Cube with an added shriek as I heard her coming closer from running down the stairs.

I ran around the room looking for a hiding spot, but then I saw her shadow in the hallway, and being so desperate I jumped behind the king's throne.

Darleen came in with arms wide open, but soon had a disappointed expression. All she saw was Isabella and Cube.

Soon her sadness turned into anger as she walked up to Isabella. "Who are you?" she asked strictly.

"I'm Isabella! It's nice to meet you!" my daughter replied with a curtsy and a smile.

"Isabella?..." Darleen repeated, then she quickly gasped. "YOU!" she yelled angrily.

Let me explain. Once upon a time Darleen fell in love with me while I fell in love with her best friend, Isabelle. One time Isabelle told us that if she ever had a daughter she would name her "Isabella." Thus, I thought of the name "Isabella" so quickly.

And besides, I doubt she would need to know her name to know who the kid is anyways. She looks way too much like her mother.

"Father, I want her to be banished RIGHT NOW!" she yelled like the spoiled girl she is.

I gasped and ran out from my hiding spot and over to Isabella. I picked her up and held her close. "There is no way I'm going to let you do that." I said firmly and angrily while glaring at Darleen.

Darleen gasped "SWEETHEART!" she cried happily. I only glared furiously at her.

She quickly took the hint that I was angry with her. She backed away from me, for like the first time ever. I must've looked pretty darn scary!

"I don't think we can get her banished dearest. Anyways, I must speak with this young man now... ahem, alone." the king said. Darleen nodded and left the room. Isabella was hugging me, because she thought that's why I picked her up.

"So, why are you here this fine day?" asked the king.

"Well... funny story actually. My uh... daughter here wanted to meet the prince... if she may?" I explained.

"Oh! Of course of course!" said the king happily and told a servant to go get the prince.

"Yay! I'm going to meet the prince!" said Isabella cheerfully.

After about fifteen minutes the servant came back and reported that the prince wasn't anywhere in the castle. "What a shame... I guess we'll be going now!"I said quickly and bowed to the king and apologized for wasting his time.

"Oh, no no no! I am the one that is sorry that my son is so! -so..." he paused to look for a word.

"Handsome?" said Isabella like she was in a dream. She seemed to be thinking of the stereo-type prince that she reads about in those books of hers that Cube always gets her.

"No, rude." and that's my opinion.

"That's the word! Rude! Thank you, and good bye. Please visit again!" replied the king. He looked happy, but I could tell that the prince was going to get slapped, or maybe worse, once he got home. Oh well, he brought it on himself!

I left for home quickly so Cube wouldn't be figured out. After all he only has the cloak on and if the king figured out he was a demon... that would be bad for all of us, but mostly me.

Once we were home me and Isabella shared a good snack of meat before heading off to bed.

~The next morning, June 1st, ISABELLA'S P.O.V.~

It's the end of May now... time to wear that cute Summer dress that Cube bought me!

I opened my closet and pulled out a white sun dress that has a yellow ribbon in the front. It's so cute!

Once I got ready for the day I tip-toed past Papa's room as quietly as I could. He doesn't like waking up early, and I'm worried the Summer heat will make it harder on him to rest...

Next I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, and there I found Cube making waffles and putting ice cream on it.

It looks sooooo good! I can't wait!

"Cube!" I called happily. He looked up, a little surprised to see me up already. I twirled around in my new dress and smiled at him. "How do I look?" I asked him.

"You look very cute, mistress!" he replied and smiled back. I wish I knew what I looked like...

Why do we have no mirrors in this house? A girl needs a mirror!

I decided to wait in the living room while Cube finished making breakfast. I needed to do something so I picked up the doll I had received from Papa, or at least that's what Cube says. I think Cube is the one that got it for me...

My doll looks like a princess so I love it very much! I wonder if the prince has a doll that looks like a prince... Heehee! Then we could play with our dolls together!

I sighed happily at the thought of us playing dolls together. Then I sat in a chair and cuddled my doll. I thought about Papa and frowned at the thought of what he might make me do today...

I sighed sadly. "What's going to happen now?"

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