The last thing John Winchester needs is another body to take care of. But glancing at the seven year old asleep in his backseat, John knows that he is the only one who is equipped to take him in.

Vampires. A coven of vampires had taken out the young boy's parents. The DiNozzo's had been renowned for their hunting skills, but after the birth of their son they settled down and stuck to local cases only. After reading about some mysterious deaths in the neighboring town, they simply had to investigate. It was there that John met the DiNozzo couple. Words were exchanged, and the DiNozzo's made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with John.

The DiNozzo's quickly discovered the killers to be a coven of vampires. Quickly, three vampires were destroyed, and after finding no further evidence of more vampires belonging to the coven, the DiNozzo's returned home. John wasn't so sure, and did his own investigating. The DiNozzo's had thought wrong. There were two remaining vampires who badly wanted revenge.

John arrived too late to warn the couple. One vampire had been beheaded, but Anthony and Elizabeth DiNozzo were dead. The other vampire had been moving in on the DiNozzo child when John arrived in time to save him and exact a little revenge of his own.

The idea of leaving the kid to the Foster care system hadn't sat well with John. It made him think of his own two boys, and what would happen to them if he died. It wasn't a pleasant thought. Bobby loved the boys, but John couldn't expect him to take care of Sam and Dean forever.

John scrubbed a hand through his tangled hair. The clock read ten…he was currently in Indiana…which would make it nine in the part of South Dakota that Bobby lived in. Rubbing the exhaustion from his face, John pulled out his cell phone and dialed Bobby.

The phone rang a few times before a gruff voice answered, "You picking the kids up?"

"Yeah. I just passed Indianapolis; I'll be there in the morning. The DiNozzo's are dead. I've taken their son in."

"You think that's the best idea?" John could imagine Bobby raising his brow.

"It's the choice I would have wanted."

"The police are going to be looking for him," Bobby sounded like he thought John was an idiot.

"I'll fake some papers. For all they know, Tony was kidnapped. In a few weeks they'll think he's dead. Nobody will be looking for him."

"If I told you how idiotic this plan of yours is, it wouldn't make a difference would it?"

"Not one bit."

"John, you are the stubbornness son of a—

"'Night, Bobby. And make sure Dean is actually in bed."

John ended the call. He hopes Tony will get along with Dean and Sammy.

Looking at the sleeping boy once more, John can't help but smile wryly. Maybe all of this will turn out just fine.

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Notes: This story will not be in chronological order. The first one is only because it needed to be written to establish the universe. I will be jumping around; and yes, NCIS will be incorporated into the story at some point. Later. When I eventually get around to it. This was inspired by my sister throwing ideas at me while we were out to breakfast.