A.N.: Hello y'all! I know I know, not another story when I've got so many in the works already. Well sadly I am fighting writer's block for most of the stories at the moment so here is one that isn't blocked.

This is a challenge from Serenity Rayne

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Harry Potter or Gundam Wing series. If I did there would a lots of slashy goodness.

WARNINGS: cursing, mentions of abuse, slashy goodness, violence and bashing some of our favorite victims ( you'll find out later)

CHALLENGE:This story has to be a Harry Potter Gundam Wing A/C crossover. There simply aren't enough of those.
For this one Harry has to be a child and it has to be after the Wars are over and the Pilots are in the Preventers.
Outline: The wars are over and now the Preventers are looking for relations of those orphaned by the wars. Whose Harry Potter related to? Good question...you tell me.
Zechs can be in this one or not it is your choice but I would prefer to see a good Relena but not one dating Heero or any of the other pilots. I would like to see the pilots paired together in some way, it doesn't matter who's with who, they would all work.
I would like to see magic in the story but it is your choice if you wish to make your own school when the time comes. A situation where this might be needed is where the pilots feel that Dumbledore doesn't have Harry's best interest at heart.
Harry can be related to any of the pilots; even Quatre. HIs mother could have been a Winner child who was abducted as a toddler and adopted by the Evans or something. There just aren't enough HP/GW crossovers. Definitely want to see Slash in this one.

Soft crying could be heard from under the stairs as elephant sized footsteps echoed down the steps.

"Pet! I'm leaving. That brat made me late. If he gives you any trouble don't hesitate to call. I'll finish his punishment when I get home!" The whale sized man called as he walked to the door.

"Alright Vernon. I'll see to the boy. Dudders has a play date in a few minutes so I will see you when you get home." The horse faced woman simpered as she gave her pet whale...I mean husband a quick kiss.

The sound of the front door closing echoed in the quiet house. Petunia waited long enough to make sure her husband was gone before she hurried up the stairs. She rushed about gathering a few small boxes that were her sister's and carried them downstairs along with a duffle bag, placing them by the door in one large box but keeping the bag in hand.

She walked over to the cupboard under the stairs and pounded on the door, "Boy, get up." she shrieked then jerked the door open. She didn't bother to get a good look at the boy but threw orders at him anyway, "Get your things together, Boy. Put all of your stuff in this bag. Be quick about it." she said, throwing the bag at the child.

"Mum? What's going on?" a boy about the size of a small whale asked as he thundered down the stairs. "What's all this?" he asked pointing to the box.

"Dudley, you are going to help Mummy. I need you to take that box out to the car while I get the brat out. I am going to get rid of the ungrateful whelp so daddy doesn't have to worry about him anymore." Petunia said in a sickly sweet voice.

Dudley's eyes grew huge and a grin split his face, "Really? He won't be eating my food anymore? But what do I have to do to help?" he demanded to know.

"We are not going to tell daddy I took anything with him but what is in his room. If you keep this secret I'll take you shopping anywhere you want when I get back." Petunia offered.

Dudley nodded, jumping up and down in excitement, causing an earthquake throughout the house. He stopped suddenly with a frown, "I don't have to go with you to dump the Freak do I?"

"No Dudders. You have a play date with Piers. You are going to a water park. In fact they should be here right about -" Knocking on the front door stopped what she was about to say.

She walked over and opened the door to reveal a blonde boy with a broad build.

"Hello Mrs. Dursley. We're here for Dudley." Piers said in a sweet voice.

"He's right here. You have fun now. I'll see you later Dudders." Petunia said simpered.

"I will Mum. See you later." Dudley replied with a smirk as he and Piers ran across the yard to the waiting car, houses around the world were collapsing.

Petunia turned back into the house and saw the box still by the door. She blinked in surprise as if she just remembered it was there. "Oh, Dudders forgot to grab it on his way out." She said softly to herself with a small smile. She ignored the box and walked straight to the cupboard.

She jerked the door open again and this time she looked at the boy. His long, streaked black hair was tangled and matted with dried blood and grime. One of his emerald eyes was swollen shut and there were lacerations around both of them. Bruises and cuts covered any visible area of skin. What was left of his shirt was in tatters and revealed a terribly lacerated back. Tears were leaking from his eyes as he felt around for items.

"Can't you do anything right Boy?" She sneared.

The boy flinched and curled in on himself, "I'm sorry Aunt 'Tunia. I can't see. If- if I had some light-" He said softly.

Petunia blinked in confusion. She had the door open so light was getting in now, but the overhead light was on as well. She shook her head sadly, that little bit that had loved her sister tugged at her heart, "Come out here Boy. I'll get the rest." She ordered.

The boy crawled out of the cupboard and huddled beside its door. She ducked inside the cramped space and gathered the rest of his meager items and stuffed them into the duffel bag.

She rose from the floor, bag in hand, "Stay there and don't move." She ordered as she walked towards the front door. Hefting the bag on one shoulder she picked up the box and carried them outside. She hurried to the car and unlocked the back door and stuffed both items into the seat. She slammed the door and hurried inside.

She glanced at the cowering boy and took note of the state his shirt. She sighed and hurried up the stairs. She went into her closet and grabbed a shirt she didn't care for. It was green with pink and red flowers, long sleeves and looked very girly. She grabbed a change of clothes for herself.

She went into the master bath and quickly changed into a pale pink top with a slight frill down the front. Her skirt was a swirling mass of pink, blue and black. She put her hair up into a fancy knot and held it in place with two medium sized gold combs with pink petunias on the spines. She walked out of the bathroom after she dumped her house clothes into the hamper. She carried her slippers over to her side of the bed and placed them next to the nightstand. She walked back over to her closet and slipped on a pair of smart looking black pumps.

She walked over to her desk and pulled out a sheet of pink paper with a floral background. Quickly she wrote a quick note and stuffed it into an envelope without sealing it.

Grabbing the extra shirt she hurried down the stairs and walked over to the boy. Instead of waiting for his to notice her she roughly pulled of the rags and forced the girly shirt onto him, ignoring his whimpers of pain.

"Let's go Boy." Petunia growled as she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the house. She dragged him around the car and sat him in the passenger seat, "Stay down. I don't want anyone to see you. Don't speak and don't move. We're going on a trip."

Quickly she made her way around the car and climbed in behind the wheel.

The drive was long and quiet. The little boy seemed to have fallen asleep since Petunia refused to talk or turn on the radio. Two hours later she pulled into the parking garage that was attached to a twelve story building.

Petunia climbed out of the car and quickly straightened her clothes. She grabbed the bag and box out of the back seat then hurried around to the passenger door. She jerked the door open causing the boy to fall out of the car since he had been leaning on the car door. "Get up Boy." she snapped and grabbed his arm roughly. "Let's go, Boy, Stop dallying." she growled as she started to all but drag him into the front entrance.

She stopped outside the door and shoved the boy just outside of view. She dumped the bag and box at his feet, "You are going to do whatever these people tell you. You are not coming back to burden my family again. Give this to whoever comes out." She placed the letter into his hand then pressed the buzzer for assistance then hurried around the corner and hid behind the building.

"Aunt Petunia?" he called softly, his voice thick with tears and confusion as the door opened. He froze when footsteps came close to him, head bowed.

"Hello, Little One. Are you lost?" A soft male voice asked kindly.

The little boy held out the letter in front of him since he wasn't able to see. He flinched when the letter was taken from his hand.

The buzzer sounded at the reception desk causing the young woman to jump. She looked over at the camera and saw an older woman run out of view but left a child behind. She frowned and rose from her seat. She looked around the entrance area for a Preventer agent.

Over to the left side of the of the room was a bank of elevators and in front of it stood a group of young men talking quietly with each other. They were of varying heights as well as appearance. The tallest had a Latin appearance and had shirt brown hair with bangs covering one of his emerald eyes, next to him stood a Chinese look with longish black hair kept in a tight ponytail and black eyes. Opposite him stood the Arabian young man, his blonde hair had started growing out recently and kept falling into his soft blue eyes. Next to the blonde stood the life of the group, the American had a long chestnut braid that went passed his butt and his eyes were an odd color of amethyst or indigo. The unofficial leader of the group stood next to the American, his Japanese features stood out in his serious face, his dark brown hair looked like it was in a war with a brush and won and his blue eyes hid everything. Noting that they were the top agents, she nervously walked over to the group only to be frozen in place when they all turn to look at her a few feet away. The blonde agent known as Quatre smiled kindly, "Is there something we can help you with?"

"Y-yes." she stuttered, "The buzzer was pressed at the desk. A woman ran out of view of the camera but she left a child behind with a bag and box at his feet."

"We will go look and see what's going on." He replied.

"Thank you." she replied with a smile and hurried back to her desk as the young men walked towards the entry door.

Quatre stepped outside with the others covering his back, just in case. He spotted the child and walked over as sadness and confusion mixed with pain poured off the child in waves. He crouched down in front of the child, not able to see their face for the matted hair and bent head.

"Hello, Little One. Are you lost?" he asked kindly.

A little hand rose up and produced a letter. Quatre frowned when the child flinched as he accepted the letter. Quickly he opened it. His frown grew deeper and his eyes angrier as he read the note:

To Whom It May Concern,

The child before you is the burden my family has had to care for the last few years. His parents, James and Lily Potter, are dead. They died the Halloween after the boy's first birthday. We can no longer stand to have this freak child in our household as he is a bad example on my own son.

Do what you will with the abomination. He has other family and we don't want him. So find somebody else for him with that Family Reconstruction Act of your's. His father had other relatives but sadly we were the ones saddled with him.

Oh and, The boy is 8 years old and his birthday is 31st July.

P. Dursley

P.S. His name is Harry James Potter.

Quatre looked up from the letter smiled softly at the boy and held out his hand, "Hello Harry. My name is Quatre and we're going to find your family."

When Harry didn't grasp it he commented softly, "It's alright Little One, I won't hurt you. You can take my hand."

"But, sir." Harry replied softly as he lifted his face up to the light revealing the damage done to his eyes, "I can't see your hand."